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Role-Play: At the International School of Languages


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Role-Play: At the International School of Languages

  1. 1. AT “THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES” You decide to go to “The International School of Languages” to ask for some information about their courses
  2. 2. SAY • Hello , introduce yourself and explain what you want ASK • how many languages at the school • Japanese or Chinese • Entry test SAY • interest Japanese ASK • How many students in a class • evening lessons • intensive courses SAY • interested in private lessons ASK • when to start • Price of the lessons
  3. 3. Suggested interaction: • Candidate: Hello! (Good morning/ afternoon!) • Examiner: Good morning/afternoon! How can I help you? • Candidate: Introduce yourself and explain what you want
  4. 4. • Candidate:My name is ___ and I would like some information about your courses. • Examiner: Certainly. What would you like to know? ASK • how many languages at the school
  5. 5. • Candidate: How many languages do you teach at the school? • Examiner : We actually teach ten different languages. • ASK : Japanese /Chinese .
  6. 6. • Candidate:Do you teach Japanese or Chinese? • Examiner: Yes, we have started teaching both Chinese and Japanese this year. • ASK Entry test?
  7. 7. • Candidate:Do I have to do/take an entry test? Do I need to do an entry test? • Examiner: That depends on the language you want to learn? Which language are you interested in? • SAY interest Japanese
  8. 8. • Candidate: I’m interested in Japanese / I’d like to learn Japanese. • Examiner: In that case, there’s no entry test. We are only teaching Japanese for • beginners at the moment. ASK How many students in a class
  9. 9. • Candidate: And how many students are there in each class? • Examiner: We only enroll 4 students per class in Japanese ASK evening lessons
  10. 10. • Candidate: Are there any evening lessons? • Examiner: Yes, there are two evening groups. One on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the other one on Tuesdays and Thursdays • ASK intensive courses
  11. 11. • Candidate: And are there any intensive courses? /Do you have/offer intensive courses? • Examiner: I’m sorry, we don’t have intensive courses on offer at the moment but you could have some private lessons SAY • interested in private lessons
  12. 12. • Candidate: Private lessons are a very good idea. ASK When start?
  13. 13. • Candidate: When can I start? • Examiner: We could arrange it for you to start next Monday at 7 in the evening. Ask Price lessons
  14. 14. • Candidate:How much is each lesson? / How much does each lesson cost? • Examiner: They will be €12 per lesson. Is that OK with you? • SAY • Ok. Goodbye . Thanks
  15. 15. • Candidate: That’s perfect. Thank you very much. • Examiner: Goodbye.