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At the Railway Station


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eoi interaction cristina cabal basic

Published in: Education
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At the Railway Station

  1. 1. At the railway station You are at the railway station and want to travel from Bristol to Cardiff. Look at the following prompts and make the conversation.
  2. 2. Ready??? • You: Good morning. Like/ go/ Cardiff/afternoon. Time/next train/leave?
  3. 3. • You: Good Morning. I would like to go to Cardiff this afternoon. What time does the next train leave? • Examiner: It leaves in 30 minutes. • You: OK. (Ask for a ticket for the 5 o’clock train)
  4. 4. • You: Ok. Can I have a ticket for the 5 o’clock train, please? • Examiner: Would you like a single or a return ticket? • You: Come back tomorrow. Can /have / return ticket?
  5. 5. • You: Well, I am coming back tomorrow. Can I have a return ticket? • Examiner: I'm sorry. You can only get a return if you travel on the same day. • You: Oh, time /last train back/then?
  6. 6. • You:Oh! What time is the last train back to Bristol then? • Examiner: The last train leaves Cardiff at eight o’clock. • You:Too early. There/ be/ train/ tomorrow late in the morning?
  7. 7. • You: I am afraid it is too early.Is there a train tomorrow , late in the morning? • Examiner: There is a train at eleven o'clock and another one at ten to twelve. • You: OK.(ask for a ticket for the 11.50 train)
  8. 8. • You:Ok . Can I have a ticket for the ten to twelve train? How much is it? • Examiner: It’s thirty pounds. • You: (Give money) here/are.
  9. 9. • You: Here you are • Examiner: Thank you.Here’s your change • You: Platform/train/ leave/ from?
  10. 10. • You:Which platform does the train leave from, please? • Examiner: It's platform 2 over there, on the other side. • You:There/be/lift?
  11. 11. • You: Is there a lift? • Examiner: Of course, turn right and the lift is round the corner. • You:Thanks/goodbye
  12. 12. • You: Thank you very much and goodbye • Examiner: Goodbye. Have a nice day.