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Master's programs presentation

  1. 1. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Faculty of Economics Department of MarketingTRAINED Master’s programsTO LEADIN A GLOBAL •  International marketingMARKETPLACE •  Marketing of innovations under current technological trends Moscow, 2013
  2. 2. University innumbers 50+   77  000+   14  000   Graduates  since     Years  of  history   1960   Full-­‐=me  students   1760   2  200   60+   Interna=onal  students   enrolled  in  2012   Academic  staff   Major  programs   $  9,5  million   12   160+   State  funding  for  strategic   Accommoda=on   Partnership  agreements   development  program   residence   with  foreign  universi=es   2  
  3. 3. Why study with us?Reason #1 One  of  the  biggest  Russian   A  sense  of   University  with  over  25  000  community  in   students  coming  from  146   countries  across  all   a  truly  global   con=nents,  there  is  a   University   breadth  and  depth  to  our   community  that  is  inspired   by  learning  experience.   3  
  4. 4. Why study with us?Reason #2 Our  academics  and   researchers  engage  in   World  class   theore=cal  and  applied   research  across  a  wide  range  teaching  and   of  scien=fic  direc=ons  in   collabora=on  with   research   prac==oners,  policy  makers   and  the  wider  intellectual   communi=es.   4  
  5. 5. Why study with us? Reason #3 Na=onal  and  global  rankings.   Leading   The  University  is  ranked  4th  in   Russia  by  Na=onal  Interfax   posi:ons  in   ra=ng  and  is  included  as  537th     in  Interna=onal  QS  ranking   na:onal  and   with  more  than  18  000   universi=es.  Major  global  rankings   interna=onal  educa=onal   programs  are  accredited  by   FIBAA.   5  
  6. 6. FacultyOf Economics  A  professional  innova=ve  and  forward  thinking  faculty    reflected  in  the  academic  experts,  professors  and    lecturers  engaged  in  the  student  learning  experience.    The  school  is  recognised  as  a  first-­‐class  graduate    and  postgraduate  learning  Ins=tu=on  and  offers  a    variety  of  programs  in  economics,  management,    finance  and  marke=ng.    Our  graduates  are  highly  regarded  by  recruiters  and    successfully  work  in  more  than  110  countries  all    over  the  globe.   6  
  7. 7. Department of MarketingMaster’s Programs Marke:ng  of   Interna:onal   innova:ons  under   marke:ng   current  technological   trends   7  
  8. 8. Programs’ featuresat a glance  Both  Masters  programs  are  accredited  by  FIBAA    (The  Founda=on  for  Interna=onal  Business  Administra=on  Accredita=on)    Dura=on:  2  years    (24  months,  104  weeks  including  summer  break)    Delivery:  On-­‐campus,  full-­‐=me    Language:  English    Qualifica=on:  Master  of  Management  (with  Marke=ng)    Specializa=on:  Interna=onal  marke=ng,  Marke=ng  of    innova=ons  under  current  technological  trends   8  
  9. 9. Teaching &learning Big  advantage  of  studying  at  "Interna=onal  marke=ng"   program  as  well  as  "Marke=ng  of  innova=ons  under   current  technological  trends"  is  the  way  we  encourage   our  professors,  experts  and  senior  lectures  to  filter  the   latest  scien=fic  and  prac=cal  thinking  into  teaching   process.  It  means  you  benefit  from  research-­‐oriented   curriculum.     Our  programs  give  you  up-­‐to-­‐date  business  knowledge   in  marke=ng  planning  −  that  kind  of  learning  experience   that  translates  directly  from  classroom  to  your  career.  
  10. 10. Student’s viewName:  Oseni  Kofoworola,  Country:  Nigeria  Program:  Interna:onal  marke:ng,  2nd  year    “Interna=onal  Marke=ng  program  has  given  me  so  many  new  op=ons  and  the  new  knowledge  I’ve  acquired.  Everyone  wants  their  career  to  move  the  next  level,  but  at  this  course  there  is  so  much  more  to  offer.  Moreover  I  had  a  lot  of  fun  and  made  good  friends  from  all  over  the  world”   10  
  11. 11. Teacher’s viewName:  Ekaterina  Degtereva,  Associate  professor,  Ph.D.,    Program  coordinator    “A  career  in  marke=ng  can  take  you  into  almost  any  sector  of  business  and  into  workplaces  all  over  the  world.  These  programs  are  par=cularly  designed  for  those  people  who  want  to  deal  with  marke=ng  prac=ces  and  promo=on  ac=vi=es  of  modern  companies”   11  
  12. 12. Meet the Team "Interna=onal  marke=ng"  and  "Marke=ng  of  innova=ons  under  current   technological  trends"  programs  are  taught,  delivering  knowledge  and  skills  of   direct  relevance  to  the  workplace.   Being  a  developing  business-­‐program  there’s  always  someone  to  turn  to  −   Program  Director  who  looks  aher  content  of  program,  Course  leader  for  your   course,  Individual  tutors  and  administra=ve  support  team.   We  want  you  to  get  the  most  from  your  =me  with  us  and  support  mechanisms   available  are  one  way  of  doing  that.   12  
  13. 13. International marketing Key features You  will  learn  to  accurately  address   the  issues  of  global  compe==on   Explores  and  assesses   while  acquiring  knowledge  of   contemporary   business  environment,  plus  an   understanding  of  marke=ng   developments  within   implica=ons.  This  course  is  marke=ng  and  interna=onal   par=cularly  oriented  to  those  who   business  theory  and   wish  to  combine  the  core  principles   and  prac=cal  features  of   prac=ce   interna=onal  marke=ng,  strategic   planning  and  marke=ng   communica=ons.   13  
  14. 14. International marketing Disciplines & Choice Modern  strategic  analysis  ,  Integrated   marke=ng  communica=ons,  Managerial  Your  ability  to  gain   economics,  Marke=ng  metrics,  Marke=ng   planning,  Socially  responsible  marke=ng,   an  extended   Organiza=onal  behavior  and  organiza=on   theory  and  etc.     knowledge  is   Other  module  choices  will  depend  on   about  geNng  up-­‐ specializa=on  chosen  but  could  include:   Benchmarking,  Business  as  a  Financial   to-­‐date  courses   Systems,  Global  Wholesale  and  Retail   Chains,  Branding  of  States,  Regions  and   Territories,  Conflict  Management  etc.   14  
  15. 15. Internationalmarketing Learning outcomes •  To  explore  managerial  and  cultural  issues   We  strongly  believe   in  interna=onal  marke=ng  and  how  firms   that  students  will   respond  to  the  challenges  these  create.   succeed  when  they   •  To  gain  transferable  skills,  such  as   formula=ng  marke=ng  strategies,   make  the  right   conduc=ng  strategic  analysis,  determining  “match”  –  the  decision   the  main  implica=ons  of  doing  the  business   on  emerging  markets.   about  the  program   •  To  develop  a  range  of  competences   they  choose  to  spent   needed  to  organize  different  promo=onal   their  next  2  years   and  adver=sing  campaigns  on  interna=onal   basis.   15  
  16. 16. International marketingCurriculum 16  
  17. 17. Marketing of innovationsunder current technologicaltrends Key features This  course  is  designed  par=cularly  for  those   students  that  are  interested  in  doing  the  The  dis:nc:ve  feature   business  in  markets  and  industries  impacted  by   of  the  program  is  the   innova=ons,  whether  in  start-­‐ups,  medium  and   large  established  companies.     constant  interac:on   The  key  element  of  the  study  is  the  constant   with  interna:onal   interac=on  with  interna=onal  and  Russian  high-­‐ tech  companies  (RUSNANO,  Russian  and  Russian  high-­‐tech   Technologies,  General  Electric,  Siemens,  Asus,   Samsung  etc).  Program’s  curriculum  also  focuses   companies   on  training  staff  facing  the  problem  of  R&D   commercializa=on  for  industrial  clusters  and   network.   17  
  18. 18. Marketing of innovationsunder current technologicaltrends Disciplines & Choice Marke=ng  management  in  interna=onal   As  the  program   companies,  Interna=onal  monetary   prepares  students  for   rela=ons,  Business  as  financial  system:   interna=onal  standards,  Marke=ng   professional  business   metrics,  Socially  responsible  marke=ng  in   achievements  it   interna=onal  companies,  Marke=ng  audit,   provides  them  with   Ethics  of  entrepreneurship,  Innova=ve   essen:al  skills  for   strategic  foreign  alliances,  Branding,  Case   studies  of  outsourcing,  Current   career  development   technological  trends,  Organiza=onal   theory  and  organiza=onal  behavior,   Innova=on  policy  of  Russia  etc.   18  
  19. 19. Marketing of innovationsunder current technologicaltrends Learning outcomes •  To  explore  managerial  and  cultural  issues   Students  at  this   in  interna=onal  marke=ng  and  how  firms   Master’s  program   respond  to  the  challenges  these  create.   prepare  to  be  highly   •  To  gain  transferable  skills,  such  as   formula=ng  marke=ng  strategies,   trained  specialists  -­‐     conduc=ng  strategic  analysis,  determining   they  become  global   the  main  implica=ons  of  doing  the   business  on  emerging  markets.   thinkers  with   •  To  develop  a  range  of  competences  innova:on  marke:ng   needed  to  organize  different  promo=onal   focus   and  adver=sing  campaigns  on   interna=onal  basis.   19  
  20. 20. Marketing of innovations undercurrent technological trendsCurriculum 20  
  21. 21. Career opportunitiesMost  businesses  recognize  the  need  for  marke=ng  func=ons  and  posi=ons  constantly  arise  in  a  variety  of  op=ons  worldwide  including:  marke=ng  manager,  marke=ng  research  &  audit,  adver=sing  &  PR  manager,  event  planning,  marke=ng  analysis  etc.  Our  students  and  graduates  used  to  work  for  marke=ng  and  sales  departments  at  interna=onal  companies  throughout  the  globe:   21  
  22. 22. ResearchStudents  and  Faculty  are  constantly  involved  into  scien=fic  and  prac=cal  research.  They  are  challenging  each  other  to  think  deeply  about  significant  issues  of  modern  business,  to  ask  interes=ng  ques=ons  and  to  always  see  the  world  as  a  complex  of  mul=cultural  dimensions.  The  quality  and  impact  of  our  research  is  demonstrated  by  the  up-­‐to-­‐date  projects  we’ve  done  for  last  2  years  in  a  collabora=on  with:  •  Chamber  of  commerce  and  industry  of   Russian  Federa=on  •  The  Ministry  of  educa=on  and  science  of   Russian  Federa=on  •  Federal  space  agency  •  State  project  of  nanotechnology  research   and  development  •  Russian  humanitarian  scien=fic  founda=on   22  
  23. 23. Campus life  University  campus  is  one  of  the  biggest  student  campuses  not  only  in  Moscow,  but  also  in  Russia.    It  was  ranked  1st  as  a  best  infrastructure  university  campus  in  2012.  In  addi=on  to  the  services    and  support  offered  specifically  by  the  Faculty,  as  a  student  of  the  University  you  can  enjoy  a    wide  range  of  addi=onal  services  and  support  from  the  en=re  University.      Library  Facili:es.  University  library  holds  over  1,5  million  of  books  and  dozens  of  print  journals.    Students  have  access  to  different  electronic  databases  and  a  further  electronic  journals.    Photocopying  services  are  also  available.  You  will  find  all  your  sta=onery  essen=als  and  a  binding    service  in  a  range  of  university  shops.    Sports  Facili:es.  Good  sports  facili=es,  including,  basketball  and  volleyball  courts,  and  extensive    playing  fields  for  football,  well-­‐equipped  gyms  and  much  more.    Accommoda:on.  Moving  to  a  new  country  can  be  problema=c  and  to  make  the  transi=on  easier,    PFUR  offers  a  wide  choice  of  reliable  and  affordable  accommoda=on  in  campus.  You  may  have  an    alterna=ve  from  catered  to  self-­‐catered  halls  of  residence.   23  
  24. 24. Entry requirements  A  Russian  BA  degree  or  equivalent  is  generally  required  for  entry  to  our    Masters  courses.  For  our  programs  you  must  provide  us  with  evidence  that    you  can  read,  write,  speak  and  understand  English.  The  levels  of  English    could  be  supported  with  IELTS  (6,0)  or  TOEFL  iBT  (79)  cer=ficates.  Basic    knowledge  of  Russian  is  appreciated.  We  also  organize  a  set  of  entry  exams    and  an  interview.  This  is  a  general  guide  and  there  may  be  some  varia=ons.     24  
  25. 25. Keep in contactBefore  contact  University  Department  of  Interna=onal  Projects  and  Programs,  we  kindly  recommend  you  to  contact  our  Program  Coordinator  in  order  to  discuss  some  par=cular  ques=ons  in  details.    Program  Coordinator:  Ekaterina  Degtereva,  Associate  Professor    E-­‐mail:    Economic  Faculty,  Department  of  marke=ng    Peoples’  Friendship  University  of  Russia,  Department  of  Interna=onal  Projects  and  Programs  Office  101,  10/2  Miklukho-­‐Maklaya  street,  Moscow,  Russia,  117198  Tel.:  +7  (495)  787-­‐38-­‐03  ext.  1506  Fax:  +7  (495)  434-­‐70-­‐16  E-­‐mail:   25