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STC-PMC October 2016 Presentation-That's What You Think!


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In October 2016, Theodora Landgren of A2Z Global gave a presentation to the STC-PMC about best practices and common issues regarding global translation, localization, and cultural consideration practices with corporate clients. It's not just about words, but images, colors, and other UX considerations as well! She detailed various processes and answered questions at the live presentation.

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STC-PMC October 2016 Presentation-That's What You Think!

  1. 1. That’s What You Think! Theodora Landgren A2Z Global Global Translation & Interpreting Services 856 833 0220 or STC-PMC October 2016
  2. 2. 1. Provide complete project planning and preparation 2. Allocate resources, scheduling 3. Develop/translate terminology 4. Terminology review and in- country approval 5. Product training if necessary 6. File preparation - use of translation tools 7. Translate/edit software 8. Compile, build, test, and client review 9. Text translation and editing 10. Desktop publishing (or other), graphics requirements, proofread, client review 11. QA procedures throughout project The Mystery Process
  3. 3. Internal L10N Process
  4. 4. Software DTP Document DTP DTP Process Localized Document Integrity Check Right to Left Languages Left to Right Languages Special Instructions (From client) Legacy Instructions Pass Team Assignment Bi-directional / Others Team European Team Asian Team Central European Team Cyrillic Team VC, VB PowerBuilder Microsoft .NET 3.5 Enhanced WPF Oracle® 11..etc FramMaker MS Office InDesign PageMaker Quark..etc PhotoShop Illustrator Flash AutoCAD DreamWeaver ..etc Graphics DTP QC Visual Check Fail Functional Check Fail Pass QA Pass Legacy Check Test Publish Pass Fail Fail Production Mgt. Sign Off Pass Fail (Back to PM) Client ReviewPass Fail Out to PM A2Z DTP Task Assignment Chart (ver. 2009- 09b) ©A2Z Global LLC 2009
  5. 5. 1.We take language for granted 2.It is fundamental to our humanity 3.Children acquire it effortlessly – they hard-wire it 4.We lose that ability as adults 5. Symbols & Icons Graphics Legal & Financial Product / function availability References Expert People Places 6. Linguistic Target market & audience 7. Technical Adaptation or re- engineering with desktop publishing, audio, video, integration & testing, QA (linguistic and functional) 8. Cultural Local knowledge, metaphors, ethnicity, role & gender models, behavioural norms, graphics, icons 9. Content Language pairs, pedagogical methods, level of literacy - defogging The Message is Simple + Considerations
  6. 6. Language Expansion 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Chinese Hebrew Arabic Swahili Hindi Esperanto Swedish English Farsi Finnish German Italian Portuguese French Hungarian Japanese Russian Czech Spanish Korean Dutch Greek % Expansion WRT English
  7. 7. Examples of Language Expansion
  8. 8. Cultural Considerations • Digital Literacy • Gesture • Currency • Humor • Fashion • Interests • Gender & Ethnicity • Color • Religion • Idioms Color Western Europe & USA China Japan Middle East Danger, Anger, Stop Joy, Festive Occasions Anger, Danger Danger Caution, Cowardice Honour, Royalty Grace, Nobility, Childish, Gaiety Jealousy Safe, Sour, Go Youth, Growth Future, Youth, Energy Fertility, Strength Purity, Virtue Mourning, Humility Death, Mourning Purity, Virtue Masculinity, Calm, Authority Strength, Power Villainy Calm Death, Evil Evil Evil Evil, Mourning
  9. 9. Lift or Elevator? ISO site ref…
  10. 10. Tap or Faucet?
  11. 11. Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge EGYPT Be patient GREECE That‘s just perfect ITALY What exactlydo youmean?
  12. 12. ISO References • About ISO • ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. • It has a membership of 164 national standards bodies from countries large and small, • industrialized, developing and in transition, in all regions of the world. • ISO’s portfolio of more than 19 400 standards provides business, government and society with • practical tools for economic, environmental and societal dimensions of sustainable development. • ISO/COPOLCO has developed this leaflet to raise public awareness of ISO graphical symbols which • transmit safety messages and other important information without creating language barriers. • About ISO/COPOLCO • The ISO Committee on consumer policy (ISO/COPOLCO) is ISO’s forum for promoting consumers’ • interests in standardization. Its purpose is to focus input of consumers’ views into ISO’s policies, • procedures, standards and services, and to help consumers around the world benefit from • standardization. • For further reference, see “Shapes and colours” on page 27, and “References and useful Websites” • on page 33. •
  13. 13. Integrity - REFERENCES Project management skills Technical and linguistic expertise Dedication to quality Ability to meet schedules Capacity to handle workload peaks Efficient, cost effective Adaptability to your processes Hardware, software and network resources What to Look for in a Vendor
  14. 14. Tell me all! • Your translators • Your processes • Your specialties • Word counts • Your strengths (and weaknesses) • Assurances – big vs.less big - insurance • References • Looking for love…