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Buying a Cd. Role Play


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Published in: Education
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Buying a Cd. Role Play

  1. 1. BUYING A CD This activity is a conversation between you and one of the examiners. Make complete questions and answers, show that you are interested in what the examiner says and take active part in the conversation. If you are not sure about what you have to do, ask the examiners before you start the dialogue. You go to a music shop to buy a CD. Look at the following prompts and make the conversation
  2. 2. • Examiner: Good afternoon. • You: Hello. Like / buy / Lady Gaga / latest album.
  3. 3. • You: Hello. I would like to buy Lady Gaga’s latest album • Examiner: I’m sorry but somebody has just bought the last one we had • You: You have / Justin Beaver / latest DVD.
  4. 4. • You: Oh well, Do you have Justin Beaver’s latest DVD? • Examiner: Oh yes, we do have it. • You:Price?
  5. 5. • You: How much is it? • Examiner: I’ll have a look… it’s 25,90 euros • You: Expensive. Can / have / discount?
  6. 6. • You: I’m afraid it is too expensive. Can I have a discount? • Examiner: Well, you can have the DVD and his biography for only 30,90 euros. That’s not expensive, is it? • You: : Be OK / but / not interested / biography.
  7. 7. • You: It is OK but I am not interested in the biography • Examiner: : His latest CD is much cheaper, only 15,90 euros • You: Have / CD. Also / like / earphones.
  8. 8. • You: Ok. I’ll have the CD.I would also like some earphones. • Examiner: Sure, we have these small ones at 10 euros and these big ones at 22 euros • You: Prefer / big.
  9. 9. • You:I prefer the big ones • Examiner: OK. Anything else? • You: When / have / Lady Gaga / latest album?
  10. 10. • You: When will you have Lady Gaga’s latest album? • Examiner: Hopefully by the end of the week. • You: Right. Come back / Saturday.
  11. 11. • You:All right.I’ll come back on Saturday. • Examiner: Great • You: Here / 50 euros.
  12. 12. • You: Here you are 50 euros. • Examiner: And here is your change. Bye • You:Bye