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Wgg june 6, 2013 annual report part 1


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Wgg june 6, 2013 annual report part 1

  1. 1. Report2012- 2013
  3. 3. yourCo-Chairs, Vice-Chairs andSteering Group MembersBeth Adamson, Winifred Doherty, Emily Bent, (ViceChair/Girls Participation) Adwoa Aidoo, (Vice Chair/GirlsParticipation) Ruth Goodgold, (Treasurer) SusanO’Malley, (Recording Secretary/Action for Girls) EileenReilly, (Communications Secretary) Cristina Selby, (GirlAdvocate/Twitter in Chief) Rima Salah (Development )Mary Jo Toll, (Advocacy) Rosalee Keech, (ProtectingGirls from Violence) Fatima Rodrigo, (CSW ReviewTheme) Jackie Shapiro, (CSW/Action for Girls) VictoriaEdmonds, (CSW) Yvonne Rafferty (Research and Writing)Sally Dunne, (Girls Tribunal), Emily Thenhaus (Website) h
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  18. 18. Girl Advocates 2012-2013• Cristina Selby, Laila Morgan, Carmel Bendit-Shtull,Anita Benn, Julia Lee and Kimberly Huang.• All contributed to the monthly meeting, girls’ tribunal andWGG sponsored side events throughout CSW 57• Cristina Selby was a member of the Steering Group.• Cristina made a statement during the breakfast tolaunch the Day of the Girls and delivered the oralstatement during CSW 57• Cristina is ‘Twitter in Chief’• Caroline Christie left for college in Scotland inSeptember 2012 but was present throughout CSW 57.
  19. 19. to an exceptional chair ofGirls Advocacy Task ForceThankyouMaryJo!
  20. 20. Statement to Commissions• Germaine Price and Anne Kelly prepared a statement on behalfof the membership to the Commission on Social Development• “Girls (0-18), in particular, comprising a seventh of the world’s population (UnitedStates Census Bureau), suffer multiple disadvantages because of discrimination,violence and exclusion, and as such have limited capacity to control or changetheir lives. Yet a mounting body of evidence suggests that unlocking the potentialof this particular section of the global population is a powerful means of achievingpoverty eradication and social integration. …” E/CN.5/2013/NGO/3• Yvonne Rafferty together with the Research and Writing Taskforces prepared the WGG Statement for CSW 57• “girls are denied their political, economic, social and cultural rights and subjectedto behaviours that hinder their physical, psychological, spiritual, social andemotional development. We highlight research on victims of violence in the formsof harmful and traditional practices, and trafficking of girls for commercial sexualexploitation. …” E/CN.6/2013/NGO/149
  21. 21. Application to UN TrustFund Grant to End ViolenceAgainst Women2012 Call for Proposals• WGG Steering Group worked on and submittedan extensive application in January 2013
  22. 22. INCORPORATED501(C) 3((Logo; Website –; Brochure;Newsletter – Action for Girls; Facebook and Twitter accountsBank Account – Chase and Paypal;Incorporation Articles; Form 1023 Submitted – Determination October2012; By-laws;Registered as a Charity –December 2012Registered with ‘GuideStar” Have a Just Give - Donate Button January2013Submitted first IRS Returns Form 990 – postcard April 2013Ballard and Spahr LLPBernadette Kenny – Attorney at LawFred Lewis and Peggy Jackson at – Lewis and Associates CPA, St Louis– (Certified Public Accountants)John Brewer at Vernoia, Enterline + Brewer, CPA LLC, New Jersey
  23. 23. Army for facilities for meetings and during CSW.Bahai for meeting space – for meetings and steering groupRima Salah – Friend, Mentor LeaderSpecial Donors - Eleanor Schlesinger and Caroline DonovanYour Organizations who bring girls to CSW and sponsor eventsOrganizations who contributed to the Girls Tribunal
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  26. 26. SPEAKERSHRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud September 2012Yvonne Leina Chi from Cameroon – spoke on ‘breast ironing’November 2012Pamela Pine, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence; Stop ChildSexual abuse – February 2013Dr. Kyle Pruett, Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Centerand Marsha Kline Pruett, Smith college School of Social Work –June 2013
  27. 27. Princess Basmah Bint Saud September 2012
  28. 28. journalist andwomen’s rights advocate ChiYvonne Leina is the founder andcoordinator of Gender Danger, agrassroots women`s organizationthat is fighting to end the practiceof breast ironing in Cameroon.Shared with WGG atthe November 8 thMeeting
  29. 29. Pine Founder and CEO, Stopthe Silence; Stop Child Sexualabuse – February 2013
  30. 30. Kyle Pruett, Yale School of Medicine’s Child StudyCenter and Marsha Kline Pruett, Smith college School ofSocial Work – June 2013
  31. 31. 11, 2012Scenes from the International Day of the Girl Celebration
  32. 32. THE GIRLTOOLKIT“…Now, two years later, I amgoing o to university more confident in myffknowledge of issues andtopics a ecting girls all over the world andffwith the understanding ofwhat I want to study and do in the future. Asa last project before going o to school, I’veffput together this toolkit so I can share whatIvelearned - because educated girls arehealthier, stronger, and more powerful andare the key to change in this world we livein.
  33. 33. ChildExploitation atMajor EventsUNICEFPanelBreakfastsponsored bythe Ambassadorof Turkey H.E.Ertu rulğApakanMichelle Bachelet, ExecutiveDirector of UN Women launches11 day lead up to the first everDay of the Girl. (Video )Join Us LIVE on Thursday, October 11th at7:00PM for the Day of the Girl CelebrationBroadcast! We have been SUPER busying gettingready for our Virtual Summit and LIVE Broadcaston 10.11.12 at 7:00PM EST - and let me tell you, itis going to be AMAZING!
  34. 34. of the Girl Celebration! BreakfastAmbassador Ertuğrul Apakan
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  41. 41.•Thank You!Prepared by Winifred Doherty• June 6, 2013