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Atlas of history activities year2


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History Activities for year 2

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Atlas of history activities year2

  1. 1. ATLAS OF HISTORY ACTITIVIES FROM THE EARLY MIDDLE AGES TO THE MODERN ERA a. THE SPREAD OF ISLAM i. What lands did the Muslims conquer before the end of the 7th century? ii. Where and when did the spread of Islam stop in Western Europe? And in the East?
  2. 2. b. THE CALIPHATE OF CORDOBA IN THE 10th AND 11TH CENTURIES i. What were the physical borders from the Caliphate of Cordoba? ii. Where did Abd al-Rahman III reach? iii. How far did Al-Mansur reach?
  3. 3. c. THE MAIN TAIFA KINGDOMS IN THE 11th CENTURY i. Make a list of the Christian kingdoms. ii. Make a list of the names of the taifa kingdoms. iii. What is the unpopulated area?
  4. 4. d. FEUDAL EUROPE i. What group of people threatened Western Europe? Where did they come from? ii. What Christian empire dominated Europe between the 9th and the 10th centuries?
  5. 5. e. THE DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIEVAL CITIES AND TRADE ROUTES i. Name or list the main maritime routes and the two European industrial and commercial hubs. ii. What products could be found in ports in the Netherlands? Research about it. iii. Find information about the Hanseatic League
  6. 6. f. THE MAIN EUROPEAN KINGDOMS IN THE 14th CENTURY. i. What were the main kingdoms in Western Europe at the start of the 14th century? ii. Try to identify those using current European countries. iii. Find information about the Holy Roman Empire.
  7. 7. g. THE RECONQUEST arabic-science.html i. Why was the Battle of Navas de Tolosa so important? When did it take place? ii. What were Fernando III’s main conquests? Name Alfonso X’s conquest as well. iii. What territories on the Iberian Peninsula were in the hands of Muslim kings at the end of the 13th century?
  8. 8. h. THE MESTA AND THE TRADE ROUTES IN CASTILLA i. Describe the routes that the shepherds followed. ii. Explain the Mesta iii. Describe the journey of the merino wool
  9. 9. i. THE EXPANSION OF THE CROWN OF ARAGON i. What were the main economic activities in the Crown of Aragon? ii. Explain the main maritime routes drawn on the map. iii. Explain the military mission set up by the Crown of Aragon.
  10. 10. j. THE TERRITORIAL EXPANSION OF THE CATHOLIC MONARCHS i. What were the territories conquered in the Peninsula? When did these conquests happen? ii. Did they conquer any other European territories? When did it take place? iii. Did they gain any other region in the African continent?
  11. 11. l. THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA i. Name the Spanish and the Portuguese claimed areas ii. What were the territories conquered by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage? When did it take place? iii. What was the great achievement of Magellan and Elcano? When did it take place? Describe the journey iv. Find information about Pope Alexander VI mentioned above.
  12. 12. k. THE EXPANSION OF THE REFORMATION i. Where did the Reform start? Who started it? ii. What countries joined this Reform? iii. Did other countries react?
  13. 13. m. THE DOMINIONS OF THE HOUSE OF HASBURG i. Name the countries that Phillip II inherited from his father Charles V in the European continent. ii. Were they still dominating the Mediterranean Sea? Why? iii. In your opinion, what would be the main problems they had to face?