Stories in a digital world


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Why storytelling is important, how you get supporters to tell your story, and an example of a fantastic charity story that played out across multiple digital channels.

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Stories in a digital world

  1. Stories in a digitalworldJonathan Waddingham@jon_bedfordProduct Manager @JustGivingJune 7th 2011
  2. Charities have great stories. Fact.As we all know...Content is King (not Charles)
  3. The 1 C: ContentDoesn’t really matter what form content takesText, videos, photos, Tweets, Facebook posts, online/offline – it’sall contentUser generated content is a buzz term, but it’s still importantGetting great content from supporters is not easy
  4. Friends’ stories have more impact
  5. Supporters will tell your story (if youask)
  6. The ‘nudge’
  7. Prompt sharing of their own stories
  8. Impact is low, at the momentBut, this is a first step towards getting supporters’ to tell theirstories about why they support a charityThis is great content that could be used in many waysWe’re learning how to ask for storytelling and sharing
  9. Sonny’s law – after every action, shareMade a donation?Signed a petition?Registered for an event?Signed up for newsletter?Been a beneficiary? Tell your friends And say WHY
  10. The best story going round at themoment – my story
  11. Intel’s Museum of MeIt’s your story. As told through what you’ve done on FacebookGo to
  12. The best charity story I’ve seen
  14. There was a video
  15. There was an email
  16. There was a fundraising page
  17. Then I heard this on Facebook
  18. Then the thanks started rolling in...
  19. Watch this and be inspired
  20. Thank you Jonathan Waddingham @jon_bedford Product Manager @JustGiving