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MacKenzie 1 When Is E Learning Right


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There are 2 handouts for this presentation. This is the presentation slide deck.

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MacKenzie 1 When Is E Learning Right

  1. 1. e-Learning: When Is it Right? Slide 1 Slide 2 WhenE-Lrng-ISPI_Showcase.doc 1
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  11. 11. e-Learning: When Is it Right? Two More Case Studies Slide 20 Slide 21 WhenE-Lrng-ISPI_Showcase.doc 11
  12. 12. e-Learning: When Is it Right? Organization Readiness Checklist Use this checklist to determine your organization’s readiness to develop and implement e-Learning. Infrastructure Readiness  How will the training be distributed, installed, and run?  Do you need record-keeping or scoring in the training? How will these needs be accommodated?  Does the IS/IT department have the server equipment to deploy e-Learning?  Will IS/IT provide the space to house e-Learning? Can it handle an LMS?  Does the network have the bandwidth for learners to use e-Learning?  Will the network and intranet pipeline support large numbers of learners using e-Learning?  Has the network been tested to handle the desired and peak traffic levels?  Is there IS/IT staff ready to support the installation and testing or e-Learning course?  Does the corporation have a firewall that prevents access to the Internet?  Will the lowest workstation configuration support the use of e-Learning? o Operating system o CPU type and speed o Monitor: color and resolution o Hard disk space, if needed o RAM o CD-ROM o Sound cards o Browser types and versions o Modem speed or connectivity type o Players and other software available or allowable  What features are already part of the corporate intranet: o Chats o Message boards o Threaded Discussion Groups o Internal Listservs o Attachments o Small Executables o Application sharing WhenE-Lrng-ISPI_Showcase.doc 12
  13. 13. e-Learning: When Is it Right? Learner Readiness  Do learners have the requisite computer skills to handle e-Learning?  Are learners comfortable learning at their desktops?  Do learners have experience learning from e-Learning?  Is there a prior history with e-Learning that new courses must overcome?  Do learners have an easy way to determine the courses available to them and how to register?  Are media used properly to support various learning styles?  Are methods employed appropriately to ensure learning? o Frequent interactions o Methods match content types o Methods to make up for the “missing instructor” o Methods for learners to self-test  Are there learner-support mechanisms in place to handle learner questions? o Mentoring o Chats o Threaded discussions o Message boards o Feedback from the “expert” Management Readiness  What are the reasons for moving to e-Learning, and how will they measure its success?  Is management making the decision to move to e-Learning based on money alone?  Is management aware of the tradeoffs of e-Learning?  Is management aware of the development time differences between e-Learning and classroom?  Does management support training staff in the design of e-Learning?  Will management provide supervisory/management support of e-Learning skills and concepts? Will they set expectations of learners for the results of training?  Have stakeholders been defined?  If the course development requires interdepartmental cooperation, are all departments and parties ready to participate?  Are SMEs given the time to support the development of training materials?  Will management release learners from normal work duties to take e-Learning courses?  Will learners have a distraction-free environment in which to learn?  Does management buy-in to the skills being trained? Will they help ensure that training is relevant to the job?  Is there a roll out plan in place?  Is there a maintenance plan in place?  Is funding committed? WhenE-Lrng-ISPI_Showcase.doc 13
  14. 14. e-Learning: When Is it Right? Development Team Readiness  Does the development team have the right staff with the right mix of skills to develop e-Learning? o Instructional design for e-Learning o Graphic design o User interface design o Usability testing o Screen design o Writing for e-Learning o Production of media, including audio, animation, graphics, and video, as appropriate o Programming o Software testing  Has the development team been trained in the design and development of e-Learning?  Does the development team have a solid development process that incorporates the software development process into the instructional design process?  Does the development team have strong leadership with experience in developing e-Learning?  Is the development team ready for the longer development cycle for e-Learning than for ILT or documentation?  What resources are currently available for the development?  Are sufficient time and resources available to create a course that is engaging, job-relevant, user- friendly, and accurate?  Does the development team have the skills to employ the variety of methods necessary to ensure learning? WhenE-Lrng-ISPI_Showcase.doc 14