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A Recruiters Sourcing Checklist


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A checklist of ideas for sourcing candidates for recruiters and human resources professionals.

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A Recruiters Sourcing Checklist

  1. 1. by talentline411 A Recruiter's Sourcing Checklist  Have you checked your own internal database?  Have you checked your personal database? (You know you have one, so cop to it)  Search your LinkedIn network of contacts.  Search relevant LinkedIn Groups and post the job there.  Search LinkedIn Answers for people with expertise relevant to your search.  Update your LinkedIn Status about who you're looking for (and cross-post it to Twitter if you're set up to do so).  Search Facebook network of contacts.  Search relevant Facebook Pages and Groups and post the job there.  Update your Facebook status about who you're looking to hire.  Update your Twitter status at least four times over the course of a day or two with the position description.  Search Twitter for users who are talking about topics related to your search and network with them.  Look for recent blog posts on Technorati mentioning skills you're looking for. Post replies where it seems relevant.  Build a Boolean search for Google, Bing, and Yahoo with skills, job titles, and geography information relevant to your search. Look for resumes, blogs, speakers from trade shows, and other events relevant to your search.  Search tertiary social networks like Plaxo.  Search for candidates on relevant private social networks like Ning.  Find relevant user groups or events you can start attending to identifying and connecting with viable candidates.  Try reaching out to organizers of groups or events to see if they will allow you to post a job to their web site or make an announcement at their event. Many such groups are always looking for sponsors for food or swag in exchange for a brief commercial announcement.  Find relevant professional associations that your target hire might join. Look for member directories or areas to post jobs.  Set up Google Alerts for mentions of relevant keywords related to your search and have them delivered to your Inbox.  Search SlideShare for relevant presentations about subjects related to your search. Contact the users to discuss their presentations and network to find relevant candidates.  Use tools like Indeed or Simply Hired to identify companies where employees with similar qualifications may be working. Using the tools and techniques above, start looking for candidates from these organizations. Created January 2010 by Todd Nilson Permission to use with attribution under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License