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PFUR MSc Marketing programs Brochure web


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We have designed this brochure to provide you with information you need to make this important and potentially life-changing decision - choosing your Master's program

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PFUR MSc Marketing programs Brochure web

  1. 1. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Faculty of Economics Department of MarketingМaster’s Programs:-International Marketing-Marketing of innovations under current technological trends Accredited by FIBAA
  2. 2. Welcome to International MarketingWelcome to International Marketing Programs, one of the fast growing and perspective Masters coursesat Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. We are delighted to introduce you our brand new Mastersprograms: "International marketing" and "Marketing of innovations under current technological trends".International marketing is an increasingly important area of business as companies strive to competeglobally. As well as learning the basic principles of marketing, you will develop an appreciation of its practicein a truly global environment. These courses are particularly for those students that are interested inmulticultural marketing strategies and industries impacted by innovations, whether in start-ups, medium andlarge established companies.As a part of an international University we are committed to developing and educating marketers andbusiness leaders to reach their potential and make positive contribution to your career.Therefore we have designed this brochure to provide you with information you need to make this importantand potentially life-changing decision. Studying at our programs is also inspiring, challenging, intense andexciting and takes place in very diverse learning environment with over 1700 international students enrolledat the University’s programs in 2012.We particularly hope that our experience of educating international students and our focus on practical-based learning will be key consideration in your choice.If you’ve got the motivation and commitment, we can help you succeed! Professor Alexander Zobov Program Director, Head of Marketing Department 3
  3. 3. Contents Choose Peoples Friendship University of Russia page 6 Programs’ features at a glance page 7 Teaching & Learning page 8 Meet the Team page 10 Programs in Details page 12 Curriculum page 14 Research page 16 Campus Life page 17 How to Enroll page 184
  4. 4. University in Numbers 50+ 77 000+ 14 000 Years of history Graduates since 1960 Full-time students 1760 2 200 60+ International students Academic staff Major programs enrolled in 2012 $ 9,5 million 12 160+State funding for strategic Accommodation Partnership agreements development program residences with foreign universities 5
  5. 5. Choose Peoples Friendship University of Russia 25 000+ World-class teaching students and research World-class teaching and research. Our academics One of the biggest Russian University. and researchers engage in theoretical and applied Over 25 000 students enrolled for all forms of research across a wide range of scientific direc- studying within the University network. tions in collaboration with practitioners, policy makers and the wider intellectual communities. th 140+ 4 in Russia countries National and global rankings. The University is Students and graduates from 140+ countries. ranked 4th in Russia by National Interfax rating and With over 14 000 full time students coming is included as 537th in International QS ranking with from 146 countries across all continents, there more than 18 000 universities. Major international is a breadth and depth to our community that is educational programs are accredited by FIBAA. inspired by learning experience. Faculty of economics A professional innovative and forward thinking faculty reflected in the academic experts, professors and lecturers engaged in the student learning experience. The school is recognised as a first-class graduate and postgraduate learning Institution and offers a variety of programs in economics, management, finance and marketing. Our graduates are highly regarded by recruiters and successfully work in more than 110 countries all over the globe.6
  6. 6. Programs’ features at a glanceBoth Masters programs are accredited by FIBAA(The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation)Duration: 2 years(24 months, 104 weeks including summer break)Delivery: On-campus, full-timeLanguage: EnglishQualification: Master of Management(with Marketing)Specialization: International Marketing, Marketing of innovationsunder current technological trendsThese programs are committed to work with students to develop their knowledge, skills and marketingcompetences required in rapidly changing business environment. We do our best to graduate you withan extended understanding of marketing practices needed to succeed in modern international companies. 7
  7. 7. Teaching & Learning Big advantage of studying at "International Marketing" program as well as "Marketing of innovations under current technological trends" is the way we encourage our professors, experts and senior lectures to filter the latest scientific and practical thinking into teaching process. It means you benefit from research-oriented curriculum. Our programs give you up-to-date business knowledge in marketing planning − that kind of learning experience that translates directly from classroom to your career. Learning formats: day-to-day activities Your studying activities may vary between: Lectures: the most official way of teaching a group of students Seminars: group meeting with a member of staff (professors, senior lecturers) to consider a pre-assigned topic or case study Tutorials: meetings of individuals or small group with tutor or course-leader to check out how you are progressing or discuss a particular topic in detail Performance: special activities that are focused to develop presentation skills and encourage group discussions Independent study: one of the key components of your successful studying - learning to work either by yourself or as a member of a team8
  8. 8. Student’s viewName: Oseni KofoworolaCountry: NigeriaProgram: International Marketing, 2nd year International Marketing program has given me so many new options and the new knowledge I’ve acquired. Everyone wants their career to move the next level, but at this course there is so much more to offer. Moreover I had a lot of fun and made good friends from all over the world. 9
  9. 9. Meet the Team "International marketing" and "Marketing of innovations under current technological trends" programs are taught, delivering knowledge and skills of direct relevance to the workplace. Being a developing business-program there’s always someone to turn to − Program Director who looks after content of program, Course leader for your course, Individual tutors and administrative support team. We want you to get the most from your time with us and support mechanisms available are one way of doing that. Top row (Left to right) Bottom row (Left to right) Olga Vasilyeva Ekaterina Degtereva Senior lecturer. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Program Coordinator. Courses: Business Communications, Emotional Intelligence Courses: International Marketing. Development. Marianna Demikhina Denis Degterev Office manager, Marketing Department Representative. Ph.D., Associate Professor. Courses: International Marketing, Doing Business in Russia. Valentina Kalygina Senior Lecturer. Evgeny Biryukov Courses: Marketing Audit, Trade Marketing. Ph.D., Senior lecturer. Courses: Socially Responsible Marketing. Alexander Zobov Ph.D., Professor, Program Director. Vasiliy Starostin Courses: Innovative strategic foreign alliances. Ph.D., Associate Professor. Courses: Integrated Marketing Communications, Anna Chernysheva Strategic Analysis. Ph.D., Associate Professor. Courses: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management. Larisa Orlova (not on photo) Senior lecturer. Courses: Branding in fashion industry. Diana Yampolskaya Ph.D., Associate Professor. Victoria Pechkovskaya (not on photo) Courses: Marketing Metrics, Marketing Research. Ph.D. Associate Professor. Courses: Corporate marketing.10
  10. 10. Teacher’s viewName: Ekaterina DegterevaPh.D., Associate Professor,Program Coordinator A career in marketing can take you into almost any sector of business and into workplaces all over the world. These programs are particularly designed for those people who want to deal with marketing practices and promotion activities of modern companies. 11
  11. 11. Programs in Details Disciplines & Choices: The skills needed to succeed in today’s business world are varied. You will learn to accurately address the Modern strategic analysis , Integrated issues of global competition while acquiring knowledge marketing communications, Managerial International of business environment, plus an understanding of economics, Marketing metrics, Marketing marketing implications. This course is particularly planning, Socially responsible marketing, oriented to those who wish to combine the core Organizational behavior and organization Marketing principles and practical features of international theory and etc. Other module choices marketing, strategic planning and marketing will depend on specialisation chosen but communications. It explores and assesses contemporary could include: Benchmarking, Business as developments within marketing and international a Financial Systems, Global Wholesale and business theory and practice, offering a balanced academic and up-to-date program of study. Retail Chains, Branding of States, Regions and Territories, Conflict Management etc. Marketing of innovations This course is designed particularly for those students Disciplines & Choices: technological trends that are interested in doing the business in markets and industries impacted by innovations, whether in Marketing management in international start-ups, medium and large established companies. companies, International monetary relations, You can use the competences when participating in Business as financial system: international innovation projects and in creating marketing plans for standards, Marketing metrics, Socially under current existing and new products. The distinctive feature of the responsible marketing in international program is the constant interaction with international companies, Marketing audit, Ethics of and Russian high-tech companies (RUSNANO, Russian entrepreneurship , Innovative strategic technologies, General Electric, Siemens, Asus, Samsung foreign alliances, Branding, Case studies of etc). Program’s curriculum also focuses on training outsourcing, Current technological trends, staff facing the problem of R&D commercialization for Organizational theory and organizational industrial clusters and network. behavior, Innovation policy of Russia etc. Career opportunities Most businesses recognize the need for marketing functions and positions constantly arise in a variety of options worldwide including: marketing manager, marketing research & audit, advertising & PR manager, event planning, marketing analysis etc. Our students and graduates used to work for marketing and sales departments at international companies throughout the globe: • Adidas Group • British American Tabacco Russia • Danone • Johnson&Johnson • SAB Miller Rus • L’Oreal • Coca-Cola Russia • Procter&Gamble • Unilever • Colgate-Palmolive • Heineken Russia • Kraft Foods Rus • Nestle12
  12. 12. Learning outcomes:To explore managerial and cultural issues ininternational marketing and how firms respond Applications deadline:to the challenges these create.To gain transferable skills, such as formulating August, 15marketing strategies, conducting strategic analysis,determining the main implications of doing thebusiness on emerging markets.To develop a range of competences needed toorganize different promotional and advertising Entry Requirenments:campaigns on international basis. A Russian BA degree or equivalent is generally required for entry to our Masters courses. For our programs you must provide us with evidence that you can read, write, speak and understand English. The levels of English could be supported with IELTS (6,0) or TOEFL iBT (79) certificates. Basic knowledge of Russian is appreciated. We also organize a set of entry exams and an interview. This is aLearning outcomes: general guide and there may be some variations.To develop practical research and analyticalcapabilities in the context of innovation-basedstrategy.To gain an extended understanding of marketingmethods of research and developmentcommercialization. If you require further information on this, please contact our office andTo be able to create frameworks for understanding program marketing processes aswell as public-private partnership in innovativeenvironment. 13
  13. 13. Curriculum MSc International marketing 1 st year 2 st year 1 semester st 2 semester st 3 semester st 4 semester st Managerial economics Legal regulations Corporate finance Work & Research placement of business and external Management research economic activities Business-to-Business State professional exam methods marketing Strategic analysis Dissertation writing and Integrated marketing com- Marketing management presentation munications Marketing metrics in international companies International marketing International economies Organization theory and organization behavior International trade Russian language Electives: Electives (set 1): Electives: International monetary Doing business in Russia Public Relations relations Global retail networks International logistics Business as financial system: international standards International finance Electives (set 2): Custom and tariff regulations Branding Course project: Course project: Course project: International marketing Strategic analysis Marketing management in international companies14
  14. 14. MSc Marketing of innovations under current technological trends 1 st year 2 st year 1 semester st 2 semester st 3 semester st 4semester stManagerial economics Current technological trends Strategic analysis Work & Research placementManagement research Organizational theory and Corporate finance State professional exammethods organizational behavior Business-to-Business Dissertation writing andNational innovation system Innovation policy of Russia marketing presentationRussian language International marketing Global supply chain managementPublic-private partnershipin innovative environment Marketing methods of R&D commercializationStrategic marketingmanagement of innovative Venture financeorganizationElectives: Electives: Electives:International monetary Marketing metrics Innovative strategicrelations foreign alliances Socially responsibleBusiness as financial system: marketing in international Brandinginternational standards companies Case studies of outsourcing Marketing audit Ethics of entrepreneurship Marketing management in international companiesCourse project: Course project: Course project:National innovation system International marketing Marketing methods of R&D commercialization 15
  15. 15. Research Students and Faculty are constantly involved into scientific and practical research. They are challenging each other to think deeply about significant issues of modern business, to ask interesting questions and to always see the world as a complex of multicultural dimensions. We are able to support research across a number of core business and marketing areas. Our academics and researchers engage in theoretical and applied research across a wide range of marketing directions in collaboration with practitioners, policy makers and the wider intellectual communities. The quality and impact of our research is demonstrated by the up-to-date projects we’ve done for last 2 years in a collaboration with: • Chamber of commerce and industry of Russian Federation • The Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation • Federal space agency • State project of nanotechnology research and development • Russian humanitarian scientific foundation16
  16. 16. Campus lifeUniversity campus is one of the biggest student campuses not only in Moscow, but also in Russia.It was ranked 1st as a best infrastructure university campus in 2012.Economic Faculty is a part of Peoples Friendship university of Russia. In addition to the services andsupport offered specifically by the Faculty, as a student of the University you can enjoy a wide rangeof additional services and support from the entire University.However you decide to spend your time, most likely, you will look back on your years at PFUR as thebest student time.Library Facilities. University library holds over 1,5 million of books and dozens of print journals.Students have access to different electronic databases and a further electronic journals. Photocopyingservices are also available.You will find all your stationery essentials and a binding service in a range of university shops.Sports Facilities. Good sports facilities, including, basketball and volleyball courts, and extensive playingfields for football, well-equipped gyms and much more.Accommodation. Moving to a new country can be problematic and to make the transition easier, PFURoffers a wide choice of reliable and affordable accommodation in campus. You may have an alternativefrom catered to self-catered halls of residence. 17
  17. 17. How to Enroll When to apply Entry Requirements The closing date international applicants it A Russian BA degree or equivalent is generally is 15 August. There are two good reasons to required for entry to our Masters courses. apply early. First, there are a limited number of For our programs you must provide us with accommodations available so if you wish to be evidence that you can read, write, speak and considered for registration, you need to apply understand English. The levels of English could early. Secondly, all our Masters have a fixed be supported with IELTS (6,0) or TOEFL iBT start date in October. (79) certificates. Basic knowledge of Russian is appreciated. We also organize a set of entry Visas exams and an interview. This is a general guide If you require a visa to study in Russia, you and there may be some variations. should be aware that this may take some time to arrange. Please make sure you arrange your visa well in advance so that you are not prevented from taking up your place to study with us.18
  18. 18. ContactsBefore contact University Department of International Projects and Programs, we kindly recommend youto contact our Program Coordinator in order to discuss some particular questions in details. Program Coordinator: Associate Professor, Ekaterina Degtereva E-mail: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Department of International Projects and Programs Office 101, 10/2 Miklukho-Maklaya street, Moscow, Russia, 117198 Tel.: +7 (495) 787-38-03 ext. 1506 Fax: +7 (495) 434-70-16 E-mail: All students appearing in this brochure study at programs of Department of marketing. Photo by Elina Sazonova