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Massive open mobile and social learning

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Future Learn

  1. 1. Massive open mobile and social learning Mike Sharples Academic Lead, FutureLearn
  2. 2. MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE WHAT IS A MOOC? 2 to 6 HOURS per week 1,000 to 100,000 LEARNERS OPEN to ALL No prior qualifications 6 to 10 WEEKS duration SOCIAL INTERACTION throughout
  3. 3. EXTENDING EDUCATION • Not competing with universities for degree courses • Offering learning for leisure, introduction to higher learning, pathways into universities • Celebrating success, not forcing completion • Flexible indicators of progress and outcomes: profiles, certificates, exams • Becoming a ‘FutureLearner’: learning for life
  4. 4. EXTENDING EDUCATION 250 million views per year 9 million active learners 7 million course learners 5 million OU registered learners
  5. 5. We have excellent university partners…
  6. 6. We’re proud to count 26 world class universities amongst our partners… PARTNERS
  7. 7. And world-leading content partners…
  8. 8. ... plus three world famous cultural institutions PARTNERS BRITISH LIBRARY BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH MUSEUM
  9. 9. ... offering free courses worldwide
  10. 10. … on multiple devices
  11. 11. DESIGNED FOR MOBILE, TABLET & DESKTOP FutureLearn is designed for the learner to enjoy the experience whatever the location
  12. 12. FUTURELEARN PRODUCT 13Page Built around social- constructivist learning Designed through an agile process, with explicit input from education experts and learning technologists All new features are determined with respect to appropriate and effective support for learning
  13. 13. FUTURELEARN PRODUCT 14Page Draws on findings from research on effective learning, such as: We are not simply adopting methods from previous platforms such as Moodle. We have to rethink  for massive scale  a wide variety of learners with different abilities  self-motivation rather than learning for credit  multiple platformsMASTERY LEARNING SELF-PREDICTION OF PERFORMANCE & PROFILES OF PROGRESSION SOCIAL LEARNING IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK VISIBLE LEARNING
  14. 14. PEDAGOGY OF THE MASSIVE 17Page Teaching, learning and assessment appropriate to massive scale learning: FOLLOWING Learners follow others, and being followed within and across courses MENTORING Support for large groups of learners by mentors during a course ACTIVITY GROUPS Small groups of learners engaged in a shared activity for a short time PEER REVIEW AND PEER ASSESSMENT All these, and other pedagogies, are being implemented in a distinctively FutureLearn way Assessment for learning
  15. 15. Telling stories Provoking conversation Celebrating progress Inspiring learning for life through
  16. 16. Learning for life