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Lesson plan resources vocabulary and images_the3economic sectors

Working with images of geography

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Lesson plan resources vocabulary and images_the3economic sectors

  1. 1. Eko Stahl Ag steel company, Germany
  2. 2. EXAMPLE OF WRITING These three imagesrepresenttourismindifferent ways. Tourism is one of the main activities within the tertiary sector in Europe. Tourism is the business of providing services like accommodation or entertainment to the tourist and it must be more than 24 hours and less than a year. The first image represents cultural tourism, a tour guide is showing the old town around and by this moment she has stopped at an old church with an interest background, her group is listeningtothe explanationcarefully and looking at the monument. However, we have more options like sun and sand tourism, which is completely the opposite. Spanish coastal line is quite famoussotouristscan enjoy beautiful beaches with plenty of services like restaurants, shopsand hotels.The lastpicture depictsagirl sailingona boatand admiringthe breathtaking view of the landscape, surrounded of trees, rivers and birds. Visiting places like an old town, the coast or simply nature, can help people to forget for a while the stressful cities which involve noise and pollution.
  3. 3. EXAMPLE OF WRITING These imagesrepresentsthe impactconstructionhasonthe environment.Constructionisone of the biggestactivitieswithinthe secondarysector.Inthe firstpicture there are no settlements,whileinthe secondpicture the image of thispiece of landshowsthatishas been dramaticallymodifiedwiththe constructionof buildingsandinfrastructurestosatisfypeople’s need. These buildingshave beenconstructedusingsteel andconcrete,whichare the materialsused nowadays.Bybuildingall thistheyhave implementthe numberof touristsaswell,who provide moneytothe town.Thisurbanplace has beenbuiltupdue tothe populationgrowth, and itis continuinggrowingindeed. To sum up,humanimpact overthislandishuge as theyhave modifiedthe landscape accordingto the humanneedsbutaffectingthe biodiversityof the place.
  4. 4. EXAMPLE OF WRITING This image represents agriculture, an economic activity that belongs to the primary sector. Agriculture isone of the mostimportanteconomicactivitiesbecause we obtain a wide variety of products directly from the land, and plenty of raw materials that will be transform in the food and textile industry. This area may belong to a developing country from the Indochinese peninsula. Farmers are collectingrice,from the wet lands that have been flood in the Monsoon period when it rains heavily.Rice isthe basicproduct of the Asian diet because it is easy to plant, they can plant it twice and it does not damage the soil so much, making possible a constant use of the land. Therefore, we can classify it as a type of monoculture. In thismomentnowtheyare collectingthe harvestwithrudimentary and manual techniques. By the extensionof landandtechnique,the product can be sold in local markets or bought by nearby factories with the aim of exporting the product.