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Social recruiting explosion


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Recruiting is a social act, so what's so new about Social Recruiting? Aside from the numerous articles from blogging pundits, what is the real potential for social recruiting in the enterprise and just how widespread is it? Finally, what benefits does a recruiting program that entails social media outreach accrue? In this talk, Todd Nilson of 7 Summits, one of the top 20 social media agencies in the United States, will offer some ready-to-use ideas from how to get started with a social recruiting program, from eliciting executive sponsorship to what key performance metrics can be used to justify the program.

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Social recruiting explosion

  1. 1. Todd Nilson, 7Summits Agency Social Recruiting Explosion Learn to love the bomb.
  2. 2. How widespread? 94% “use” social recruiting 93% LinkedIn, 66% Facebook, 54% Twitter 73% say they have made successful hires 49% say candidate quality has improved 43% say candidate quantity has increased 33% say it takes less time to hire 32% say they have gotten more, better referrals Source: Jobvite 2013
  3. 3. The executive team has asked her to recruit using Facebook. … I think she is going to jump.
  4. 4. Self-Assessment Rate your social recruiting prowess Doctor of Awesomeness Not my first rodeo Wide-eyed innocent What is Twitter?
  5. 5. What does it mean to be a Social Recruiting Organization?
  6. 6. 5 Definitions of Social Recruiting ❖ Old School Social Recruiting ❖ Intersection of recruiting and social media for sourcing and job distribution Wikipedia ❖ Tools definition: using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to source and recruit candidates - Allison Doyle, ❖ ❖ Push, Pull and “Genuinely Social” - Matt Adler, MetaShift Two-way process, expanded to social media, web-based and mobile platforms - Robin Richards, TweetMyJobs
  7. 7. Source: McKinsey Global Institute Getting Started Connect to Business Goals What is the value of social technology in the enterprise?
  8. 8. Implementation Approach Strateg y Align Define Assess Build & Deploy Plan Define solution direction leveraging social recruiting Design Config Launch Define, build, test solution. Activate solution. Purpose: Purpose: Identify business and audience objectives and scope (leveraging social platform / channels) Establish use cases and related requirements Map requirements to recruiting outreach elements (potential enterprise community platform, select social media channels) Finalize solution approach - outreach features - connections / integrations - content - communication / collaboration - measurement / success factors (KPI’s) Develop deployment roadmap – what, when, who Detailed Design: - Overall outreach plan - User Experience - Referral / Ambassador plan - Content plan - Access and Authentication - Activation approach Configure the solution: - Themes/Structure -- Interactions w/other systems (ATS) Test / validate approach Deploy base solution (initial use cases) Outcomes: Internal Collaboration / Social Business Platform established Initial activation of outreach New recruiting practices Strategy Output Development / deployment plan (scope, requirements) Outcomes: Nurture Moderate Measure Evolve Nurture / evolve approach. Plan future stages. Purpose: Manage outreach activity - Foster engagement - Promote connections, content and members as appropriate (based on objectives) Assess/monitor activity – correlate to business outcomes (KPIs) - Vitality - Community - Business Optimize channels – based on usage/engagement Outcomes: Outreach Management Initial Results Management Shortened transition time to new way of recruiting
  9. 9. Social Recruiting Strategy Overall Business Goal Drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Business Objectiv e Business Objectiv e Business Objectiv e WHY Hiring Objectiv e Hiring Objectiv e Hiring Objectiv e WHAT Social Recruitin g Tactic Social Recruitin g Tactic Social Recruitin g Tactic HOW
  10. 10. Social Recruiting Tactics Direct sourcing Is it social recruiting? Job distribution Branding Employee referrals Conversation, engagement, and value-adding contributions
  11. 11. Audience Objectives I know I’m learning about work opportunities that are real and relevant to me. I can learn about what it’s like to work here. I can easily find and interact with company representatives about job openings. I can easily apply for new positions at the company. People like me work here. I get a customized experience.