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We create ucommon business advantage by choosing to be transparent productive, and collaborative.

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Twitter4 Business Relevance1009

  1. 1. Tweeting 4 Business Relevance<br />In 140 characters or less!<br />Event by: <br />Presented by: Split Success Radio Host Dawn Mular <br />CEO of Helping Friends, LLC<br />
  2. 2. 2.0, yeah its got game<br />Over 1/3 of U.S. regularly uses Social Networks for Branding Connection or Conversation<br />Target search and access to company, jobs, people and employment information. <br />Increase your Visibility. Extend a Farther reach and competitive distinction. <br />Power in Numbers! <br />LinkedIn for Business Networking , Professional Endorsements, Status. 11 Million regular users. ALL 500 of Fortune 500 are represented on LinkedIn. Consider this your identity– with endorsements! <br />Facebook for Groups Networking, Personal Networking, Status. 78 Million regular users <br />Twitter for common interests, extended business networking. 17 Million regular users. <br />Value proposition: Where there’s Numbers (people and revenue), there’s value! <br />Increasing base of Recruiters will leverage Social Splits to inform, educate, enhance revenue, grow the pie, and drive business.<br />Mobile Search and Use Market Revenues estimated climbing from 917 millions to 2.8 – by 2014 will further business value for Social Business Networking. - Newswire 10.22.09<br />Fortune: Booz Allen Hamilton recruiter reported reading 250 Resumes/day for 4 interview-able candidates. (Quality Resumes.. Quality Recruiter Services, STILL a competitive advantage) <br />Steven Rothberg 3 Success Stories About Finding Jobs Through Networking<br />People + $ Market Revenue + USE = VALUE! <br />
  3. 3. Strength in Community, Character, and Authenticity. <br />Misconceptions<br />More building relationships less collecting followers. Misconception: more and more followers is always best. <br />More communicating your natural value, style and business needs. Misconception: ONE book of rules for success. <br />More authentic, relate-able, and listening to the flow! Misconception: however you are doing it is how EVERYONE should. <br />Less “alternative and additional Press Release” source. Misconception: Twitter is about relating and reaching out. <br />Less “single topic interest” or “single purpose communications. Misconception: Personal accounts should have limited interest. You CAN be a recruiter and communicate to jobseekers, colleagues AND clients.. Consider the value of transparency done WELL! <br />
  4. 4. Just Tweet Already! <br />FOUNDATION: Create a well branded profile , a friendly welcome to business!<br />Leverage use of LinkBunchto consolidate your social networking presences into one simple URL EXAMPLE<br />Invite Friends in Address Book or other Social Networks. Follow companies, authors, bloggers, or people of common interest. <br />Opt to connect Twitter to your Facebook Profile Status Update. <br />FIELD OF DREAMS: If you build it, they WILL come. <br />Share what you’re working on, Ask Questions, Offer input, Retweet great resources. <br />Share your blog articles , Who you are hiring, Career resources. <br />Who shares my interest in topics. <br />Fun and business is authentic, ALL sales is too bot-like. <br />FOCUS: Clarity in140 characters or less. <br />Who is best in class for my interests @(involve) them in solutions<br />Invite them to participate in moving business. <br />Retweet, and keep touch with business benefit<br />Share/Talk about those you admire<br />Build.. Relate.. Have fun<br />
  5. 5. Star SEEKERS<br />Establish a solid Profile’s Objective: Identify, Represent , Distinguish <br />Identity: <br />Consider a “Social Networking Toolkit” package – LinkedIn Recommendations, Projects, Resumes, Work Samples and tweetable “elevator” and 140 character content. <br />Have others proof read their profile for clarity and objective job requirements. <br />Reference business social networking URLs in your profile, and cross reference. <br />Presentation and suggestions to get results but avoid detrimental social networking faux pas <br />Share: <br />Share what your working on, exciting jobs, great candidates or professional problem solving. <br />Share articles, blogging and networking to build recognition as a subject matter expert<br />Share interesting answers when you Ask or Answer Questions on Twitter, LinkedIn Answers or networking groups. <br />Participate: Professional Ambassador Networking Increases Community Value! <br />Retweet or Forward news, URLs and content of interest. <br />Recommend helpful communities, groups, pages of interest on FB, Ning, etc.<br />Participate in #Follow Friday, recommend & follow people of interest. <br />Positive interest – introduce others, share their blog or profile<br />Star Quality with Focus<br />
  6. 6. tweet Positive! <br />RESOURCES for ATTRACTING SUCCESS IN NETWORKING <br />HFCN FacebookPage for Social Networking Business. <br />Jack Canfield - The Success Principles Group ::**<br />Jobs n Career Success (Law of Attraction): Law of Attraction in a nutshell. Thoughts become “things”. Whether positive or negative, dominant thoughts become reality. So, let us be deliberate in creating a business reputation to our best liking. <br />LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals Network. <br /> for general recruiting best practices and networking.<br /> for networking, business, and lots of good ideas <br />Open to Creating Positive Business Experiences! <br />
  7. 7. Improved Storytelling <br />Jobseekers Gold <br />Business Relevance through quality partnership. <br />Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Recruiting Professionals are COLLABORATING for new market opportunities otherwise LOST! If we can, we should do more!– for our clients and jobseekers! <br />Refresh, refine , maintain, and polish your profile and reference ability<br />A-Z Helping Friends Career Network Guide<br />Resume Articles by Kristen Fife <br />Power Verbs <br />Smart Resume Do’s and Don’ts From the Boss <br />Resume 101- Will a Professional Resume Writer Help Get Me Hired?<br />Twitter Job Search Strategy<br />
  8. 8. Career Resilience TIps<br />HFCN A-Z Career Guide<br />Jibber Jobber Career Management<br />Organize and manage job search.<br />Track personal and professional relationships.<br />Track target companies & jobs.<br />Hiram College Resume 2.0 Writing Guide<br />Guy Kawasaki’s - 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn<br />How to Find a Job on Twitter<br />Affirmations 4 Downsized<br />
  9. 9. Job Seeker Marketing.. You Profile it.. We’ll Help.. <br />Extra Care 4 Careers<br />Your Resume, Social Network, & Goals with our Connected Network. FREE. <br />Proactive Applicant Tracking System and Web 2.0 Resume Marketing.<br />YOU package as in Linkbunch to include Resume, and Profile as Your resources, your skills, your objectives. Sample:<br />RESUME WRITERS can get referrals for helping their clients “web 2.0 a portfolio that includes Resume, Key Words, and Link Bunch reference. <br />YOUR candidates get visibility, YOU get referrals what could be better? <br />Provide a suggested list of keywords for use in Twitter or blog to further drive your candidates’sreferenceability. <br />Candidates receive Recruiting Professionals Networking, RSS and Social Networking support. Free Service to Job Seekers Request Format<br />
  10. 10. Reading list<br />Human Capital Journal September 2009 Edition <br />“Happy About Online Networking” by Liz Ryan <br />“I’m on LinkedIn– Now What” by Jason Alba <br />“I’m on Facebook- Now What” by Jason Alba<br />“Ask and It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)<br />“The Law of Attraction” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)<br />“60 Seconds & You’re Hired”by Robin Ryan <br />“Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers<br />“Surviving a Layoff: A Week by Week Guide.” by Lita Epstein<br />“The Corporate Culture Survival Guide” by Edgar H. Schein <br />“What to Say When you Talk To Your Self “ by Shad Helmstetter<br />“Learned Optimism” by Martin E.P. Seligman<br />“The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz <br />“The Elements of Resume Style” by Scott Bennett <br />
  11. 11. On 2.0 Social Networking Groups… and Individuals.. <br />2.0 Groups and People <br />Facebook Groups: <br />Jobs & Career Success<br />Linking the Laid Off<br />Hurricane of Gratitude<br />The Secret<br />Money and the Law of Attraction<br />LinkedIn Groups: <br />Executive Womens Network<br />LI2HFCN Business<br />ExtraCare4Careers<br />Twitter folks to follow: <br />Top 50 Recruiters:<br />150+ Experts on Twitter.. <br />@employeeze @NicheGuide @GuyKawasaki @jobs4friends @karenswim<br />
  12. 12. Next Steps : Business Satisfaction<br />Challenge Yourself to Define and Act: We teach best what most we need to learn.. Be a student and active leader/ teacher of your business. <br />BUSINESS: on Your Company and Profile to align your Vision/Values/Mission. <br />JOBS: on Your Perfect Career Vision/Plan. <br />Connect with others who are doing the same, as well as mentors who have accomplished what you aspire to do.<br />BUSINESS: On Ning Social Splits, Recruiter Earth. On LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals. <br />JOBS: On Facebook Jobs N Career Success. <br />Create your Career Satisfaction Dream Team- Coaching, Presentation, Marketing, and Support. <br />Tweet Ups, Casual Inspiration, Goal Setting Teams, Brainstorming… <br />
  13. 13. Contact <br />Dawn Mular- Helping Friends Career Network <br />Helping Friends, LLC <br />3867 West Market Street #102 <br />Akron OH 44321<br />330.703.1007 <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />