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  • http://www.mdgadvertising.com1. Share your Menu, Photos, and AmenitiesThe most obvious way to use Pinterest for your restaurant is to pin photos of your own brand, logos, menus, staff, specials, venue, and amenities. Since you can create several boards, it is best to group your pins into different categories such as: Specials, Events, Food & Drink, Our Staff, Our location, and so on. By doing this, you are creating a rich story in images highlighting your food, brand, and service.2. Add pins to the “gifts” section of PinterestWhen you create an entry for your pins, you can add a price tag. By selecting this option, you can then add a link, pointing back to your website. Items added in this way are automatically included in the “gifts” section on Pinterest, which is a virtual catalog of gift ideas. Be sure to select your best photos for pinning, and include a description. This gives you an opportunity to get your prices out there, and call attention to events like Wine Dinners or Gift Packages for certain holidays.3. Show off your Event SpacesBy pinning photos of great events that are held in your event spaces, it allows people to get ideas and envision their own party in those spaces. This works great to promote seasonal spaces like patios, decks, and rooftop spaces as well.  Make sure you include any great photos of beautiful views from your venue as well.
  • Create Interesting Boards – Pinterest allows you to create image boards that contain information pertinent to your business. Boards are customizable: you name your boards and select the category they fall under (i.e., apparel, photography, science and nature, travel).Content – This is the fun part! The sky is the limit and all you need to be able to pin something is a URL. If you sell products, this is a no-brainer: Just add images to your boards, of the products you want people to see and share. But you don’t have to sell products to use Pinterest. If you offer a service, pin that! Add images to your boards that complement the services you offer. The fun part of Pinterest is that you can pin things that are related to your products or services, not just the things you offer. The image to the right has two boards of specific products this company sells, but also a selection of items that are related to their products, and even a few random things they found cool.Share _ Pinterest has a goodies page where you can get a button to add to your site, blog or products to make pinning easy. Just a few steps will make following your business or sharing your products or services easy. The image here shows a company that's incorporated different ways for shoppers to share info about their products, including a Pin It button.
  • Link FB to pinterest
  • MeganAlso as a wrap-up we want to remind you of all the resources we have available to you.Our websiteOur new Getting Started Kit- Guides, recorded webinars, and moreOur Email Checklist- downloadSign up for our Marketing NewsletterRead the Blog
  • San Francisco Food Society 6/2012

    1. 1. Integrating Email and Social Media Jill Bastian @jillieb3 @VR4SmallBiz
    2. 2. Today’s Program• Social Media tips• Email + Social Media• Lots of examples to inspire• Q&A
    3. 3. *
    4. 4. Social Media: Simpler Than You Think Strategy: Conquer 2-3 Social Platforms •You do not need to be everywhere! •Save time by getting the most out of your social presence o Choose platforms best suited to your business objectives o What are you hoping to get out of your efforts? • Choose platforms where your customers already are: o Survey them o Test platforms for most engagement o Search - if the conversation is already happening, become a part of it! •Don’t be afraid to ask for advice
    5. 5. Universal Social Media Strategies• Be consistent! o Users constantly consume so content gets stale quickly• Listen, respond, and converse o Don’tbe afraid to take it offline• Moderate as little as possible o Customers value transparency and the ability to leave feedback o By publicly (and gracefully!) handling feedback, you gain more than you lose• People like to share – make it easy o Share Buttons for your website, blog & emails o VR Social Sharing Feature• Content can’t be all about you o Tap into your audience’sinterests
    6. 6. Most Importantly…• Promote your social presence across all your marketing channels o Email, traditional, cross-platform o Your customers can’t find you if they don’t know you’re thereBut…• Don’t just lead with the “ask,” give them a reason why o Exclusive content: promotions, up-to-date news, giveaways, access to special deals, free downloads, expert knowledge
    7. 7. Facebook - Encourage a Community Environment• Ask questions• Update with blog posts, events, company news, industry news, videos & photos• Post to your customers’ pages• Include calls to action whenever possible o “Likes” and shares o User generated content – videos, pictures, etc… o Polls and contest votes• Incentivize engagement o Contests, discounts, events• Get creative with visual layout
    8. 8. Facebook• Facebook + email marketing = a natural match!• Newsletter opt-in form on page• Include a “Like us on Facebook” button in your emails• Send an email promoting your Facebook page to your existing subscribers
    9. 9. VR Social Sharing• Use Social Share feature to post a link to the hosted version of your email o Make sure to include a link to your opt-in form
    10. 10. Twitter Tips:Repurpose content whenever possible: • Tweet your emails via the Social Sharing feature • Tweet blog posts, company news, contests, specials, etc… • Share media that you consume as well o Industry trends and studies o Relevant blog posts and articles • Follow people and brands you like for good content, and retweet them often • Thank people for mentioning your brand & RT positive mentions! • Thank followers when they RT you o People love to be acknowledged
    11. 11. Twitter• Twitter + email marketing = little effort, big reward!• Tweet your emails• VR social sharing• Tweet “sign up to receive “email only” offers – then link to an opt-in form
    12. 12. Pinterest• Create Interesting Boards - Create image boards that contain information pertinent to your business• Content - You can share your own images, plus others that work with your business.• Share! – The more you pin, the more people can see your posts.• More repins means more links to your site.
    13. 13. Pinterest Tips• Pin at night, past 8 pm.• Write a detailed description for each pin with a call-to-action, (ie. "Learn how to make this").• Tutorial, guides, DIY and recipe pins see a 42% higher click through rate• Use keywords in your image names and descriptions
    14. 14. Pinterest• Pinterest + email marketing = photo finish!• Share emails through hosted link• Include aPin it! button in your emails
    15. 15. VerticalResponse Tools & Resources• How to Do Everything• Free Marketing Guides support/guides/ Integrating Social Media & Email Checklist Get Social and Get Results• Recorded Webinars: to/webinars/ Twitter For Your Business Facebook For Your Business
    16. 16. Q&A