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Case Study: Digital Advocacy (Because I Am A Girl Campaign) | Maya Boritz & Christina Doyle


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Case Study: Digital Advocacy (Because I Am A Girl Campaign) | Maya Boritz & Christina Doyle

  1. 1. Digital Advocacy: Mobilizing the Girl Effect My Charity Connects Conference June 13th, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• The Girl Issue: Power and Plight• The Movement: Because I am a Girl• Digital Advocacy in Action: A Case Study• 8 Tips for your digital advocacy campaign
  3. 3. Our Key MessageDigital advocacy campaignsare key to broadening issueawareness and mobilizingsupport for a cause, whichrealizes its potential inraising funds to supportbroader organizationalobjectives.In Plan’s case, it is tochange the lives and futurefor children around theworld.
  4. 4. Girls have the right to beeducated.Girls have the right to eat.Girls have the right to be safe.Girls rights are human rights.
  5. 5. The Girl Issue:The Power and Plight of Girls
  6. 6. WattanafromCambodia
  7. 7. SalamatufromSierraLeone
  8. 8. The State of theWorld’s Girls ReportsYear Topic2007 The State Of The World’s Girls2008 In The Shadow Of War2009 Girls’ In The Global Economy: Adding It All Up2010 Digital And Urban Frontiers: Girls In A Changing Landscape2011 Boys And Men2012 Learning For Life (girls’ education and life skills)2013* Girls On The Move (trafficking, refuges, etc.)2014* Girls and the Millennium Development Goals2015* Girls’ Leadership and Participation
  9. 9. The Movement:Because I am a Girl
  10. 10. Education: international Online/offline development Content / storytelling Government RelationsMassMedia Public Engagement Because I am a Girl Lives 4 Strategic Pillars touchedin over 68 Pink countries LemonAidaround the world Online UN day to recognize Fundraising girls rights globally Community events KPIs
  11. 11. Marketing slideBIAAG WEBSITE
  12. 12. Awareness Awareness Storytelling
  13. 13. Long formats Short formatsPhoto albums Images with inspiring quotes
  14. 14. Audio slideshows QuizzesVideos Infographics
  15. 15. So, what do you think?
  16. 16. “Omg where is this? I am so totally depressed now!!”“this video is disturbing. There’sso much more this girl can offerto the world but shes beingstopped. Bothers me to see thather life be altered into the life ofa 30 year old” “this is sick! What kind of a man would marry a little girl? It’s wrong! It’s so wrong!”
  17. 17. Website Website Website Digital Storytelling NewsletterBlog Blog
  18. 18. The ladder of engagement
  19. 19. Advocacy Advocacy in the words of Amanda Sussman, Plan Canada’s Director of Policy Effective advocacy means getting our information on the right table, before the right people, at the right time to create policy change and bring a clear improvement to people’s lives.Digital advocacy allows us to amplify thismessage, mobilize people to care about the girlissue, and allow supporters to have a voice inthe discussion.
  20. 20. Digital advocacy: “slacktivism”? Source:
  21. 21. Why digital advocacy? • Cost efficient • Speedy ask & response • Reach can be global • Include participants as agents of change • Easy to measure success
  22. 22. What online actions have youtaken to support a cause youbelieve in?
  23. 23. Digital advocacy and fundraising• Advocates are 7x more likely to donate From Blackbaud white paper “Connecting Online Advocacy and Fundraising”:
  24. 24. Digital advocacy as a bridge• Weak to strong ties• Light to heavy engagement• Links awareness to fundraising
  25. 25. Fundraising
  26. 26. Claire’s Story“My favorite place to startis by spreading themessage not onlythrough your words, butthrough your actions. Ithink it’s wonderful toinclude and acknowledgethe men who value andrespect women and toinclude them in the GIRLISSUE. But mostly, weneed to support eachother, all of us...includingourselves! When we startrealizing our own self-worth, we realize thevalue of ALL women.”
  27. 27. Impact
  28. 28. Impact here: key performance indicators
  29. 29. Measuring impact here : analytics
  30. 30. Impact there: Plan’s program impact • Clean water • Constructing health centers • Nutrition • Girl scholarships • School construction • Training opportunities • Business skills education • Entrepreneurial initiatives • Food security • Birth certificate registration
  31. 31. WattanafromCambodia
  32. 32. SalamatufromSierraLeone
  33. 33. Small actions drive big change
  34. 34. Case Study:International Day of the Girl
  35. 35. International Day of the GirlWhat? Plan Canada led initiative to claim an International Day to support girls.Why? National and international days not only bring attention to a specific group (like young girls facing gender discrimination) but also enable governments to be held to task yearly on what they are doing for that group and their progress.How? Our petition and public awareness activities helped to encourage the government to enact this day. We hoped a politician would jump on our bandwagon and do the leg work to have a bill submitted to the Canadian Parliament that would ultimately become Canadian legislation and allow us to petition the UN for an international day.
  36. 36. “ Mr. Speaker, the International Day ofthe Girl will provide a key opportunity toconsider girls rights and raiseawareness around the world. There areplaces in the world where girls aredeprived of basic rights only becausethey were born girls. We are working successfully withcountries around the world, as wesubmit our proposal to the UnitedNations in October, to shed light on thediscrimination and injustice suffered bygirls. Girls deserve to go to school and tohave a full life. With Canadas leadershipat the United Nations, we will supportgirls rights all over the world.” - Honorable Rona Ambrose, Ministerof Public Works and Government Services andMinister for the Status of WomenCourtesy of Hansard
  37. 37. Approach & tactics Email / Blog Newsletter • Q & A with MP • targeted action • What is advocacy all about? alerts • Speakers Bureau: Real Live Advocates for Girls • progress • Guest Post: Jenn Heil – International Day of the Girl updates • 22 Facts About Girls’ Rights • The International Day of the Girl Takes the Hill! Facebook • e-petition • Change profile photo to ’22’ logo • Change status • Updates Twitter YouTubeWebsite • 22 Facts • Video – Nobel• e-petition about Girls Peace Prize• downloadable letter to MP Rights Winner supports Day of the Girl
  38. 38. Letter writing campaign
  39. 39. ePetition analytics ePetition Signature Trends 2009 2010 2011Online signatures 1400October: 916November: 848 1200December: 587 1000 # Signatures 800Overall Total:15,212 600 400 200 0 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Month
  40. 40. Facebook• At least 75 people changed their profile photo to the ’22’ logo on Sept. 22• Average Facebook user has 130 friends*– potential reach of nearly 10,000 * Source: Facebook
  41. 41. Twitter• 22 facts tweeted throughout the day• Supporting organizations like the YWCA and Girl Guides of Canada directed people to our facts all day (and Girl Guides retweeted them all)• Members of Parliament also drew attention to our 22 facts• Retweeted facts reached more than 50,000 people
  42. 42. Online to offline action
  43. 43. Facebook: community engagement Our community engagement program sees one volunteer a month choose the posts. Participants have found it rewarding and the community is very supportive.
  44. 44. Metrics•Facebook: Sept. 22 alone Twitter: Sept. 21-23 saw:– 382% more new fans 254% increase in followersthan daily average 4300% increase in retweets 250% increase in mentions Twitter follower growth – September 20 – 23, Facebook fan growth – September 20 – 27, 2011 2011
  45. 45. All women wereonce girls, butnot all girls willlive to becomewomen.
  46. 46. Day of the Girl declared
  47. 47. International Women’s Day 2012
  48. 48. 1 stInternational Dayof the GirlRaise your handfor girls’education
  49. 49. Raise Your Hand for Girls• Be a part of 4 million girls supporting education for 4 million girls around the world.• On International Day of the Girl (October 11), this photo montage will act as a visual petition and will be unveiled at the UN
  50. 50. 8 Tips forDigital Advocacy
  51. 51. 1. StorytellingHelp your audiencedevelop a point of view
  52. 52. 2. Rules ofengagementSet expectations for howonline community works
  53. 53. 3. CollaborateSeek out opinions andideas beyond your team
  54. 54. 4.CoordinatechannelsBe strategic in howyou use yourcontent
  55. 55. 5. Multiple entry-points Create a variety of actions that appeal to different audiencesWrite toyour MP
  56. 56. 6. Make itaccessibleIt should be easy for people totake action and get updates
  57. 57. 7. LeveragepartnersThey lend an extra hand tomobilize support
  58. 58. 8. ThanksupportersUpdate your supporters oncampaign progress.THANK them for theirsupport
  59. 59. Questions?
  60. 60. Get in touch!Christina Doyle Maya BoritzMarketing Manager, Because I am a Girl Manager, Digital @mayaborFollow us on Facebook:Because I am a Girl CanadaPlan CanadaFollow us on Twitter:@biaagcanada@plancanada