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Magazine Music Font

  1. 1. Magazine music font
  2. 2. I found four fonts that I thought would best suit my indie magazine. From top to bottom the fonts are; Anywhere, Ginga, Angelic War, Riesling and iNked God. My preferences are iNked God and Riesling, however, I have decided that I should decide upon a magazine name before I decide which font I use, so that I am sure the font suits the name. I have decided that the fonts Ginga and Angelic War look too busy on screen. Unless I find a name that is suited to those particular fonts I don’t think I will use them.
  3. 3. The name ‘unlimited’ seems like a typical magazine name. it doesn’t offer originality, however, it is a name that is well suited for an indie magazine. Surprisingly, I think that this name looks best in the font Angelic War. These particular letters seems to create the patterns in the font that aren't overpowering, yet it still looks eye-catching and has an interesting look to it.
  4. 4. I thought of the name ‘smoke and flames’ after thinking about a twist on the word ‘fire’. I don’t think that this name, however, suits the type of magazine I am creating and I think that it is too long for the magazine. I think that this particular title suits the fonts Anywhere and Riesling, these fonts don’t overpower the word, yet they still highlight them to stand out in my magazine.
  5. 5. The word ‘vapour’ would make the magazine stand out if it was given the right font to match. However, I don’t know if it would match my magazine genre as it seems to be more of a ‘grime’ name. I think that this name looks best with the font Riesling, as it makes the title slim and subtle, however this could create problems as the font could get lost on my front page. I need my title to be bolder.
  6. 6. When I thought about the name ‘toxin’ I first thought that it was a good idea, however, when I thought about it, I realised that it doesn’t suit my genre as it sounds more like a ‘heavy rock’ name. I think that this name looks best in the font iNked God. This font allows the name to stand out unlike the font Anywhere. The swirling pattern underneath the title creates an effect on the title which makes it look less like the ‘heavy rock’ name.
  7. 7. I think that the name ‘established’ suits my genre of magazine perfectly. It attracts attention without making the magazine sound like a totally different genre than I intended. I think that this title looks best in the font iNked God or Riesling, however, with Riesling there is a chance that the title will get lost in the rest of the front cover. The font iNked God, however, makes the title bolder, without making it overpowering. The swirl pattern around the font makes it look less serious and more suited to the genre.