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Ordering a Meal. Role Play


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Published in: Education
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Ordering a Meal. Role Play

  1. 1. ORDERING A MEAL This activity is a conversation between you and one of the examiners. Make complete questions and answers, show that you are interested in what the examiner says and take active part in the conversation You are at a restaurant with your sister. Look at the following prompts and make the conversation:
  2. 2.  Examiner: Good morning. Can I help you? You: Good morning. Would / like / book table.
  3. 3. You: Good morning. I would like to book a table, please. Examiner: For how many people? You: (Say how many you are).
  4. 4. You: For two people, please. Examiner: : If you follow me. This is your table. You: Thank you. Can / menu?
  5. 5. You: Thank you. Can I have the menu? Can I see the menu? Examiner:Here you are. • SOME MINUTES LATER… Examiner: Are you ready to order? You:Yes. Like / salad / spaghetti.
  6. 6. You: Yes. I would like a salad and some spaghetti Examiner:What would you like to drink? You:We / have / mineral water / bottle wine.
  7. 7. You: We’ll have some mineral water and a bottle of wine, please. Examiner: Any dessert? You:Which / dessert / have?
  8. 8. You: What desserts do you have? Examiner:We have apple and cheese cake, fruit and strawberry pie. You:No dessert. Thanks.
  9. 9. You:We won’t have a dessert. Thanks SOME MINUTES LATER… You: Bill?
  10. 10. You: Can we have the bill, please? Examiner:Sure. Here you are. You:Sorry / problem / bill. Not / ours.
  11. 11. You: Sorry but there is a problem with the bill. This bill is not ours. Examiner: Sorry. This is yours. You:(Give money) here / are.
  12. 12. You: Here you are Examiner: Here’s your change You:Thank you Examiner: GoodBye.Have a nice day