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Hybert 1 Web Collab

  1. 1. PRH!Consulting,!Inc. leveraging!know"how!for!performance!™ Web!based"Collaboration"Tools Teamwork"via"the"Web Pete"Hybert Dottie"Soelke PRH!Consulting,!Inc. principal"consultant senior"consultant PRH"Consulting"Inc. Soelke"Consulting"Inc. Member"of"the"PRH"Consulting"Network 20!Danada Square!West,!#102 Chicago!eLearning!&!Technology!Showcase Wheaton,!IL!60189 August!2009 phone: 630.682.1649 web: www.prhconsulting.com
  2. 2. Before"we"get"started… In"the"spirit"of"the"conference"theme,"we"are"trying"some"new"(for"us)"technology"for" this"presentation. Live"Streaming"Video http://www.prhconsulting.com/resources/PRH106_Ustream.htm Case!sensitive Underscore Twitter:"Include"#webcollab to"post Tweets!may!be! displayed!on!screen!at! the!end!of!the!session. 1 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  3. 3. Table!of!Contents ! Session!Overview/Objectives ! Introductions ! The!Concept!of!Collaboration ! Drivers ! Evolution ! Collaborative!Web!Tools!Matrix ! Wrap"up ! Q&A 2 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  4. 4. Session"Objectives Objectives: Identify"tools"that"will"help"teams"work"productively"in"a" virtual"environment: !Project"management !Deliverables"development"(e.g.,"presentations"and" documents) !Working"and"informational"meetings !Synchronous"and"asynchronous"events !Group"learning !Networking – Professional – Social 3 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  5. 5. Introductions ! Worked"in"the"human"performance"improvement"industry"since"1984; external"consultant" since"1989 ! Authored"more"than"thirty"articles"on"a"variety"of"HPT!related"topics ! Presented"multiple"times"at"ISPI,"CISPI"(Chicago"Chapter"of"ISPI),"ASQ,"and"ASTD" ! Served"as"a"volunteer ! ISPI"Chicago"Chapter"Past!President ! ISPI"Awards"Committee"Chair ! ISPI"Nominations"Committee"Chair Pete!Hybert ! CPT"since"2003,"Lifetime"ISPI"Member"since"2007 www.prhconsulting.com ! Worked"in"the"HPT"industry"since"1986;"external"consultant"since 1993 ! Authored/"co!authored"more"than"ten"articles ! Presented"multiple"times"at"ISPI,"CISPI"(Chicago"chapter"ISPI),"and"the"NorthWest Network ! Served"as"a"volunteer ! ISPI"Awards"Redesign"Project ! ISPI"Nominations"Committee"(2"years) ! ISPI"Awards"of"Excellence"Committee Dottie!Soelke ! CISPI"VP"of"Publications"and"Programs"Committee"Member www.soelkeconsulting.com ! CPT"since"2003 4 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  6. 6. The"Concept"of"Collaboration Definition:""Two"or"more"people"who"work"together"to"… ! Plan ! Make"decisions ! Solve"problems ! Generate"ideas ! Develop"content"or"information 5 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  7. 7. Organization"Drivers What"is"it"that"drives"our"organizations"to"distance"collaboration,"virtual" teamwork,"etc.? ! Reduce"travel"costs ! Reduce"time"off"the"job"(for"e.g.,"travel"time) ! Multi!location"companies ! Distributed"expertise This"is"the"way"we"work"now! ! Home"office/"virtual"office ! No"conference"room ! Ad"hoc"meetings 6 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  8. 8. Web"Collaboration"Tools"Evolution Problems"we"had"to"solve"in"the"beginning"… ! Working"across"companies"and"firewalls"was"challenging ! Difficult"to"connect"to"the"outside"world ! Difficult"to"load"client"applications"or"“plug!ins” ! There"weren’t"many"tools"out"there ! Participants"didn’t"know"how"to"use"the"tools ! Technical"issues"were"common 7 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  9. 9. Web"Collaboration"Tools"Evolution New"problems"… ! Multi!tasking ! Random"access"(web"conferencing) ! Participants"can"only"see"the"display"area"(one"screen"or"canvas at"a" time) ! Input"limitations"– functions"only"as"quickly"as"your"microprocessor ! Electronic"communications"are"different"than"face!to!face" communications 8 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  10. 10. Orientation"to"Web"Collaboration"Tools"Matrix ! Categories"across"the"top ! Calendar/Schedule ! File"Sharing"&"Storage ! Online"Meetings August 19, 2009 | Roosevelt University ! Project"Management Peter R. Hybert Dottie A. Soelke ! Functions"and"tasks"down"the"right! Present hand"and"left!hand"sides Web-Based Collaboration Tools ! Meeting"Coordination Teamwork Via the Web ! Document"Management ! Project"Management Overview ! Presentation"(synchronous)"Sharing The cost of travel means teams that are not co-located must rely on collaborating via the web. All too often, this sounds better than it We’ve been climbing this learning curve for several years…maybe you have too. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of several web tools and works. You can waste a lot of your how they can help your distributed team’s time just trying to operate work team be productive virtually. ! General"comments"at"the"bottom your chosen web tools. ! Costs PRH Consulting Inc. ! Limitations Soelke Consulting, Inc. ! Etc. 9 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  11. 11. Orientation"to"Web"Collaboration"Tools"Matrix Categories!(in! Applications! the!yellow!bar) and!Providers Functions!(in! URLs the!grey!bars) Tasks!(under! Functions) 10 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  12. 12. Calendar/Scheduling"Tools ! Key"tasks ! Import"contact"lists CATEGORY C A L E N D A R / S C H E D U L E Name Meeting Wizard URL www.meetingwizard.com Google Calendar http://www.google.com/calendar/render/ ! Capability/ Functionality Meeting Coordination Propose"meeting"date"choices Import contact lists Y (from a variety of sources including Outlook) N Propose meeting date Y N choices Sends automated results of Y N meeting date voting Select meeting date Allows voting Y Send out invitations Y Y ! Confirms attendance Y N Send"automated"results"of"meeting"date"voting Send out automated Y Y (only to calendar owner) reminders Document Management Post documents for shared N N review Edit documents on-line N N (multiple users) ! Version control N N Select"meeting"date File/folder management Project Management Post calendar Post Actions/Tasks Track issues Time tracking N N N N N N N N N N ! Resource allocation N N Presentation (Synchronous) Send"out"invitations Page!2 Sharing Share presentation N N Share file (.xls, .doc, .mpp, N etc.) Share desktop N N Share application (remote N N access) ! Real-time co-editing and N remote control Confirm"attendance Browser sharing Participant chat Participant hand-raising Audio conferencing Video conferencing Meeting recording N N N N N N N N N N ! Whiteboard/ annotation N tools Send"out"automated"reminders Polling N General Cost Free Free "Plug-in" required N N Limitations: # users 50 participants N ! Applications"and"providers Limitations: Storage none (unlimited # of meetings) Y--7+ gigs...plenty Sync/Ability to work offline N Syncs with Outlook Can set up to work offline with Google Gears Comment • Sponsored by GoToMeeting • Simple, intuitive, easy to use • Recipients of meeting requests do not need to be registered •Can easily embed calendars in web pages with Meeting Wizard ! • Doesn't pretend to be anything but a meeting scheduler Meeting"Wizard ! Google"Calendar ! TimeBridge ! … and"more 11 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL
  13. 13. File"Sharing"and"Storage ! Key"tasks ! Post"documents"for"shared"review FILE SHARING & STORAGE MS Sharepoint (File/ Project Sites) http://www.microsoft.com/sharepoint/default.mspx Google Docs https://www.google.com/ (select MORE select DOCUMENTS) The Filing Room http://thefilingroom.com/ CATEGORY Name URL Capability/ Functionality ! Meeting Coordination Edit"documents"online"(multiple"users) See "Live Meeting" column N N Import contact lists N N N Propose meeting date choices N N N Sends automated results of meeting date voting N N N Select meeting date N N N Send out invitations ! N N Confirms attendance N N N Send out automated reminders Version"control Y using "check in/check out" Y Y Y Y N Document Management Post documents for shared review Edit documents on-line (multiple users) Y Relies on editors/ access control Relies on editors/ access control; Version control ! Can get notifications of changes File/"folder"management Y Y (folders apply to individual users) Y (folders apply to all users) File/folder management Project Management Y (can sync with Outlook) N N Post calendar Y N N Post Actions/Tasks Y N N Track issues N N N Time tracking N N Resource allocation Presentation (Synchronous) Page!3 Sharing See "LiveMeeting" Y As a file Share presentation Y Share file (.xls, .doc, .mpp, etc.) ! Applications"and"providers See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" N N N N N N N N Share desktop Share application (remote access) Real-time co-editing and remote control Browser sharing Participant chat ! See "LiveMeeting" N N Participant hand-raising See "LiveMeeting" N N Audio conferencing Microsoft"Sharepoint See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" See "LiveMeeting" N N Y (Can start documents) N N N N N Video conferencing Meeting recording Whiteboard/ annotation tools Polling General ! Cost varies depending on # users and Free Low cost--$5 per month for 1 GB Cost package Google"Docs - Live meeting alone, 5 licenses = $36.50/mo Can get full suite for $75/mo Y (can use with only web app however) N N "Plug-in" required N Max 10 users with minimum purchase; can Limitations: # users purchase additional users if needed Y--5 gig per site (Additional available) Y--500K per document, plus up to 2MB per 1 gig minimum purchase; can purchase Limitations: Storage ! embedded image additional space if needed The"Filing"Room N Y--with Google Desktop N Sync/Ability to work offline • One of the most confusing admin • Launches a new window everytime you • Basic--can be difficult to move files Comment websites/ processes I've ever used click something around (e.g., must empty folders before deleting the folder) ! … and"more 12 PRH Consulting, Inc. Web!based"Collaboration"Tools—Teamwork"via"the"Web ©2009!PRH!Consulting,!Inc.,!Wheaton!IL!and!Soelke!Consulting,!Inc.,!Naperville!IL