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Highlands Primary School Video Conferencing

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Next generation content

  1. 1. •Affordability of hardware – £££££ × •Costly broadband × •Poor Quality – video/audio × •Not Reliable × •What do we do with VC???? × •E-Safety – through IP via Janet VC services  •Interoperability – via Janet  The Past (5 years ago)
  2. 2. •Jan 2012 – VCfL matrix published •Jan 2013 – “Video Conferencing and the Global workforce of the future” you tube video •May 2013 – DfE guidelines for VC and broadband published •September 2013 – AVer ClassHD The Present (2014)
  3. 3. •Industry and Experts in classrooms and lecture halls (nationally and internationally )KS1 - FE - HE •Secure via IP, high quality, whole class, curriculum focused. The Future (2014 – 2017) •Friday 24th Jan 2014 – Next Generation Content, Room 7, Gallery Suite. Bett show seminar day – all day live VC to N.G. content providers •10.45am National Janet VC Awards @Bett
  4. 4. Importance of regional co-ordinator/broadband needs Promote good practice in using videoconferencing. DfE guidelines to maximise potential of broadband connections: How much bandwidth do you need? SLA for packet delivery. HD bandwidths Traffic shaping using public ISP's Help desk support from qualified VC experts that works closely with Janet Videoconferencing? Product evaluations
  5. 5. Janet Videoconferencing-what does it offer? Online portal to book or launch a VC ( Delivered via a secure education network with free technical support Room based or desktop users and guests can join a VC from anywhere Telephone dial in feature Streaming Recording(subject to licence agreement)
  6. 6. Janet Content Providers Meet a rocket scientist Go to the moon Meet a WW1 soldier Talk to a Viking Find out how to start up a business All without leaving your classroom We are always looking for more industry based content
  7. 7. @sawubona_chris 1.Fits in with RRR, Citizenship and Broader PSHE 2.Schools, HE, FE – tailored - materials 3.Slavery 4.My story – an epic journey of a freedom fighter / activist in his quest for freedom 5. Apartheid laws – their application – consequences 6.My work with Nelson Mandela
  8. 8. Highlands Primary School
  9. 9. “ an amazing opportunity to gain an insight into the one of the most promising medical technologies“ (yr. 13 student) “discussing poetry with undergraduates really made us think” (yr. 12 student) “having an expert ‘in school’ was a fantastic experience" (yr. 13 student) “ability to discuss with students from other schools, particularly girls” (yr. 12 student)
  10. 10. How we have been using VC at ICHS •Bringing French alive through linking classrooms •Joining School Councils across the borough •Discussing Paralympic Legacy-from New York •Meeting authors •Lab to Lab VC using a borrowed 2nd Kit
  11. 11. We need more opportunities to link live via video to global experts and companies. We need to bring them into our classrooms to enhance learning opportunities and to widen experiences for our students in every subject area. We need more companies and content providers to offer secure, reliable, high-quality video conferencing.
  12. 12. Janet VC booking service Janet Content directory Richard Sedding Videoconferencing services Manager, Janet 01235 822291 Mina Patel Video conferencing for Learning 07402 137 310 Stand E230 – AVer Information Europe BV