How to Influence the Influencer


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Special Guest: Marcy Massura, Director of Digital Engagement, Weber Shandwick

As an influencer engagement specialist at one of the global leaders in public relations, Marcy Massura knows a thing of two about getting on the right radar screens. She will share her unique perspective of developing content and strategies for some of the world's most recognized brands and how small businesses can leverage these tactics to help in their cause in this ever changing digital world.

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  • Give us a little insight into your interesting background?How do you bring your influence background to the table for your clients?What exactly do you do for Weber Shandwick?
  • What is a simple definition of an influencer?What kind of influence can they have?How do you find them?
  • Could some of the tactics you have mentioned work for a small business?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks you could share with our audience in regards to being able to reach and ultimately influence the influencers?
  • We are going to field questions for you to answer.
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  • How to Influence the Influencer

    1. 1. how to influence theINFLUENCER #VRProWeb
    2. 2. Special GuestMarcy MassuraDirector of Digital EngagementWeber Shandwick@marcymassura #VRProWeb
    3. 3. • Let’s Learn A Little About Marcy• What Defines An Influencer?• What We Know• Are SMBs Able To Influence The Influencers?• Tips and Tricks• Q&A?• Resources
    4. 4. Marcy Massura@marcymassura
    5. 5. what defines anINFLUENCE
    6. 6. what we knowInfluence is not definitive.Influence is not static.Influence is not universal.Trying to control influence is a bit likenailing Jell-O to a wall.Or herding cats.Or hugging water. Pick a metaphor. They all say the same thing…
    7. 7. Harnessing influence requiresdeliberate effort, specialized skills andstrategic tools.
    8. 8. philosophy of smartinfluenceInfluence is a fluid, ever changing state ofbeing. Which requires nimble, flexible and in-the-moment measurement.Determining influence relies on identifyingknown influence markers, assessing the qualityof influence footprints and continualmeasurement.Once influence is found it is essential toestablish regular communication channels,developing relationships and tracking all resultsin a manner that improves all futureconnections and engagement.Influence is smart. Be smarter.
    9. 9. getting people to do somethingInfluence is defined by the capacity or power to become acompelling force on an audience/group of individuals toengage by taking a desired action or deliver a specificoutcome in a measurable way, such as:Download a documentPurchase a productShare informationTell friends and family to do somethingSupport a causeAlter opinion or perceptionAnd in essence…to engage.engage
    10. 10. a little behaviorism Authentic, emotionally connected and personal social promotion implores the reader to align with the brand on instinctual and human level.Content that is seen/read/heard from a person of influence is weighted. It matters more, and has a greater effect that a passive or traditional media impression. We all know that celebrity endorsement work. Now imagine if we replace the celebrity with say… your neighbor. Or your career role model. Or the person online you think is hilarious or brilliant? Now you understand. What we want are expressions vs. impressionsexpressions
    11. 11. the something Consumers look to online influencers for opinions, reviews, advice before purchasing, news and entertainment. The top 10% of influencers have a disproportionately significant impact on others, with friends and circles asking their opinion before making a purchase decision. The top 10 are selecting, aggregating and sharing information across a wide range of sources e-marketer found that “social helps to create and increase the purchase intent…it builds a relationship between the brand and the user.” further, exposure to both paid and earned media increase: brand awareness purchase consideration brand favorability revenue per purchase occasion purcha$eSource: Mintel, Social Networking – in the US, October 2012; Source: eMarketer, Social Media Key Influence in Multi-ExposurePurchase Path, Feb. 2012
    12. 12. #VRProWeb
    13. 13. •• http://twitter/marcymassura••••