Buzinski 5 Sample Host Script


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Buzinski 5 Sample Host Script

  1. 1. Sample Host Script – CISPI Hand Out 5 of 7 Before the session begins 1. Open all applications that you plan to share and close all applications that your don’t want participants to accidently see if you share your desktop. 2. Login at least 15 minutes before the session is to begin. 3. Login to the session before you call the teleconference phone number. 4. If desired, mute participants. 5. Verify that the Q&A, chat, and feedback functions are visible for participants. 6. Upload your slides. 7. Display your first slide. This slide should include information about the muted phone lines and that participants should connect through the computer first and then connect through the phone. 8. After the Presenter joins the session, point out the slide forward and back arrows. Remind the Presenter to advance the slides. State that you will go back to the 1st slide at the start of the Q&A and go to the last slide at the end. 9. Just before you begin the webinar, say, “Hello and thank you for joining us. Unless you are discussing content or asking a question, please mute your phone. If that is not possible, please reduce the background noise on your end as much as possible. This would include barking dogs, televisions, and paging systems. Although the noise may not seem loud to you, it will be picked up in the recording and be a distraction for those who listen to the recording. To reduce noise, I have muted all of the Participant phones and at this time you will only be able to hear the Presenters speak. In addition, if for some reason your computer disconnects from this webinar, please login to the computer portion before you call in again. I will now start the recording of this webinar and we’ll begin. One moment please. 10. Begin recording the webinar. Begin the webinar 11. Begin the webinar by stating a welcome statement like, “Hello and welcome to the Webinar Title webinar. I am Your Name, your Host for this webinar.” 12. Change slide to Presenter Information slide. State, “At this time I would like to introduce tonight’s Presenter, Presenter Name. State the Presenter’s bio. Hello Presenter Name! 13. Have the First Presenter introduce him/herself and state purpose/goal of webinar. 14. Repeat the above two steps and introduce each Presenter. 15. (Optional) Say, “If you don’t touch your computer for several minutes, the screen will change to a screen saver. Simply move the mouse or click the Space Bar to bring the webinar screen back.” 16. Change slides (to the “To Ask a Question” slide) and say, “We are going to hold-off on answering any questions until the presentation is complete, because some questions might be answered by the presentation. For those Sample Host Script - CISPI.doc Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Sample Host Script – CISPI Hand Out 5 of 7 of you who are viewing this webinar through our webinar software, if you want to submit a question, you may do so at any time by clicking and typing in the “Q&A” text field in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Type your question, and click the “Send” button. At the end of the presentation we will review the questions in the order they were received. After all submitted questions are answered we will unmute the audio lines and ask for additional questions. Once again, thank you for joining the webinar. Let’s get started on this presentation!” 17. Change slides, and say, “Presenter, please continue.” After all of the presentation slides have been displayed 18. Change to the “To Ask a Question” slide or the 1st slide. 19. Say, "We will now move to the question and answer part of the program. We will begin with the questions submitted during the presentation. The first question is. . .” 20. (When there are no more questions) Say, “We will now take questions from the audience. If you would like to ask a question, please “raise your hand” by clicking on the Raise Hand icon in the middle right of your screen.” NOTE: You can use the Annotation Tools to point an arrow to the Raise Hand icon. 21. “I will unmute your phone line and you can ask your question. When your question is answered, please click on the Hand icon again to “lower your hand.” We will repeat this process until all questions have been answered.” 22. (When all questions are answered), change to the last slide and say, “We would like to thank you very much for your attendance and participation tonight. We hope you found the program to be of value. This concludes this webinar.” 23. (If desired) Save the “Questions and Answers” file. 24. (If desired) Save the “Chat” file. Sample Host Script - CISPI.doc Page 2 of 2