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Using Social Media To Boost Events - Chase 2010 & IoF West Midlands conference


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This was originally presented at the CHASE 2010 conference, before being updated for the IoF West Midlands Next Generation Fundraising conference in April 2010. It shows how charities can use social media to attract more people to their events and help them raise more money.

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Using Social Media To Boost Events - Chase 2010 & IoF West Midlands conference

  1. 1. IoF West Midlands : Next generation fundraising How Social Media can boost your events Jonathan Waddingham Digital Strategist JustGiving
  2. 2. Good morning! • Digital Strategist at JustGiving • Work with charities to make best use of the web • Research online giving trends to provide insight • Manage JustGiving‟s social media strategy
  3. 3. What *is* social media? And what‟s the point of it? It‟s a way for people to share and discuss information online The point of it is people – anyone now has the power to create content online From a charity perspective, it‟s a great way to engage supporters and tell your story You can get your supporters to tell your story
  4. 4. Social media is all of this
  5. 5. Strategy is important
  6. 6. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  7. 7. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  8. 8. How to listen Google alerts Your Toolkit Backtype alerts Tweetscan Technorati search Delicious search Flickr search
  9. 9. Monitoring sites:
  10. 10. Monitoring sites:
  11. 11. Monitoring sites:
  12. 12. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  13. 13. Target - where is your audience? What does your average supporter look like? What brings the most traffic to your website? Where are the conversations about you taking place?
  14. 14. Learning more about your audience
  15. 15. Do you need to segment your audience?
  16. 16. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  17. 17. Reach out – on Facebook
  18. 18. Reach out – on Facebook
  19. 19. Reach out – on YouTube
  20. 20. Reach out – on Twitter
  21. 21. Reach out – on Twitter
  22. 22. Reach out – on Twitter
  23. 23. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  24. 24. Share your events on Facebook
  25. 25. Share photos of your events – on flickr
  26. 26. Share photos of your events – on Facebook
  27. 27. Share videos of your events – on YouTube
  28. 28. Share videos you didn‟t even record on YouTube
  29. 29. What‟s the approach? listen target reach out share measure
  30. 30. Measurement – on Facebook (insights)
  31. 31. Measurement – on social media
  32. 32. Measurement – using PostRank
  33. 33. Measurement – using ViralHeat
  34. 34. Measurement – on Twitter
  35. 35. Measurement – on Twitter
  36. 36. Look out for the NFPTweetup
  37. 37. Measurement Depends on the goals you set What are you trying to achieve? What would success look like? Is it to get more people to your events so you raise more money?
  38. 38. St Ann‟s Hospice – case study
  39. 39. The big event – Manchester Midnight Walk Promoted the launch of the walk by holding a flashmob A flashmob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse (wikipedia) St Ann‟s did supplementary work with generic Hospice pages on Facebook and Twitter to advertise the FlashMob and drive traffic to the main hospice pages/groups
  40. 40. Manchester Midnight Walk promotion Goal: increase awareness of the event and encourage people to register listen target reach out share measure
  41. 41. How did they record the event? listen target reach out share measure
  42. 42. How did other people record the event? “So how did you hear about this?” “Facebook – she passed it on to us”
  43. 43. Used other people‟s content on their own channel listen target reach out share measure
  44. 44. Using a Facebook fan page for the event 38%
  45. 45. Generating PR £178k PR value (approx) listen target reach out share measure
  46. 46. Early results Only 6 weeks into opening registration for the event for the „early birds‟ in April, St Ann‟s already had 1,340 registrants (from a total target of 3,000) for an event that didn‟t take place until June. 238% listen target reach out share measure Goal: increase awareness of the event and encourage people to register
  47. 47. After the flashmob… keeping momentum going Set up the Midnight Walk twitter pages a couple of weeks after the event Cross promoted everything between St Ann‟s site and Midnight Walk sites All footage and Press coverage was put on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr
  48. 48. Social Media use after the launch Realised the value of investing time & effort building fans and followers Painstakingly followed lots of Manchester people on Twitter Promoted it on their website, in their newsletters and enewsletters, and put permanent links on the front page of their website and every other page too They are also building into their Content Management System the ability to flag up which pages they want to tweet to help manage the process.
  49. 49. Promoting Social Media (their most visited page)
  50. 50. Promoting Social Media
  51. 51. Promoting Social Media
  52. 52. New - supporting their supporters
  53. 53. (JustGiving guide to social media fundraising)
  54. 54. Lessons learned Had a Facebook group, but changed to fan page – lost a few people Be careful how you set up your Facebook fan page! Generating content is often hard, but there are always great stories around Finding the right people on Twitter to follow – looked at the Forever Manchester site to find local people Now using Twitter lists to find Manchester people Look out for opportunities – St Ann‟s have started work with Salford University students on their Social Media Masters Course
  55. 55. Overall results of the Midnight Walk Total net raised so far is £231,890 (last year £175,000). 17.5% higher than budgeted and 32.5% higher than last year 1,485 more walkers signed up than last year, a total of 3,285 83% Budgeted for 2,750 so achieved a 20.5% increase on target
  56. 56. What‟s next for St Ann‟s Challenge is tracking FB & Twitter accurately More YouTube – getting help on design and structure of NFP YouTube page Growing the Facebook fan page Having more conversations about their services through social media Added links to social media on every page of website
  57. 57. Catherine‟s advice If I could give one tip it would be: do one thing now – you don‟t need a strategy in place, just try it out! For example, set up a Facebook group/event or a Twitter site and actively promote it on your emails – see what happens as a result! Catherine Williams, Director of Fundraising and Communications
  58. 58. Remember the approach... listen target reach out share measure
  59. 59. Carry on the conversation… Jonathan Waddingham @jon_bedford