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Enterprise 2.0

concept and definition of enterprise 2.0
and to explain the values and chances of enterprise 2.0

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Enterprise 2.0

  1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 Whitepaper Enterprise 2.0 makes new chance, new value and new company through the combination of technology, process and culture Alex Kim (Hyunwoo Kim) Contents 1. overview 2. The conceptional understanding of enterprise2.0 A. The confusion of terminologies B. 2.0 meta-forming C. 2.0 Block Diagram D. The value of 2.0 E. The definition of enterprise 2.0 3. Enterprise 2.0 vs. Web 2.0 4. Conclusion 1. Overview The unspecified individuals who use internet made new internet trend called web 2.0. The web 2.0 that was regarded as marketing terminology in the early stage became the key factor to change the internet and real world within about 1 or 2 years. The various fields which are affected by the web 2.0, such as economics, politics, society, culture and so on are growing more and more. Recently, the enterprises are considering about receiving the values of web 2.0 and trying various things to do that. What is called is the enterprise 2.0. But the enterprises don’t know the way how to receive and understand enterprise 2.0 So , in this paper I will briefly explain the concept of enterprise 2.0, difference between enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0 and the values which the enterprises are able to get through enterprise 2.0.
  2. 2. I hope that this paper will be starting point of discussion about the way how to make enterprise 2.0 companies successfully and the key points to consider and check, when the enterprises receive and use enterprise 2.0. 2. The conceptional understanding of enterprise 2.0 A. The confusion of terminology After being used terminology as web 2.0, there were appeared a lot of terminologies such as enterprise 2.0, consuming 2.0, government 2.0, marketing 2.0, manufacturing 2.0, mobile 2.0 and so on, so It is too hard to enumerate one by one. Because of it, some people start to confuse concept and meaning of 2.0. Some people think that the whole of 2.0 is using of technologies like UCC, blog, wiki and so on. Especially, It is the problem to explain 2.0 in the only above technical skills <Figure 1> The terminologies to present 2.0 B. 2.0 meta-forming We can know that the whole companies who survive after collapse of dot com bubble have a follow feature, if we probe into the companies called web 2.0 companies and the background of advent of terminology, web 2.0. The Companies have a web site applied the processes based on culture of customers
  3. 3. who is shunned till now different from the old ones and the technology which support those processes Let probe into the which is one of the web 2.0 companies. Before, we have the culture to take pleasure in looking at photos with our friends, colleague, and family together, and the processes for that culture (to share some photos through email or messenger and to meet each other and see some photos together). But we have no effective process and technology to share a lot of photos with more or far away people at once. So, I think that is born successful web 2.0 company by means of applying their new process and technology to support those effectively, based on user’s culture. Therefore, It can be called 2.0 that the combination of the user’s (customer’s) culture, process to include the culture and technology that realize the culture and the process<Figure 2>. <Figure 2> The components of 2.0 We look around typical 2.0 companies classified by components in below Table, 1.0 2.0 The expansion toward Telling, enjoying, watching Photo culture to share personal Culture some photos with family, sharing photos with more people in friends, colleagues, together the world.
  4. 4. Sending around a photoprint To be created a process to directly. Sending photo file see and exchange opinions Process with email or messenger. about photos by uploading There were a lot of processes photos. for sharing photos. Flickr, blog, naver photolog Technology Email, messenger and so on cyworld and so on. The expansion toward For solving personal problem culture to request a help(an or business problem, we idea or a method) to solve receive help from friends or personal problem or Culture an acquaintance informally business problem from lots (about some good idea or of people in the world solving method). formally. receiving some advice about To be created a lot of Idea personal problem and processes to exchange sharing business problem through personal opinions and idea Process telephone, messenger, direct about problem by web. meeting with dinner, and so on Wikipedia ,, No need special IT Technology technology and so on. <Table 1> some cases of 2.0 classified by components. C. 2.0 Block Diagram The Culture that is induced users’ participation, sharing and openness, the process that embodies the culture and the technology which support and offer users those above, above three components of 2.0 have complementary relation such like relationship of participation, sharing and openness not one-sided or independent relation. If we summarize this relationship among the components of 2.0, the culture focused on users which represent participation, sharing and openness, user-centric process that embodies the culture and the core technology that offers real users effectively, these three components must be in one block. The one of them must not be removed from 2.0
  5. 5. blocks . <Figure 3> 2.0 Block Diagram Components Definition Easy and free culture focused on users which is Culture symbolized by participation, sharing and openness New user-centric processes which is able to be produced Process on various type in various fields The core technology that support and induce to be able to offer users culture and process effectively and improve Technology the culture and process among the users continuously. (We can call it platform) <Table 2> The definition of components D. The value of 2.0 There is a lot of reason to make an effort to receive 2.0 in various fields but It is clear that lots of users make trend as web2.0 based on culture represented by participation, sharing and openness and some fields which experienced new chance and value that is not planned by the original aim of the trend is appeared. Because some sites like win popularity, lots of companies gain new chances. 1. For creating UCC webcam, digital camera and cellular phone manufacturing companies gain new chances 2. New advertisement market is opened using UCC 3. Media company like newspaper and broadcasting gain new chance to be furnished lots of information from users. In the 2.0, there is a value to find out and produce new chance in existing fields
  6. 6. When culture, process and technology these three things are combined organically, new chance is able to be produced through 2.0. 2.0 site description New chances • New market of webcam, camcorder, digital camera, cellular phone is opened Sharing site of • New internet advertisement photos and market Pandora TV motion picture • New contents market of mass and so on media. • Personal UCC internet shopping mall • To lower Market penetration barrier of other industries through Sharing and developer’s or planner’s idea. providing site of • Change of developing service ideas and researching, • Revitalization of prosumer • The cooperation of new form <Table 3> 2.0 which provide new chances E. The definition of Enterprise 2.0 If we define enterprise 2.0 based on above, it is Enterprise 2.0 to be able to makes new value beyond new chance 2.0 through combination among components of 2.0 between inside and outside of enterprise. In this, Culture is not the existing business and organization centric culture but human (such like member, customer and so on)-centric culture. Process is the new process reflected real human behavior and thought not process focused on work efficiency (It means the process of 2.0 is beyond traditional process innovation). Technology is the core to make it real that we can run this new culture and process effectively.
  7. 7. <Figure 4> the value of enterprise2.0 3. Enterprise 2.0 vs. Web 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 means to make new value through combination among components of 2.0(culture, process and technology) between inside and outside of enterprise as stated above. On the other hand, in the web 2.0 lots of users are offering culture and process, company is providing technologies and a little process based on technology. This is a big distinction between enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0. Because of this distinction, in the web 2.0 environment new chances which are not aimed by enterprise are produced, but new chances and new values based on this chances which are leaded by enterprise are created in the enterprise 2.0 environment.
  8. 8. <Figure 5> Enterprise 2.0 vs. Web 2.0 4. Conclusion I think that Enterprise 2.0 is not simple technical improvement or innovation and concept which are created suddenly. Enterprise 2.0 is the culture and the process that we have from old times. But nowadays, there is applied effective technology and expanded and improved more. So Enterprise should not accept the enterprise2.0 with technology as a central figure and enterprise must combine culture, technology, process organically. If a enterprise want to become new company through enterprise 2.0, firstly the company consider how to make culture and process of company with customers and members together. And company will think to improve the culture and process which are created by company and customer together on what technology continuously.