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Going Green


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Gary Sternberg & David Calloway

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Going Green

  1. 1. Useful “Going Green” Links for BusinessesEPA – Green Building – Bring Green to Work with Energy Star – What You Can Do at the Office Regarding Climate Change – Setting up a Home Office that’s Environmental Friendly – eCycling - Dealing with Electronic Waste (three sites) – Portfolio Manager is a tool that lets you track and assess consumption – Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program – Green Suppliers Network (become a part of or purchase through) – Mid-Atlantic Business Assistance Center – Mid-Atlantic Environmental Management Systems (creating a program) Small Business “Environmental Management Assistance Program” State Technical Assistance Program’s Environmental Assistance Program“Green” Jobs in the Philadelphia Area (Green Philadelphia)www.greenjobsphilly.orgGreen America – Greening Your Office Roofs – Green Roof Infrastructure Industry Association – Going Green SternbergPublications CoordinatorEPA Office of Inspector