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LO1 - Lesson 2 - Mood Boards


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Cambridge Nationals iMedia
R081 - Pre Production Skills

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LO1 - Lesson 2 - Mood Boards

  1. 1. Mood Boards Lesson 2
  2. 2. Starter Task Use Google Images to find at least five images that represent you and paste them into a document: • Word • Publisher • Power Point Choose only the images you feel represent you the best.
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Know where mood boards are used in planning  Understand the purpose of a mood board  Be able to explain the content of a mood board #moodboard #purpose #content
  4. 4. What is a moodboard? Let’s have some ideas...
  5. 5. Mood Boards Explain what moodboards contain Understand the purpose & use  A mood board is used to collect ideas (photos, fabrics, colours) and help generate concepts on a specific style.  They can be made by pinning things on a display board or digitally by using software.  Mood boards are used by fashion designers, those who create sets and costumes and by decorators. #moodboard #purpose #content
  6. 6. Your Task Explain what moodboards contain Understand the purpose & use  Thinking about mood boards, answer the following in detail:  What is the purpose?  Where are they used?  What goes into it?  Complete your ‘About Me’ mood board:  Fill the whole page  Used images and text  Show your individual style RM Shared  ICT  Cambridge Nationals iMedia  R081 #moodboard #purpose #content
  7. 7. Key Words  Mood Board  A collage of images, colours, fabrics to show an overall theme  Purpose  The reason why something has been created or done  Content  What goes onto something or has been put into something