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Denver Event - 2013 - Leading on Social Platforms


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Denver Event - 2013 - Leading on Social Platforms

  1. 1. Leading on Social Platforms Social Media Integrated Strategy, Networks, & Learning for Foundation Leaders Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger July 2013, Knight Foundation Workshop Photo by kla4067
  2. 2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger
  3. 3. • To leave the room ready to implement one idea to improve your practice Topics OUTCOMES • Interactive • Co-Learning •Your organization might be in the presentation! FRAMING Leading on Social Platforms Introduction Campfire Stories Maturity of Practice Network Mindset Scaling Social Strategy and Measurement Learning Reflection/Q&A
  4. 4. Raise Your Hand If Your Digital Strategy Goal Is ….  Improve relationships  Increase awareness  Increase traffic referral  Increase engagement  Change behavior  Increase dollars  Increase action
  5. 5. Stand Up, Sit Down
  6. 6. Stay standing if you are getting results using these tools given your goals?
  7. 7. Campfire Stories
  8. 8. “Culture of Giving Campaign 2012 used Facebook ads to reach new audience. In the first week of the campaign we targeted 190,980 people, reached over 40,000 with a social reach of 30,049. Each person saw ad 13.5 times and the ad received 393 clicks with a click- through rate of .072%. Fans up to 878. We saw in one week the type of reach and progress we could make.” - Gretchen Minekime Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
  9. 9. The Piton Foundation “We used Facebook as part of a statewide public information campaign around the Earned Income Tax Credit that targets low- to moderate-income working families. We saw a lot of engagement on our page with regards to asking us questions about eligibility and where to get taxes filed for free. We were happy to see that people used our page as a resource and asked us questions via wall posts and direct messages.” - Melissa Viola
  10. 10. North Texas Giving Day “North Texas Giving Day has relied on social media to build awareness. We raised $14.4 million in 17 hours from 37,800 donations + $1 million in matching and prizes. A lot of the buzz was built through social media. In 2011, we also used social media for crisis management given that our servers were down and we could only communicate via Facebook.” - Carol Goglia
  11. 11. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Maturity of Practice
  12. 12. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Where is your organization? Linking Social with Results and Networks Pilot: Focus one program or channel with measurement Incremental Capacity Ladder of Engagement Content Strategy Best Practices Measurement and learning in all above Communications Strategy Development Culture Change Network Building Many Free Agents work for you Multi-Channel Engagement, Content, and Measurement Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  13. 13. What’s Your Maturity of Practice? Where is your organization now? What does that look like? What do you need to get to the next level? CRAWL Walk RUN FLY
  14. 14. Maturity of Practice: Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly Categories Practices CULTURE Networked Mindset Institutional Support CAPACITY Staffing Strategy MEASUREMENT Analysis Tools Adjustment LISTENING Brand Monitoring Influencer Research ENGAGEMENT Ladder of Engagement CONTENT Integration/Optimization NETWORK Influencer Engagement Relationship Mapping 1 2 3 4
  15. 15. Networked Mindset and Institutional Support
  16. 16. Networked Mindset: A Leadership Style • Leadership through active social participation • Listening and cultivating organizational and professional networks to achieve the impact • Sharing control of decision-making • Communicating through a network model, rather than a broadcast model • Openness, transparency, decentralized decision- making, and collective action. • Being Data Informed, learning from failure
  17. 17. Networked Mindset “Our organization functions with a networked mindset, not necessarily with utilizing the nuts and bolts tools of social media, but of community networks (sharing thought processes and information and collaborating with other local organizations, government bodies, school districts, etc.)” - Annmarie McLaughlin “We are at a FLY level offline, but probably CRAWL online.” - Carol Goglia
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Feeding and Tuning Professional and Organizational Networks
  20. 20. The Social CEO: Being Human Open and accessible to the world and building relationships Making interests, hobbies, passions visible creates authenticity
  21. 21. The Social CEO
  22. 22. 28 Benefits: One CEO Tweet = 1,000 by Staff
  23. 23. Are you thinking this? You want me to Tweet too? Great idea but .. Who has time?
  24. 24. It’s Making the Time, Not Finding It
  25. 25. Jim’s Advice …
  26. 26. Discussion Questions ….. • What does your leadership spend time doing as now that could be better done via social? • How could social improve what they already know and value? • What are their communication strengths and preferences? • What other foundation CEOs are using social that you respect, feel inspired by?
  27. 27. SCALING YOUR SOCIALSOCIAL All staff will connect with our community via social! Social integrated across departments or job functions Yes! CEO is on social and likes it!
  28. 28. This social media stuff is #$_)*) I have work to do! Yes! Can finally tweet about our programs from my personal acount! STAFF USE SOCIAL IN SERVICE OF STRATEGY
  29. 29. SOCIAL INTEGRATED INTO ALL DEPARTMENTS This is too much work!
  30. 30. Social Media Policy – All Staff Participate
  31. 31. @rdearborn works for UpWell and she LOVES sharks. Leverage Staff Personal Passion In Service of Mission
  32. 32. UpWell and Rachel
  33. 33. Hybrid Model Staffing: Tear Down Those Silos Source: SSIR – Mogus, Silberman, and Roy
  34. 34. • 3 person staff • Social media responsibilities in all three job descriptions • Each person 2-4 hours per week • Weekly 20 minute meeting to coordinate • Three initiatives to support SMART objectives • Weekly video w/Flip • Blogger outreach • Facebook Hybrid Model Adapted to Small Nonprofit
  35. 35. Share Pair: What’s needed to scale social in your organization/foundation?
  36. 36. Strategy and Measurement
  37. 37. CWRF - STRATEGY CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Consideration of communications strategy with SMART objectives and audiences and strategies for branding and web presence. Social Media is not fully aligned. Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audiences for branding and web presence, include strategy points to align social media for one or two social media channels. Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audience definition. Includes integrated content, engagement strategy, and formal champions/influencer program and working with aligned partners. Uses more than two social media channels. Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audience definition. Includes integrated content, engagement strategy, and formal champions/influencer program and working with aligned partners. Uses more than three social media channels. Formal process for testing and adopting social media channels. “We would like to improve how we integrate social media into overall communications work.” – Survey participant .
  38. 38. • What keeps them up at night? • What are they currently seeking? • Where do they go for information? • What influences their decisions? • What’s important to them? • What makes them act? KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE “It's not a hugely effective way to reach much of our audience but is hot with others.”
  39. 39. • Reach, Engagement, Action, Do llars Results 1. How many? 2. By when? 3. Measure with metrics SMARTer Social Media OBJECTIVES
  40. 40. PEOPLE: Artists and people in their community OBJECTIVES: Increase engagement by 2 comments per post by FY 2013 Content analysis of conversations: Does it make the organization more accessible? Increase enrollment in classes and attendance at events by 5% by FY 2013 10% students /attenders say they heard about us through Facebook STRATEGY Show the human face of artists, remove the mystique, get audience to share their favorites, connect with other organizations. TOOLS Focused on one social channel (Facebook) to use best practices and align engagement/content with other channels which includes flyers, emails, and web site. Example
  41. 41. Crawl Walk Run Fly Lacks consistent data collection Data collection consistent but not shared Data from multiple sources Org Wide KPIs No reporting or synthesis Data not linked to results, could be wrong data System and structure for data collection Organizational Dashboard with different views, sharing Decisions based on gut Rarely makes decisions to improve Discussed at staff meetings, decisions made using it Data visualization, real- time reporting, formal reflection process CWRF: Becoming Data Informed: What Does It look like? Analysis Tools Sense-Making
  42. 42. Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top! Do
  43. 43. Tear down those silos and walls around data … More time to think about that the data, then collect it
  44. 44. Video
  45. 45. How To Become Data-Informed • Integrated strategy • Pick the right success metrics • Identify small pilots, place little bets, learn, pivot, and iterate
  46. 46. Goals KPI Tools Increase traffic 50% increase in monthly unique visitors Google Analytics Increase subscribers 30% increase in monthly average subscribers Feedburner Increase engagement 50% increase in total comments per month Website Small Pilots for Learning: Blog
  47. 47. KPI: 50% increase in referral traffic KPI: 30% increase in blog subscribers KPI: 50% increase engagement
  48. 48. Discussion Questions ….. • Where is your organization in terms of social media strategy? Measurement practice? • What do you need to move forward?
  49. 49. Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset
  50. 50. What typically happens when you do an After Action Review?
  51. 51. The Finger of Failure! It’s all your fault! What failure?
  52. 52. No! It was all my fault!!
  53. 53. Blame OTHERS DENY Blame Blame YOURSELF Saul Rosenzweig Theory Reactions to Failure
  54. 54. Cultivate Self-Awareness: The Failure Bow 1. Raise hands in the air and bow 2. Grin like a submissive dog 3. Say Thank You I’ve Failed 4. Move on and learn
  55. 55. Momsrising: Joyful Funerals…. Cultivate Organizational Awareness: Momsrising: Joyful Funerals
  56. 56. Summary • Success happens by taking the right incremental step to get to the next level, but keep moving forward • Use social media a strategy leverage organizational AND personal networks • Scale your organization’s social culture with a living social media policy • Allow staff to leverage their personal passion in service if your strategy • Strategy with the right success metric • Place little bets, but learn from failure and pivot
  57. 57. Think and Write: What is your take away – one thing that you can put into practice?
  58. 58. Thank you! @kanter on Twitter
  59. 59. Ready, Set, Learn Campaign “Outreach to community in general to help them understand the importance of the early years for brain development.” - Josie Heath