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LO1 - Lesson 5 - Mind Maps


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R081 - Pre Production Skills

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LO1 - Lesson 5 - Mind Maps

  1. 1. Mind Maps Lesson 5
  2. 2. Starter Complete the mind map showing a development of ideas on how you could plan a new animated film aimed at children.
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Know the purpose and use of mind maps  Understand how to identify key features  Be able to explain the content of a mind map #mindmap #ideas
  4. 4. New Children’s Film What did you plan?
  5. 5. Your Task Identify features of mind maps Explain the mind map content  Find at least three examples of mind maps and explain in detail:  Content – What’s on the mind map?  Style – What’s the overall theme?  Use – What could it be used to plan?  Pick mind maps where the pathway is obvious and which have been broken down into appropriate categories. #mindmap #ideas
  6. 6. Assessment Answer each question as fully as possible…
  7. 7. Key Words  Mind Map  One central idea with branches on each side breaking the idea down  Idea  A thought or concept that makes up the branches of a mind map