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Contents Page of School Magazine


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Producing my TOC for my school magazine.

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Contents Page of School Magazine

  1. 2. Mock Contents Page This will be a grunge font that follows the house style of my school magazine. Something quite bold with a vibrant colour that will appeal to teenage readers. I want the photos of my contents page to be directly in line with each other going down the page. This will make the page look organised and stylish and I will put these images on the left hand side so that it follows the reader’s natural eye line flow . I want the page numbers to be in a different colour to the text, so that the reader can quickly pick out what pages they are looking for according to what story the want to read. The background will be in a bright and warm colour, however different from the blue colour I used for the front cover.
  2. 3. Contents Page Photos <ul><li>For the contents page I took some extra photos, however in the end, I decided to utilise the pictures from the first Photoshoot that I did in order to produce pictures for the front cover. Here are two examples of images that I considered for the contents page: </li></ul>This photo of an iPod could be used to advertise the playlist page. This photo of someone on Facebook could be used to show the cover story about online networking.
  3. 4. First Draft Contents Page
  4. 5. Feedback from Peer Colours all connect very well. Not the best quality photo. Might look more consistent if you straighten this photo so its in line with the others. Maybe there should be a title in bold for this piece of info like the two above. Would look better if it was in colour . Good use of brushes. Good grunge font.
  5. 6. 2 nd Draft Contents Page After Feedback from peer
  6. 7. 2 nd Draft Contents Page After Feedback from peer Added extra title for cover story. Changed title colour and grunge font, just to follow the house style of the page a bit more.