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2012 STC-PMC Conference Workshop Flyer


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2012 STC-PMC Conference Workshop Flyer

  1. 1. Tell Me About That: Personas and StorytellingThis half-day workshop will explore ways of using personas throughout aproject – from audience analysis through usability testing. We’ll look at the storyof the personas themselves and learn how to interview a persona or channel onefor a user-centered review. Then we’ll write stories to introduce personas to thewhole product team, explore new design ideas from the persona’s perspective,or write an open-ended usability scenario. Knowledge of personas is helpful, butnot required for this workshop. Learn how to:• Write stories for different purposes.• Create exercises to use on your own projects, likeinterviewing personas or writing a quick story to put areview in context.• Determine how much (or how little) detail a storyneeds to introduce a new design idea.Whitney Quesenbery is a user experience researcher with a passionfor clear communication. She has worked with organizations such asthe National Cancer Institute, IEEE, Sage, Amtrak, and The Open Uni-versity on design research and evaluation, and coaches developingUX teams.She is past president of the Usability Professional Association(UPA), an STC Fellow and has served on two national advisorycommittees for usability and accessibility. She is the author ofStorytelling for User Experience (with Kevin Brooks), and GlobalUX: Design and Research in a Connected World (with Daniel Szuc).Whitney enjoys meeting people around the world and usingthose insights to design products where people matter.