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Asking for Information about an exhibition- Role Play


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Published in: Education
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Asking for Information about an exhibition- Role Play

  1. 1. ASKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT AN EXHIBITION You phone The National Car Museum to ask for information about this exhibition in the advert below. Look at the following prompts and make the conversation: Don't miss our Vintage Car Exhibition Next summer and for only a couple of weeks you can see this fantastic exhibition with cars brought from such distant places as Kuwait and Dubai
  2. 2. • Examiner: The National Car Museum, how can I help you? • You: Hello ( or other greeting)
  3. 3. • You: Good morning • Examiner: Good morning • You:Like / information / car exhibition.
  4. 4. • You: I would like some information about the car exhibition, please. • Examiner: Sure, what would you like to know? • You: When /start?
  5. 5. • You: When does it start? • Examiner:The exhibition will be on from 14th to 30th July • You: OK: Open/weekends?
  6. 6. • You: Ok and does it open at the weekends? • Examiner:Well, lt is open on Saturday but only on Sunday morning • You: Closed/any weekdays?
  7. 7. • You: (I see) . Is it closed any weekdays? • Examiner:The museum is closed on Tuesdays so the exhibition will be closed, too. • You: What time/ open/close?
  8. 8. • You: what time does it open and what time does it close? • Examiner:: It opens at 8.00 in the morning and closes at six in the evening. • You: Price/ tickets?
  9. 9. • You:How much do the tickets cost?/How much are the tickets? • Examiner: They are 5 dollars for adults and three for children. • You: Discount/groups?
  10. 10. • You: Are there any discounts for groups? • Examiner: If you are more than 4 people there is a 15%discount • You: OK. Nearest underground station?
  11. 11. • You:Ok. What is the nearest underground station? • Examiner: I’m afraid there isn’t a line which gets near but bus 4 will leave you right in front of the museum. • You: Thanks/ information. Goodbye
  12. 12. • You: Thank for the information. Goodbye. • Examiner: You’re welcome. Goodbye