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301 - Lesson 4 - Visualisation Software


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Creative iMedia - Unit 301
Lesson 4 - Visualisation Software

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301 - Lesson 4 - Visualisation Software

  1. 1. Visualisation Software Unit 301 - Lesson 2
  2. 2. Lesson Goals Compare software used to create visualisations (sketches) and identify capabilities Be able to explore the software used to create visualisations (sketches) and make comparisons #capabilities #software #application
  3. 3. Key Words Visualisation  A drawing or sketch of what something will look like Capabilities  The tasks that the software is able to complete within it’s bounds Limitations  The things that the current version of the software can not complete
  4. 4. What can it plan?Think about your initial research…
  5. 5. Compare software applicationsVisualisation Create example documents  This is a drawing or diagram used to represent something that will be made.  Visualisations can be rough basic sketches or more detailed drawings.  They can created in 2D or in 3D. #capabilities #software #application
  6. 6. Compare software applicationsSoftware Choices Create example documents There are many different pieces of software that can be used to create a visualisation including: Blender Adobe Ideas Sketchbook Photoshop Sketchup Brushes Sketchpad HD #capabilities #software #application
  7. 7. Compare software applicationsYour Task Create example documents Use various software applications to create a visualisation and comment on:  Capabilities and Limitations  How software is used Make a choice of the most suitable software to create a visualisation and explain your reasons behind your choice. #capabilities #software #application