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Agile Learning


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A presentation at AgileTour 2012 Ho Chi Minh city, 8-9/11/2012.
This presentation shows the Whys and the Hows to evolve agile teams to get much better development.

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Agile Learning

  1. 1. Learningas a way of evolving an Agile Team Duong Trong Tan FPT University & HanoiScrum
  2. 2. “Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself ” John Dewey
  3. 3. Principles #2Amplify learning “Agile Culture is about Collaboration and Cultivation ” Agile is about Learning
  4. 4. Beanland Library, RMIT VNNo time in Library?
  5. 5. Knowledge is on ..• Blogs• Videos• Journals• Magazines• Presentations• Mind of experts• People around you• Your Mind & your workspace
  6. 6. Learning Options
  7. 7. Reflection look at past experience and learn
  8. 8. RetrospectivesSource: Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley
  9. 9. Reflection in agile style
  10. 10. Plan Plan Plan Plan Act Act Act Act Do Do Do Do Check Check CheckDeming Circlesfor Organizational learning Check 10
  11. 11. Two kinds of knowledge
  12. 12. Nonaka’s SECI Model Tacit TacitTacit Socialization Externalization ExplicitTacit Internalization Combination Explicit Explicit Explicit
  13. 13. Create workspace that supports learning
  14. 14. Inter-organization learning
  15. 15. Why metacognition matter?
  16. 16. “Solving the problem is not whatmatters most; developing theproblem-solving skills in peopleis what really matters.”
  17. 17. FEEDYour TeamEVERYDAY
  18. 18. Stay Tuned.. Monthly Gathering: • • Online Discussion (En &Vi): • Dương Trọng Tấn • • •