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SXSW 2012 WeeWorld Presentation


Published on Anti-bullying Taskforce Case Study

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SXSW 2012 WeeWorld Presentation

  1. ReachOut.comAnti-bullying Taskforce Case Study
  2. Reachout – Anti-bullying Case Study1. Summary of program and results2. Program component details3. Results details4. About WeeWorld and related case studies
  3. WeeWorld and ReachoutFacilitating social activism and anti-bullying • To support the Anti-bullying Taskforce, founded organically by Program community members, WeeWorld partnered with to provide teens with access to information and tools for self- expression and activism, allowing them to tell each other their Summary stories, support each other and practice and advocate for anti- bullying. • To date more than 600,000 unique users have participated in the program • 32% of all logged users participate in first 3 months, then 22% ongoing • 442,000 assets downloaded in first 3 months, to date over 700,000 • 1.3M viral impressions per day in first 3 months Results • • • 100,000 anti-bullying trophies completed 8,000 Forum posts to date 30,000 add ReachOut’s Anastasia Goodstein as a friend • 1,000 WeeWorlders send emails to Anastasia telling their stories • 80 help resources sent by WeeWorld customer service team • WeeWorld becomes #1 referrer to
  4. Reachout – Anti-bullying Case Study1. Summary of program and results Program component details3. Results details4. About WeeWorld and related case studies
  5. Organic evolution of a movement Dear,Weeworld staff I have started a crew called The Anti Bully Task Force. It is currently 116 members and growing. I also have a website to help my crew members, as well as anyone who wants more information on the subject. I help them gladly and often at the cost of myself getting insulted. I get alot of grateful weemees thanking me for my dedication to stomping out cyberbullying as best I can. Thank you, Sly Evans
  6. Organic evolution of a movement The Anti Bully Task Force…are a very well reputable group of weemees that go around standing up against those that are putting down others, and they also calmly support those under stress from bullies etc. As one of the members of that force, The leader (12foxy12) and I have been trying to start a small movement week in Weeworld. It started off just as an idea But Ive also thought that, If weeworld were to back up the force with this. That would be good. Weeworld can hope to gain more of a safe environment in this site, with the help of other weemees -Weemees who are a part of this movement, may feel a sense of belonging as they have something to do that Weeworld claims is helping the site. It will add MEANING. So if you think this proposal was okay, please tell me so. If not, please put me back in my place(: thanks, Alisa”
  7. Partner with develop program • Collaborate with and Anastasia Goodstein. Modeled the program on successful WeeWorld campaign with Partnership for a Drug- free America • Taskforce assets inspired by user-created ASCII art logoÅN†¡¤ßuLL¥ Tã§|{ -FØr©€
  8. Help Center integration
  9. Custom store
  10. Anastasia joins the community • Anastasia quickly becomes a celebrity ramping to 30,000 friends • Hundreds of emails are received and some are highlighted on her page with guidelines and links to more advice
  11. Room hangout for watching videos • Rooms highlight selected videos keyed to themes being discussed
  12. Trophy Did you know that popular celebs like Robert Pattinson, Brittany Snow, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox & our very own PRESIDENT Barack Obama, were all victims of bullying? Join Anastasia Goodstein from and 75 level boosters WeeWorld’s anti-bullying taskforce to take a 50 green points stand against bullies.
  13. Thousands of posts to dedicated forum
  14. Ongoing WeeWorld site promotion
  15. Reachout – Anti-bullying Case Study1. Summary of program and results2. Program component details Results details3. About WeeWorld and related case studies
  16. 442,000 Assets in first 3 months Total Assets to date 700,000
  17. 32% of all logins participate in program Users Saving a Reach Out Asset by Day Since Launch 40,000 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 4/8/2011 5/8/2011 6/8/2011 7/8/2011 8/8/2011 9/8/2011 10/8/2011 Users Saves
  18. Viral impressions average 1.3M daily
  19. Community creates their own resources
  20. Taskforce establishes rulesposting them to their WeeWorld blogs The guidlines are this... *Never Bully... Never Hack.. Never Cuss.. *Be a good listener and answer nicely. *Try to if you can, reason with the weemee that is making hurtful comments. *Let them know that weeworld does not tolerate bullys and they will get reported. *Offer tips to a victim like. Block the bully and remove them from friendlist. *Stick up for victims in world if you can... *This is NOT to ever take over an Ambassadors job. Just guide weemees getting bullied to an Ambassadors for help
  21. User-generated videos on anti-bullying
  22. 1,000 emails sent to Anastasia80 help resource referrals Key Observations from emails: • Offline bullying either physical or relational/girl bullying is dominant in these emails vs. cyberbullying • Girl/Relational bullying most emailed about (exclusion, rumor spreading, etc.) • Definitely a theme of a lot of adults not listening or taking complaints seriously Help resource referrals • When users expressed immediate need for help, WeeWorld referred directly to Reachout and other help resources
  23. We surveyed members of the Task ForceAnd Fans of Anastasia And found: • 56% say the main reason they joined the ABTF was they wanted to do something positive to end bullying. • More than half have visited and 87% find it either useful or extremely useful! • 83% have visited Anastasia’s page and 81% have found her either helpful or extremely helpful
  24. “Anastasia is a great “Thank you person and she helped Anastasia, this is“Anastasia I Love Your me think that I dont something i could go Work Keep it Up!” need to stoop to their to if i ever have an level and let them win! issue or need help[; I am a person too.” it means alot to me.!” XxHolyItzTannorxX SmileySavvi theREALChanelle
  25. Additional activist groupsform organically on WeeWorld
  26. Reachout – Anti-bullying Case Study1. Summary of program and results2. Program component details3. Results details About WeeWorld and related case studies
  27. Why do teens flock to WeeMees are a reflection of self, not a fantasy character- WeeWorld is a small version of the real world allowing users to interact and evolve their identities through social play- WeeWorld has grown to 2M unique users through word of mouth only
  28. – top teen social game • 50M WeeMeescreated on and other sites • Top 10 U.S. teen site • 1-year return tenure
  29. - Virtual Goods • 17% of audience monetizes • Millions of virtual goods downloaded per week • Decorative, functional, branded and behavioral virtual goods • Variety of payment methods
  30. - AdvertisingIntegrated Brands• Users ask for brands• Users choose brands• Vast viral spread
  31. Case study:Partnership for a Drug-free America • Partnership for a Drug-Free America teamed up with WeeWorld to educate teens about substance abuse prevention and the real-life consequences of drug and Program alcohol use. At the center of the campaign was an actual young adult named JT who is in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Through his WeeMee, home page and room, JT visually interacted with a growing base of over Summary 20,000 WeeWorld friends, posted messages and shared weekly scenarios drawn from the Partnership’s teen-targeted site, • 212,000 assets downloaded over 2 months • 47M viral impressions • 20,000 friend JT, read and share advice Results • • Brand awareness for tripled Dramatic increase in traffic to • Ongoing, WeeWorld remains a top 10 referrer to • Campaign receives National Annual Media Recognition award
  32. Case study: The TruthAmerican Legacy Foundation • In an effort to educate US teens (13-17) on the truth about the tobacco industry, the American Legacy Foundation has partnered with WeeWorld through various social game Program executions, including two site-wide quests which sent users on a scavenger hunt for facts to expose these facts. The first quest focused on the harmful effects of tobacco while the second quest focused on truth’s cleverly conceived Shards O’ Glass campaign, a fake Summary company that produces harmful treats. Additionally, WeeWorld created a number of virtual assets for users to decorate their avatars, all based on elements of the truth’s campaign. • 519,000 assets downloaded over 4 months • 123M viral impressions Results • • 25M impressions + millions of bonus impressions 31,000 quest completions • 63,000 game page impressions