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SF Small Biz 2014

Get Started with Email Marketing in the Social Age

As a small business you're busy, but you also know you need to do some marketing to keep your business growing. That's where email and social marketing and come in! If you're still trying to figure out how to get started with social AND somehow make it work with your email marketing, or just trying to get an email out the door, this is the session for you! Join Education & Training Manager Jill Bastian as she covers some basics on how to get your social media and email marketing working together.
• Email marketing best practices
• A basic overview of social media
• How to integrate email marking with social media
• Ideas to get started

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SF Small Biz 2014

  1. 1. Get Started with Email Marketing in the Social Age Jill Bastian Training and Education Manager VerticalResponse
  2. 2. • Create email as awesome as your business- we'll make sure it looks just as good on phones and tablets • Simple reports show you what's working • Spread your message on Facebook and Twitter. • Try it free –
  3. 3. Agenda • Email Marketing Basics • Email Best Practices • Overview of Social Media • Email and Social Media Together • Tools & Resources To Get You Started • Q&A
  4. 4. Email Marketing
  5. 5. Email Marketing Basics Purpose: • Inform/educate • Talk about your company/product/service • Stay in front of your audience • Establish yourself as an expert • Build relationships • Drive traffic to your site
  6. 6. Email Marketing Basics A very good investment
  7. 7. Email Best Practices • From label – Who are you? • Subject line – Why open? • Pre-header – Supports the email open • Links – Get them to your site • Images – Eye candy, break up text • Content – Key to engagement • Social Media – Share and Follow buttons
  8. 8. From label – Who are you? • Tells your audience who’s sending the email • Be consistent with the company name • Company name usually works best
  9. 9. Subject Line – Why Open? • Tells people what to expect • Don’t repeat your From label • Stick to 40-50 characters • Don’t use all caps • Avoid overusing punctuation!!!!
  10. 10. Pre-header Text • Supplements subject line • Use a different message than subject line • Provides compelling info to entice opening the email
  11. 11. Pre-header Text
  12. 12. Links • Give your recipients lots of opportunity to get to your website • Read long articles easily • Make them social by including a link to post on Twitter or Facebook • Use Call-to-Action buttons (
  13. 13. Include Logos and Images • Engage your audience • Think about what your audience sees • Break up blocks of text • Brand with your logo – Email will look more professional • Link your images! • Use Alt Text • Balance of text/images – think 80/20
  14. 14. Content – Meat and potatoes • What’s your story? • Put your audience first • Your readers must desire your content • They must invite you into their circle of trust • The best marketers and salespeople are story tellers.
  15. 15. Content is More than Words • Images • Video • Infographics - • Charts • Live & recorded demos • User generated - quotes, testimonials
  16. 16. A Little About Social Media
  17. 17. Social Media Drives Sales
  18. 18. Get Started One Step at a Time • You don’t need to be everywhere! • Choose the networks where your customers already are • Pick 2-3 social platforms and start building from there
  19. 19. Use What You’ve Got! • Promote your pages to current customers: send an email, add links in emails & blog, website etc. • Content is King • Post often, with relevant & useful material that you already have: • Hosted link of your emails • Social messages • Videos & photos • Coupons • Sales
  20. 20. Facebook • Use email to engage people to like your page • Share pictures and videos • Coupons or specials • Ask questions • Post regularly • Share content you enjoy • Promote your best stuff! •
  21. 21. Twitter • Tweet blog posts, company news, contests, sales, etc… • Share media that you consume – Industry trends and studies – Relevant blog posts and articles • Follow people and brands you like for good content, and retweet them • Tweet regularly •
  22. 22. Pinterest • Share emails through hosted link • Post regularly • Pictures, pictures, pictures! Fun, beautiful and engaging ones. • Create business and fun boards – mix it up! •
  23. 23. Most Importantly… • Promote your social presence across all your marketing channels • Email, website, blog, traditional, cross-platform • Your customers can’t find you if they don’t know you’re there But… • Don’t just lead with the “ask,” give them a reason why • Exclusive content: promotions, up-to-date news, giveaways, access to special deals
  24. 24. Let’s Put it All Together!
  25. 25. Use Social Media in Every Email  Increase Social Media presence  Give recipients an incentive to click through to your Social Media pages  Grow list
  26. 26. Make Every Email Sharable • Forward to a friend • Share on Facebook and Twitter or any Social Media platform you are using
  27. 27. Summary • Keep your readers in mind – make sure your emails are easy to read and work with or without images. • Use what you’ve got to engage your readers or followers. • You don’t have to be everywhere, but be where your customers are • Make sure you’re thinking about social when you’re managing your email and vice versa.
  28. 28. VR Resources • Buttons - • Resources: resources  8 Email Marketing Basics to Remember  Simplify Social Media for your Biz  Email Marketing Reporting Basics  Email + Social Media = Success • VR Blog -