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How to draw a map

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  1. 1. 3st SOCIAL STUDIES Almudena Corrales Marbán Almudena Corrales Marbán
  2. 2. Maps are used to represent areas of land of the Earth as a whole. But our planet is spherical, so it’s difficult to draw it on a flat map. Projections provide a solution to this problem. Almudena Corrales Marbán
  3. 3. PROJECTIONS In a projection, the spherical network of meridians and parallels is drawn on a plane. All map projections distort the surface represented to some degree, because a sphere can’t be displayed on a flat surface. Several types of projection can be used to represent the globe. They include planar, cylindrical and conic projections. Almudena Corrales Marbán
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY. Oxford Student’s Almudena Corrales Marbán
  5. 5. SCALE It’s impossible to draw a map of the actual size of the area it is trying to represent. You need to use proportion or scale. Scale is the mathematical relationship between the actual size of an object or area and the size shown on the map. Scale is applied to units of lenght and surface areas, and can be numerical or linear. Almudena Corrales Marbán
  6. 6. NUMERICAL SCALE A fraction telling you the relation between the distance shown on the map (numerator) and the distance on land (denominator). So a scale of 1:50 000 means that a unit on the map represents 50 000 of the same unit on land. Almudena Corrales Marbán
  7. 7. LINEAR SCALE Shown as a line divided into equal parts used to measure distances on a map directly. To calculate the distance between two points on map, all you need to do is measure that distance with a ruler and apply the linear scale. Distances are usually shown in kilometres. You can use a compass or a ruler to measure the distance on a map. Almudena Corrales Marbán
  8. 8. Almudena Corrales Marbán

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    Sep. 15, 2015

How to draw a map


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