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Modern Recruiters Guide to Twitter


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Modern Recruiters Guide to Twitter

  1. 1. THE MODERNRECRUITER’S GUIDETO TWITTERPresented by Carmen HudsonPrincipal Consultant, Recruiting ToolboxRecruiting Trends Sourcing and RecruitingSocial April 11, 2013
  2. 2. ABOUT ME
  4. 4. TWITTER IS A LOT LIKE HOT YOGA It’s a hot mess But, it’s good for you You get better the1 2 3 more you do it
  5. 5. FEAR IS RATIONALIntellectual Productivity Capital Security
  6. 6. LINKSTERS SEND 110 TEXT MESSAGES ADAY HOW WE COMMUNICATENot only are we usingdifferent tools tocommunicate, the way wecommunicate is changing.Brevity, casual language andvisual aids are valued overwordy, formalcommunications.And, studies show that“Linksters” think verydifferently aboutprivacy, freedom of speechand informationtransparency.
  7. 7. DON’T BE SCURRED Harvard Business ReviewAny organization can getlucky and have a singlesuccessful implementation ofsocial media. Socialleaders, on the otherhand, build collaborativecapability through a learningprocess that starts withunderstanding their currentattitude and taking the stepsrequired to building The Social Organization How to Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employeesconfidence and trust. This By Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald Harvard Business Review Press, October 2011turns a single social mediasuccess into a sustainedsource of competitiveadvantage..
  8. 8. WHAT IS TWITTER?01 Persona 02 Person 03 Company 0504 Media Product 06 Event
  9. 9. TWITTER FOR BRANDING JOBS ENGAGE | LEARN Post jobs, feature hot Your fans want to hear jobs, video from you – they will previews, just don’t consume anything spam your followers new, original, interesti with constant job ng or funny tweets. Ask for the Retweet INFORM ADVERTISE Think beyond your Target potential website to keep candidates and clients candidates and clients through Twitter’s informed about your relatively new successes, your advertising platform. process, your team
  10. 10. TWITTER FOR CONNECTING JOBS ENGAGE | LEARN Twitter is a great Use the status updates place to post a few to engage your jobs, but ensure that network. Join the existing employees conversation by @ retweet them for replying and maximum effectiveness retweeting. Organize using lists and favorites INFORM MAKE IT PERSONAL Custom design a Follow back, retweet Twitter background and use @ replies to aligns to your engage and grow employer brand, and followers. Use first that gives your names. Don’t forget to followers additional thank, congratulate, sha information about re and have a good time your company. Your Twitter page should drive candidates to
  11. 11. TWITTER FOR SOURCING JOBS ENGAGE | INFORM Post jobs and engage Twitter is one of the your followers. Think best places to keep up of Twitter as the place with industry trends to post your “Hot and learn from Jobs” experts. Direct your followers to internal and external content SOURCE FIND Twitter users often do Grow your network not overlap with through targeted LinkedIn users. Twitter Twitter advertising, profiles – even inactive ones – are a great source of passive candidates
  12. 12. FIND & FOLLOW MEETUP HIGHLIGHT Meetups are informal Highlight is a gps- gatherings organized enabled mobile app around that allows you to see topic, profession, or who’s nearby. event. Search for group members or consider sponsoring a meetup. QUORA SLIDESHARE Quora is a Q&A site 16 Million users edited and organized upload presentations by users. The site has to slideshare – find over 500,000 experts on any registered users. topic, follow brands, share documents.
  13. 13. KEEPING UP KEEPING TRACK HOOTSUITE: MY SECRET WEAPONManage almost all of yoursocial media activities fromone dashboard. Pre-scheduletweets and status updates.Instantly post to all of yoursocial media properties.Track followers and fans, andmeasue the results..
  14. 14. LET’S CONNECT E LI on/ T @peopleshark W S