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SEO Basics


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The SEO game has undergone dramatic change in the last 12 months, if you need to get your mind straight about what SEO is about and how to do it right, this is for you.

This is a true SEO 101 session.

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SEO Basics

  1. 1. SEO BasicsJanuary 2013 Phil BuckleySEO – What You Need To Know Raleigh SEO Meetup Group Twitter: @1918
  2. 2. The Algorithm values 2 things
  3. 3. Tweetable moment The more the algorithm changes, the more you have to rely on the basics of SEO. #seomeetup
  4. 4. SEO is not a way of tricking the search engines Not an SEO
  5. 5. SEO is about being findable in the crowd17-year-old Elisani da Cruz eSilva who is 6’8” tall.
  6. 6. Road map
  7. 7. How you become findable in the crowd •Novel Insights •How to •Timely Issues •Humor
  8. 8. Domain
  9. 9. Page Title
  10. 10. Page Title
  11. 11. Tweetable moment The keywords you choose for your site can make all the difference. #seomeetup
  12. 12. Keywords in the url
  13. 13. Keywords in your page title <title>Red Leather Shoes for Circus Clowns</title>Don’t over use keywords, use them in a sane, natural way
  14. 14. Keywords in your page’s headline
  15. 15. Keywords in your page’s copy
  16. 16. Content Strategy objective
  17. 17. Before drafting contentconsider what keywords areyour most important and mapout how to create pages to fiteach important group ofkeywords within your site themeand navigational structure.- Aaron Wall of SEOBook
  18. 18. Don’t bother publishing crap, nobody wants to read it
  19. 19. Tweetable moment If you can’t come up with great content for your site, hire someone who can! #seomeetup
  20. 20. Personalized search has changed everything
  21. 21. social signals
  22. 22. I trust my friends
  23. 23. I trust my friends
  24. 24. You still need links
  25. 25. 5 Basics of SEO1. Choose a domain that makes sense2. Construct smart titles for every page on your site3. Use keywords that help your site get found4. Social is no longer optional5. Actively seek out high quality links
  26. 26. So what’s next?1. Sign up for a Google/Bing Webmaster account2. Start tracking your site & looking at those numbers3. Smartly use redirects and canonicalization4. Fix stuff that’s broken… really5. Pay attention to the next few slides…
  27. 27. PROBLEM: You have duplicate content Solutions: 1. Just fix it 2. <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> 3. /robots.txt 4. 301 redirects or URL rewriting 5. Webmaster tools to exclude parameters 6. rel=canonical Note: If your page is already indexed, it’s too late to disallow it via robots.txt
  28. 28. Canonicalization
  29. 29. Essential Take Aways• Create the best content possible• Keep your goal in mind at all times• Become a better you while online• Help more
  30. 30. Tweetable moment OMG! This was the best Meetup I’ve ever been to. #epic #seomeetup
  31. 31. F.A.Q.Do I have to spend moneyto rank?No.Would my time be betterspent doing other SEOtasks?Probably not.When is the next SEOMeetup?February 26th. Technical SEO
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