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201 - Lesson 4 - Legal Issues


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Creative iMedia - Unit 201
Lesson 4 - Legal Issues

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201 - Lesson 4 - Legal Issues

  1. 1. Legal Issues Unit 201 - Lesson 4
  2. 2. Lesson Goals Know how to plan activities for a project. Understand the key differences between Copyright and Creative Commons Be able to explain how Copyright and Creative Commons will impact upon your work #creative commons #copyright
  3. 3. Understand client requirementsPlanning Be able to plan your project Plan of Activities:  What tasks do you need to complete?  How long will each one take?  What do you need to do it? Tasks Timescale Resources #audience #client #purpose #plan
  4. 4. What is Copyright?Think about where you see the symbol…
  5. 5. Understand the creative commonsCopyright Be able to explain differences Copyright is a set of exclusive rights given to a person who has created something to protect others from copying, displaying or using it in their own way without permission. Copyright covers:  Books  Music  Art  Film  Text  Sound Recordings #creative commons #copyright #plan
  6. 6. Understand the creative commonsCreative Commons Be able to explain differences Creative Commons are a set of rights that allow authors, designers, publishers and anyone else who has made something distribute their work so others can use it without losing all of their rights. #creative commons #copyright #plan
  7. 7. Understand the creative commonsKey Words Be able to explain differences Copyright  Work that has restrictions on it and can only be used with permission Creative Commons  Work that is shared by people for use with just a few rules attached
  8. 8. Understand the creative commonsYour Task Be able to explain differences Explain the following and how you will consider them when completing your work:  Copyright  Creative Commons #creative commons #copyright #plan