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performance condition online learning management systems learning management systems ilt attitude and skills for successful salesperson effective sales skills sales sales skills business process improvement training process participative leadership style level of motivation autocratic leadership style democratic leadership style infringe employee positive attitudes companies goals. adaptation application strategies to market elearning spreading good ideas modes to transfer knowledge knowledge knowledge transfer transfer resistance to change promote flexibility opportunity for growth develop strategic planning well-organized learning effective qualities and skills learning material beautifully salesman secrets think simple two- way communication performance feedback effective ways constructive feedback effective and engaging elearning courses rapid development of effective and engaging elearn how to handle conflict at workplace conflict management and resolution identify and analyse the 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toffler new technology web-based courses interactive elearning courses idea generating session brainstorming fair evaluation of employees performance criteria performance evaluation effective training employee performance new ideas innovation organizational change sales planning 3-d animations online delivery sales procedures on-the-job training ojt simulations sales situations sage approach learners situational approach learner centric approach learning cycle blooms cognitive domain taxonomy web based courses elearning tools learning devices application training emotional mastery steps to success deepak chopra learning solutions instruction learning design translation services localization process elearning courseware language translation career career plans career strategy goals ilt training social learning instructional simulations informal learning formal learning social networking social media tools learning professionals storyboard successful learning highly effective people employee growth learning organization learning tools second life learning environment three dimensional virtual world translation tool variables in lectora questions functionality cross lms scorm compatible lectora cross-domains aicc open source lms elearning platform relearn learn unlearn camtasia authoring tool rapid development multilingual courses translators process translate localize translation process translation services translati offtheshelf courses customizable courses investment course wbt achievements production cyclle process cycle rapid content development reaching targets get the best out of the people how to succeed case studies reaching goals inspirational motivational presentation make your dreams come true lectora course course sample elearning course financial accounting elearning solutions performance enhancement custom courseware development client testimonials lean mnudacturing msoffice courses catalogue courses sales and marketing customizable offtheshlef 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