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Tweetajob | Intern Match Jobseeker Workshop


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Tweetajob | Intern Match Jobseeker Workshop

  1. Get Social boot camp<br />Social Media for Jobseekers<br />
  2. Relax. Have fun. Nothing to buy!<br />Leave your comfort zone at the door<br />Ask me anything (almost)<br />1% of the Fortune 500: Capital One,, Microsoft, Starbucks, Yahoo<br />When I started in the recruiting business, we still used snail mail, fax machines were cool and the Cosby Show was the top TV show!<br />
  3. Remember this?<br />
  4. Things have changed.<br />
  5. A different set of challenges<br />(<br />
  6. Time to reinvent.<br />
  7. Your #1 job is to get yourself referred!<br />
  8. How?<br />
  9. Social media model for jobseekers<br />Professional Blog<br />
  10. Tools of the trade.<br />LinkedIn<br />Twitter<br />Other social and professional networks<br />Facebook<br />Email<br />Corporate Websites<br />Slideshare or DocStoc<br />Blogs and other places of interest on the internet<br />Google Reader<br />Calendar<br />Spreadsheet or tracking list<br />
  11. But wait….<br />
  12. Let’s talk about fear<br />Rejection<br />Doing it wrong<br />Failure<br />Looking “stupid”<br /> “Getting caught”<br />Appearing desperate<br />Success<br />Stalkers and evildoers<br />
  13. Living a digital life<br />Online activity supports offline events<br />You determine the degree of openness<br />Opt-in means you always have options<br />Trepidation, confusion, overload is the norm!<br />Direct correlation between contribution and reward<br />It’s as if we have flying cars! Think of the difference in mobility and speed!<br />You are early adopters!<br />You can’t break the interwebs!<br />
  14. 75,000,000 LinkedIn Users<br />
  15. LinkedIn checklist<br />Complete your profile<br />Link with contacts<br />Look for jobs<br />Join groups<br />Research companies & individuals<br />Manage privacy settings<br />
  16. Resume & interviewing<br />Reverse chronological resume<br />Focus on achievements, if you don’t have any, start at the bottom<br />Give me 3 examples of significant contributions to your last employer<br />What was your worst day at work?<br />Know what you want to do (feel free to change your mind any time!)<br />
  17. Complete your profile<br />Include your picture<br />Be as complete as possible<br />Definitely your email address!<br />Ask for recommendations from colleagues who know your work<br />Update your status or link with Twitter<br />Include your profile URL on your resume, in your email sig and on your blog<br />
  18. Make connections<br />Start with people you know:<br />Me, Christina, this class<br />Colleagues and former colleagues<br />Neighbors and relatives<br />FOF (be targeted)<br />Everyone you meet in the interview process<br />Scan your email for new contacts<br />Vendors, salespeople, bloggers, everyone<br />Write a personal introduction<br />Add 5-10 contacts a week (or more!)<br />
  19. Look for jobs<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />Build relationships<br />
  20. Build relationships<br />Your success depends on it<br />You will have to talk to strangers<br />Relationships are 2-way<br />Have you shared anything lately?<br />Content does not have to be original<br />This is a messy, unquantifiable process<br />Start online, connect offline, then connect again online<br />
  21. Share awesome, helpful content<br />Share articles and blog posts that your colleagues will find helpful or interesting<br />Share awesome photos and videos<br />Whitepapers, blog posts, slide shows<br />Promotions and awards<br />“How to” articles<br />Use a tool such as Google Reader to curate articles<br />
  22. Join groups<br />Find groups in your industry and your profession<br />Corporate and school alumni groups<br />Local and national<br />PARTICIPATE<br />Start your own group<br />Manage group updates<br />Connect with group members<br />
  23. Research<br />Find and “follow” your target companies<br />Make key connections, starting with your inner circle<br />Review job postings, ask a first level contact to refer you, if appropriate<br />Research connections. Who are they? Where did they work before? Who do you have in common?<br />
  24. Manage privacy settings<br />Visibility is good<br />You have the right to build a professional network<br />Remember, you’re networking, not “job hunting”<br />Review profiles first. Do not accept connections if you do not feel comfortable<br />There is a .00001% chance something bad will happen. There is a 99% chance something good will happen. <br />
  25. Live example<br />
  26. Get at me! <br />email me:<br />tweet me: @peopleshark or @tweetajob<br />FB me:<br />link:<br />visit me:<br />download preso:<br />get our newsletter:<br />