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Setting your Non-profit up for success with social media can be daunting, there are so many options out there. This presentation helps get you started with some tips and ideas to help your organization get up and running on social media.

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  • Share emails with org infoThank sponsors/volunteers, etc.
  • Retweet important info from other groupsShare photos
  • JillInclude a Like/Tweet button or a social share bar in every email newsletter. The "Forward to a Friend" feature lets subscribers share your newsletter with another person by email. But by adding social icons at the top of your e-mail, those same people can now share it with their entire Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks. That extends your reach to a highly qualified audience of prospects.Include links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages in your e-mail marketing communications. Don't forget to provide reasons why subscribers should join you on social media destinations -- and how that experience will be different from your email communications.
  • This is available on our website right now for you to download.
  • National Down Syndrome Congress preso 2013

    1. 1. + Embracing Social Media – It’s Fun and Easy! Jill Bastian Training and Education Manager VerticalResponse
    2. 2. + What Awesome Things Are We Covering Today, Jill?  A very brief (hopefully!) lecture  Overview of Social Media  Digging in to the Social Networks  Email and Social Media together  Tools & Resources To Get You Started
    3. 3. What is the most common question I get at webinars?Is this being recorded? But I’m a non-profit. How can I do this?
    4. 4. Let the big guys test it for you.
    5. 5. Social Media
    6. 6. Infographic courtesy of
    7. 7. + Get Started with Social Media – One step at a time  You don’t need to be everywhere!  Save time by getting the most out of your social presence  Choose the social media networks where your “customers” are  Pick 2-3 Social Platforms & focus on building from there  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Googl e+, Blogs, YouTube
    8. 8. + Social Media – Use What You’ve Got! • Promote your pages to current “customers”: send an email, add links in emails & blog, website etc. • Content is King • Post often, with relevant & useful material that you already have: • Hosted link of your emails • Social messages • Videos & photos • Q&A • Products or services • Events • Volunteers
    9. 9. +
    10. 10. + Building Connections On Facebook  Comment, Comment, Comment  Comment On Other Comments (Play Tennis)  Post as Your Personal Profile on Your Page  Post Regulary  Tagging – Other orgs, businesses or people  Share Other Content  Promote Your Best Stuff!  
    11. 11. + 6 Ideas for Good Facebook Updates  Photo with a brief description  One or two sentences about something happening locally  Good news about your organization or the local community  Specials, promotions or sales (keep it brief but packed with info)  Links to relevant blog posts or website pages  Links to media mentions
    12. 12. + How often should you post? Regularly. At least three times a week, but more is better.
    13. 13. +
    14. 14. + Building Connections On Twitter  Use  Pay attention to the stream  Engage  Be interesting and interested   Tweet regularly
    15. 15. + Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement  Repurpose content whenever possible:  Tweet blog posts, organizational news, contests, emails, etc…  Share media that you consume as well  Industry trends and studies  Relevant blog posts and articles  Info from other or similar organizations  Follow people, brands and orgs you like for good content, and retweet them often  Thank people for mentioning your org & RT positive mentions!  Use hashtags to get your tweets seen  Post photos and videos – Vine
    16. 16. + How often should I tweet? Regularly. At least several times a week, but once a day is best. And you can even do it more than that!
    17. 17. + Building Connections Pinterest  Share emails through hosted link  Post regularly  Pictures, pictures, pictures! Awesome and engaging ones.  Pin on popular boards – if they’re open  Repin  Follow relevant pinners 
    18. 18. + Tips for Pinterest Engagement  Create business and fun boards – mix it up!  Use great descriptions for images  Include a Pin it! button in your emails  Selling something? Add a $ to your pin
    19. 19. + How often should I pin? At least a couple times per week. But again, more is probably better.
    20. 20. + Google +?  Get found on Google search  Share website content – links  SEO 
    21. 21. + Building Connections on Google +  Circles! – Add people you like to read  Respond to posts  Tag people  Hashtags  Share good and relevant content  Encourage sharing  Post regularly
    22. 22. + Tips for Google+ Engagement  Post something new  Respond to other posts  Share upcoming events for your org  Blog posts, great Facebook posts, etc.  Share content from other groups you follow  Images and videos
    23. 23. + How often should I post? As often as you like!
    24. 24. Let’s put it all together!
    25. 25. + Most Importantly… Promote your social presence across all your marketing channels • Email, website, blog, traditional, cross-platform • “Like Us” campaigns, display ads • Your customers can’t find you if they don’t know you’re there But… Don’t just lead with the “ask,” give them a reason why • Exclusive content: promotions, up-to-date news, giveaways, access to special deals, free downloads, expert knowledge
    26. 26. + Send an Email Promoting your Social Media
    27. 27. + Use Social Media in Every Email  Increase Social Media presence  Give recipients an incentive to click through to your Social Media pages  Grow mailing list
    28. 28. + Other Things To Consider  Not every social platform works for every biz or organization  Conserve time and energy with social presence  Choose platforms where your customers are  Be consistent  Listen, respond and converse  Moderate as little as possible  Content can’t be all about you  Promote your social presence everywhere you can  Ask for advice but make sure it’s good advice
    29. 29. + VR Tools & Resources  Resources: ng-resources  Simplify Social Media for your Biz  Email + Social Media = Success  VR Blog -  marketing-ebook/
    30. 30. + This Powerpoint is Available! View this Powerpoint using Slideshare!
    31. 31. + Q&A
    32. 32. + Still Not Convinced?
    33. 33. + And…