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Discover the secrets of online fundraisers (IoF National Convention 2010)


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How changes in online behaviours have affected how individuals raise money to charity, the tools they use, what drives them to fundraise and who they are.

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Discover the secrets of online fundraisers (IoF National Convention 2010)

  1. 1. discover the secrets of online fundraisers jonathan waddingham digital strategist justgiving iof national convention 6th july 2010 justgiving institute of fundraising about me... digital strategist at justgiving research online giving trends to provide insight manage justgiving's social media strategies focus in integrating with social media what we'll talk about online fundraising trends the rise of social web and person to person fundraising what do online fundraisers look like? aspire case study what this means for the future institute of fundraising 3/62 warning this presentation contains slides of a statistical nature slideshare present yourself institute of fundraising how many people fundraise? fundraising page categories over time ''event categories on the rise 14,000 12,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 q1 2007 q1 2008 q1 2009 q1 2010 other occasions other sporting event cycling treks walks memorials parachuting & skydives'' average raised by fundraising page category the case for 'lifestyle' pages fastest growing category - 58% growth 10% of all fundraising pages 3rd best raising category (å£693) 6th best average donation (å£32) rise of the social web key social platforms photo sharing blogging micro blogging rss widgets social networking chat rooms message boards podcasts video sharing looking at past trends ... traffic to computers and internet hitwise institute of fundraising looking at current trends selected industries visited before justgiving by clicks email services search engines social networking and forums institute of fundraising justgiving referral traffic 46% facebook 3% 2% twitter institute of fundraising top websites in the uk 1. google uk 2. facebook 3. google 4. youtube 5. bbc online 6. yahoo! 7. ebay uk 8. windows live 9. wikipedia 10. twitter 7 are social media sites institute of fundraising social networks are older than you think. average age on social networks. linkedin. twitter. facebook. bebo. institute of fundraising. just one more facebook stat 71 of uk adult online population on facebook sources oficine for national stadistics and checkfacebook com facebook connect institute of fundraising ''facebook connect and justgiving 20% percentage of sponsors share their donation with facebook connect 1:1 for every person who shares a link using facebook connect, one person comes back to just giving institute of fundraising'' ''fundraiser research details people were prompted to take a survey after creating their page, or in subsequent emails giving them advice on fundraising fundraisers could be raising money for any size charity in any category survey carried out from december 1st 2009 to may 26th 2010 7,400 people took the survey institute of fundraising'' had they raised money for charity before? 18% 82% yes no institute of fundraising what's their gender? how old are they? how old are justgiving donors? 25-34 35 44 45 54 55 64 22 21 25 17 % how do donors and fundraisers compare? fundraiser age donor age institute of fundraising fundraiser gender and donor gender 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 41% 40% 59% 60% fundraiser donor institute of fundraising what are the top demographics 20% female 25-53 15% female 35-44 12% male 25-34 11% male 35-44 institute of fundraising old facebook app demographics gender and age female male institute of fundraising what do they do on other sites united kingdom age distribution united kingdom age distribution institute of fundraising http www checkfacebook com 13 14 17 25 24 35 44 45 54 55 64 65 ''facebook advertising estimated reach 3,580 people who live in the united kingdom who live within 40 kilometres of newcastle upon tyne between the ages of 25 and 34 inclusive who are female who like running fundraising cancer research triathlons or marathons institute of fundraising'' how people promote their justgiving page email face to face conversion via facebook your employer's website/internet via other social networks printed materials/posters/cards your blog/own website our fundraising widget news report or articles other institute of fundraising other ways of promoting their page (6%) i'm also getting small temporary tatoos printed out for the race day of the charity logo institute of fundraising tweeter you have 1 new message ways of asking vs ways of donating donations were asked were given email 88% 57% conversations 75% 16% facebook 74% 12% how were you asked to use justgiving? email facebook message conversation news reports or article others printed materials age 0-18 15% 32%17%4%16%2% 18-24 32% 47% 11% 2% 7% 1% 25-34 55% 24% 9% 2% 9% 1% 35-44 62% 13% 11% 2% 9% 3% 45-54 62% 9% 14% 4% 9% 2% 55-64 61% 7% 13% 4% 11% 4% 64+ 58% 4% 18% 4% 11% 5% random (but appropriate) tweet from this morning #iofnc cruk 'sexy up' race for life emails by embedding facebook/twitter - put link to post directly to fb or twitter - making it easy! leneva jason potts but why did they choose to fundraise? institute of fundraising ''cgap research on charitable motivation despite expectations of need-based giving, at least four other approaches are identified: 1. test based giving 2. decisions based on judgements of charities' competence 3. decisions related to donors' personal background 4. decisions driven by desire to make an impact how donors choose charities 2010 beth breeze institute of fundraising'' ''i donate to the rspb because bird watching is one of my great obsessions its my kind of my treat myself if you like. i support sustrans because we're interested in cycling ramblers association sometimes, because we like walking'' ''quotes from justgiving research ''''it makes me feel good.'''' institute of fundraising'' what can we take away? focus on the experience of the event. share the feeling of previous participants. appeal to people's backgrounds - can you tap into runners? cyclists? walkers? institute of fundraising total fundraisers aspire 1194 437 2007 930 2223 2008 876 2043 2009 offline fundraisers justgiving fundraisers institute of fundraising average raised by fundraisers aspire lessons learned aspire pushing people from registration to fundraising page numbers online fundraisers raise more not everyone who has a page raises money need to focus on activating fundraisers next steps in 2010 the goal is to raise 550k one of the primary focal points this year is their online strategy increased presence on facebook and twitter and more advertising online communicate regularly with swimmers - where possible online and through social networking sites not neglect technophobes and continue with postal comms where appropriate institute of fundraising experience marketing race for life sign up for amazing moments enter now 0871 641 1111 race for life institude of fundraising what we have covered online fund raising trends - event categories the rise of the social web and person to person fundraising secrets of online fundraisers aspire case study institute of fundraising thoughts for the future how are you going to target people to take part in your events? what new event categories will your try and promote? what's your fundraiser stewardship like? how do you get people who aren't fundraising to activate? how will you use social networks to reach and encourage fundraisers? carry on the conversation... jonathan waddingham @jon-bedford search linkedln justgiving