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School Magazine Examples


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Published in: Education, Technology

School Magazine Examples

  1. 1. The target audience is obviously the students at the school, due to the pictures and the wording. The picture is a mixture of all the activities the school has taken part in during that term. This makes the students want to look inside it to see photos of the activities they took part in. they are also attracted to the reviews of products that are shown on the front cover, The headline is very informal, it has no capital letters and the font is rounded off making it look modern and curved. The background is a lilac colour which fades to white at the bottom. It has clouds dotted around the top making the main image look like a little world filled with all of the school activities. I don’t think it costs anything to purchase as it is on the internet for everyone to download and look at. The magazine is promoting the school itself and trying to make the students think it is a cool place to go and that it holds fun activities, it could also be promoting the school for the parents so they know that the pupils do extra-curriculum activities.
  2. 2. You can tell that this is a private school as the front cover is very formal and holds the school emblem on the front. The school name is presented in capital letters, showing the formality of the school. The text is serif style which also shows formality. The magazine looks like it is targeted for the parents of the students as it looks posh and makes the school look good. The magazine doesn’t cost anything as it was found on the internet for the audience to look at and download. The colour scheme is simple blue and purple, it is probably the school theme. It makes the front cover more formal and relates to the school. The magazine is advertising how well the school does and how excellent the pupils who go there do. It wants adults to choose this school for their children.
  3. 3. This looks like a private school by the way the emblem is posted in full on the front with the date when the school was founded. The photos show activities that are held in lesson-time or extra-curriculum lessons. The background makes the magazine look like an old book that has been well used. It gives the magazine a ‘classroom’ feel. The year of the magazine is written in a slightly darker text that the word ‘magazine’ and is placed behind it for a formal effect. The text is written in a serif style making it look more formal. The magazine looks like it was made for both pupil and parent. This is because it has the formality for the adult but it has pictures for the pupils. the parent would be interested in seeing what their child has done and why they should continue to go to that school and the child would be interested in seeing the pictures of themselves with friends.
  4. 4. The page number is placed at the top of the page so its easy to navigate through the magazine. The background and text are contrasting colours, allowing the text to stand out on the page. The tone of the contents page is informal and the colour scheme is bold, showing that the magazine has an audience of pupils rather than the parents. The font is a modern curved type, it suits the target audience of students well. The layout of the contents page is quite informal and does fit the target market. Directly speaking to the reader, makes them more interested in the content. Page numbers next to the contents allow easy access through the magazine. The main content sections fit the target market.
  5. 5. This contents page looks like it is targeted for an adult as it has a brown colour scheme and the text alongside the contest is based around what the school have been doing. They probably want to advertise what they have been doing to parents so that they know their children are doing well at school and that they should send further children to that school. The title is written in a fancy font which looks like someone has just written it in very neat handwriting. This makes the contents page a little more informal and personal but it is still suitable for parents. The page numbers are written next to the contents so that it is easy to navigate through the magazine. Using statistics to show how well the school is doing. The font of the main text is a plain but neat font. It is easy to read and doesn’t stand out too much, but the way it is laid out allows eyes to be drawn towards it.
  6. 6. This contents page is targeted for the collage pupils at the school, this is clear due to the coloured font (which catches the attention of the pupils reading it) and the image used on the front cover, which other students would be interested in as there might be further pictures inside and they might include pupils such as themselves. The different sections of the contents have a separate colour that is used. This helps the reader to recognise the different sections. The contents page speaks directly to the reader a lot, making them more interested in what the magazine would have inside. The font of the title looks quite formal, this clashes with the informal look of the rest of the front cover and the colour of the text, this goes well with the target audience as it isn’t too informal, however the contents page has a fun look to it. The large amount different colours on the contents page makes it look unprofessional and messy. They haven't stuck to one colour scheme and have created a contents page which is hard to focus on.