LO3 - Lesson 4 - Visualisation


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  • LO3 - Lesson 4 - Visualisation

    1. 1. Visualisation Diagram Lesson 4
    2. 2. Lesson Goals  Understand where visualisations are used in planning  Know how to layout elements of a visualisation diagram  Be able to create some basic visualisation diagrams #visualisation #layout
    3. 3. What is a visualisation? Think about our research lessons…
    4. 4. Visualisation Create basic visualisation diagrams Understand use of visualisations  A visualisation is a drawing created by hand or digitally showing what something will look like when created.  They are used to plan for still images or products and can be a rough sketch or a detailed final design.  Visualisation diagrams are used to plan for things like costumes, logos, posters, cars or webpage layouts.  They can be made using desktop publishing, word processing or image editing software. #visualisation #layout
    5. 5. Visualisation Diagrams Many projects can be planned using visualisations...
    6. 6. Layout Create basic visualisation diagrams Understand use of visualisations  The layout of a webpage is very important. Users must have easy access to the main information. Header  If you create a good layout for a website then people are more likely to visit your site in future. Main Content Images  Making a visualisation of how you want the web page to look allows you to make a decision on whether all of the information is in the right place before making the site. Footer #visualisation #layout
    7. 7. Example Layout
    8. 8. Your Task Create basic visualisation diagrams Understand use of visualisations  A new movie called Manifesto is due to be released later this year.  Use mybalsamiq.com to create a basic mockup of the layout for the movies website including the following:  Logo  Basic Details  Buttons  Video Trailer  You should also show where other suitable assets will be placed on the home page. #visualisation #layout
    9. 9. Homework Create basic visualisation diagrams Understand use of visualisations  Complete the visualisation sheet for the production company launching the Manifesto film.  Task 1  Design a banner for Manifesto that could go on the top of a website advertising the film.  Task 2  Design an app which will allow a user access to exclusive behind the scenes features. #visualisation #layout
    10. 10. Key Words  Visualisation  A drawing or sketch diagram of what something will look like  Layout  The way in which parts of something are arranged or laid out