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Suggested Interaction

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  1. 1. INVITATION TO GO TO A PARTY This activity is a conversation between you and one of the examiners. Make complete questions and answers , show that you are interested in what the examiner says and take active part in the conversation
  2. 2. You have received an invitation to go to a party. You are going to ask the examiner for some information about it. • SAY. who you are the reason you are phoning • ASK: when and what time the party is where the party is what to bring • SUGGEST bring some CDs • INVITE . your friend to your birthday party • SAY • Date and time of the party • Answer the examiner's questions
  3. 3. READY??? SAY who you are You: Hello. This is Cristina . I am phoning to ask you about the party./I am phoning about the party. • Examiner:Oh Hello Cristina. How are you? What do you need to know? Ask when and what time the party is
  4. 4. • YOU: I’m fine, thank you. When is the party? • Examiner: It is next Friday • YOU: And what time is the party? • Examiner:At about 10.00 but you can be here earlier if you have nothing to do. • ASK where the party is
  5. 5. • YOU: Where is the party? • Examiner: Oh! Do you remember my aunt's house? She has a very nice garden which she has kindly offered to me. • ASK what to bring
  6. 6. • YOU: Perfect!!What do I need to bring? What do you want me to bring to your party?/What should I bring? • Examiner: Oh you don't have to bring anything . Thank you. • SUGGEST bring some CDs
  7. 7. • YOU: Shall I bring some CDs? Why don't I bring some CDs? What about bringing some CDs? • Examiner: It sounds perfect! You always have the best music. • INVITE your friend to your birthday party
  8. 8. • YOU: Listen! Would you like to come to my birthday party? • Examiner: Oh , yes . Thank you. When is your birthday party? ANSWER
  9. 9. • YOU: It is ...... (9th August) (next Saturday) , at … ( eight o'clock) • Examiner : Perfect! Shall I bring something to eat? • ANSWER
  10. 10. • YOU: ???? • Examiner: Right then. I'll bring ....... See you on Friday. • YOU:Bye. See you