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Pitch & Critique - Feedback

Based on a presentation

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Pitch & Critique - Feedback

  1. 1. Esri User Experience TeamPitch & CritiqueFrank GarofaloEsri User Experience Team
  2. 2. credit• This presentation is based on a session atSXSW Interactive 2012by Fred Beecher (Evantage), Krista Sanders (Google),Russ Unger (UserGlue), and Brynn Evans (Google).•
  3. 3. overview & objective• Embrace critiques for other individuals through a focusedprocess.
  4. 4. process: the pitch• I want a critique of…. (something specific)• I don’t want a critique of… (specific things)• Set-up context in 30 seconds
  5. 5. process: the context• The Challenge+ user considerations+ technical constraintsCONTEXT• Additional considerations:• Before using the system / application• After using the system / application
  6. 6. process: set-up• Have the audience write questions / comments on sticky-notes• If their questions / comments haven’t been addressed bythe end of the pitch, then ask
  7. 7. Ask, Give,& Receive
  8. 8. ASK• What about this design resonates with you?• What concerns you?• Additional:• Comments / questions on sticky-notes• If there are print-outs, use red and green highlighters tomark good elements and questioned / concernedelements.
  9. 9. GIVE• Good critique is a constant dialogue• Ask questions• No lobbing bombs• For each concern / problem element, provide 1 possiblesolutions / alternative
  10. 10. RECEIVE• Gain new insights & a fresh perspective• Don’t knock it• Be a listen-aholic

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  • KaraRennert

    Dec. 6, 2015

Based on a presentation


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