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Hubspot's How to Enhance Your Internet Presence with Social Media


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Today, using social media to direct traffic to your website and generate new leads is an indispensable part of your marketing mix. That’s why we designed this ebook—to help you identify the key social media channels where you should be present and how to optimize them for lead generation. Enjoy the read!

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Hubspot's How to Enhance Your Internet Presence with Social Media

  1. 1. How to Enhance Your Internet Presence ith l W ia oc ia S d M e
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Introduction 4 Where to Be Present22 How to Enhance Your Presence29 Next Steps
  3. 3. 1 Introduction
  4. 4. 1 IntroductionIn order to be effective with internet marketing, you need more than just awebsite. Social media has evolved from a powerful communication medium to akey marketing channel. It offers a platform for customers to find you when they’reseeking reviews, comparing pricing, or researching offers.Increasingly, people end up on websites after encountering a brand on Facebookor clicking on a link in a Twitter feed. The more platforms on which you arepresent, the more you will turn up in search results, especially now that social is apart of search engine algorithms.Today, using social media to direct traffic to your website and generate new leads *is an indispensable part of your marketing mix. That’s why we designed thisebook—to help you identify the key social media channels where you should bepresent and how to optimize them for lead generation. Enjoy the read! 3
  5. 5. 2 Where to Be Present
  6. 6. 2 Where to Be PresentHave your friends started posting product questions onFacebook? What about looking for recommendations onTwitter? Have you watched product videos on YouTube?If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then youknow that customers are using social media to doresearch.But a challenge for many marketers is deciding where tospend their time within the realm of the internet. There arecountless social networking sites out there, and it seemsimpossible to maintain a presence on all of them whileachieving the same success.To help you focus on the most important ones, here arefour popular networks that are widely recognized and used:1. Facebook2. Twitter3. LinkedIn4. YouTube 5
  7. 7. 11 Your Website LinkedIn Twitter FourSquareYouTube Facebook 6
  8. 8. Facebook
  9. 9. Where to Be Present: 2 FacebookThanks to its interactive capabilities, a Facebook businessPage is a great supplement to any website. On it, you caninclude everything from company location and contactinformation to updates and multimedia. Formerlygenerating a “fan” count, Pages now track “Likes.”Interact With Your AudienceInstead of appointing one person to address this needand do all the work, you can crowdsource conversation byengaging a few team members. Approve individuals withinyour company as page administrators so they have accessto post content and respond to users (all under yourPage’s alias).Don’t Confuse an Account With a PageJust like individuals have their own accounts onFacebook, businesses do, too. You need an account inorder to create and maintain a Page. 8
  10. 10. Where to Be Present: 2 FacebookIntegrate Other Social Media ActivityThere are applications for the majority of social mediaplatforms so you can include them in the side bar ofyour Facebook account. This makes it easy for visitorsto find your other social media accounts instead ofsearching through each platform individually.Create Custom TabsCreating custom tabs comes in handy when you wantto showcase or provide information about something Tag me!that doesn’t have its own app. You can create acustom tab by adding an iFrame Page Tab.Use TagsTagging provides a great way for you to attract theattention of people and other companies. When youtag something, the content you post appears on thewall of the profile or Page you tagged, and thataccount receives a notification that it was tagged. 9
  11. 11. PhotosCustomTabsSocial TagMedia TabsRelevantPages 10
  12. 12. Twitter
  13. 13. 2 Where to Be Present: Twitter Encourage Conversation With Hashtags (#)Twitter is a real-time network allowing users to post updates(tweets) using up to 140 characters. Whether you represent Influence virtual communication. Hashtags are a way of tagging tweetsan individual, business, venue, blog, group, etc., anybody can to make it easy for anyone anywhere to follow, promote, and responduse Twitter to let the world know what’s up. to news, products, ideas, events, webinars, and offers.Don’t Be a Twidiot For example, HubSpot declared #LeadGen as the official hashtag for a six-part lead generation webinar series. Anyone on Twitter couldTweets are intended to be informative and newsworthy, so include #LeadGen in their tweets to leave feedback, ask questions, oruse them that way. Whether you’re tweeting as yourself or for simply promote the series.a company, keep your followers in mind. One silly tweet isn’tworth an unfollow or a bad reputation. Also, tag tweets as you would a blog post. If you’re tweeting about SEO, add #SEO. Users seeking information on SEO will search the hashtag, and depending on timeliness, your tweet will appear in results. You can also take advantage of popular hashtags like #ww (WonderWednesday) or #ff (FollowFriday). WonderWednesdayFollow Your Industry encourages users to ask questions to find out what others think. Consider making business-related inquiries to customers to get theirFollow individuals, products, and companies within your feedback. On Fridays, use #ff to recommend users to follow, such asindustry to keep up with trends, news, and events. A employees in your company or others relevant to your industry.significant amount of the time, these users will follow youback in return, increasing your Twitter reach. Also, if you’refollowing users aligned with your primary focus, your feed Include Shortened Linkswon’t be clogged with irrelevant tweets. Including links in your tweets is a great way to point to additional resources or promote your content on Twitter, but considering Twitter’sReach Out and Respond to Others Using @Replies 140-character limit, long URLs aren’t very Twitter-friendly. Use a URL shortening service such as to make the links you want to shareAll you need to do is click the reply icon below someone else’s on Twitter more tweetable.tweet, or just type “@” followed by the recipient’s Twitterusername.
  14. 14. 2 Where to Be Present: Twitter Fresh Content Tag me! @Reply#Hashtag Shortened URL
  15. 15. LinkedIn
  16. 16. Where to Be Present: 2 LinkedInLinkedIn is the most popular place for professionals tonetwork on the internet. As of March 2011,over 100 million users worldwide had activated accounts.This social network makes it easy to find potential employeesand customers as well as seek industry-specific advice. OnLinkedIn, you can post jobs to your company page and posequestions for the community to answer. LinkedIn Answersalso provides valuable industry insights.Does your company have a LinkedIn company page?Over two million others do. Here’s how you can benefit fromit:•  Generate leads, especially if you are a B2B company•  Connect with millions of professionals•  Participate in industry discussions•  Share content relevant to your company 15
  17. 17. Where to Be Present: 2 LinkedInLet Others Learn About You:•  Highlight company’s purpose and products•  Announce job openings•  Boost status with auto-updates•  Publicize recent tweets and blog posts•  View recent company activity (like new hires)In addition to a company page, LinkedIn also allows you to create Groups.How do you create Groups?First, identify your industry and come up with a name. For example, sinceHubSpot’s focus is inbound marketing, our LinkedIn group is called“Inbound Marketers - For Marketing Professionals.”Then, invite members you would like to be part of this community. Withinthe group, members may ask questions, post updates, and participate indiscussions. Every once in a while, you can answer questions withreferences to your own products. This offers a great opportunity togenerate new leads and create long-term relationships. 16
  18. 18. Creating acompany page iseasy!Start When logged in, employees can view the latest edits. 17
  19. 19. YouTube
  20. 20. Where to Be Present: 2 YouTubeDid you know that each month, Americans Spend Nearly 3.5 Hoursa hundred million unique users visit YouTube in theU.S. alone? Per Week Watching Online VideoYouTube is now a credible search engine, used globallyto both search and upload content. If your company isn’ttaking advantage of online video, it’s a good idea to getstarted now.Online video is a great format to highlight productfeatures, industry resources, and case studies. If yourgoal is to make something spreadable, YouTube will helpyou do that.Create and Customize a Go-To ChannelIf someone wants to view your videos above othercontent, they’ll most likely search for you on YouTube.Sync your channel and branding by coordinating themecolors and logo(s). 19
  21. 21. Where to Be Present: 2 YouTubeGive Newcomers a Good Understanding Marry YouTube & Facebookof Your Business Set up a YouTube tab on your Facebook businessA visit to your YouTube channel may be page. In this way, you give your content a nice cross-someone’s first time learning about you. promotional dimension and spread it to differentMake sure the information in your profile is audiences. What is more, you make it convenient forupdated and all links work. Manage and customers to find out about your company in theirdelete spam comments: if they’re not preferred method of communication.removed, viewers may assume the page isno longer maintained.Share Video on Other ChannelsOnce you have uploaded a video to yourYouTube channel, don’t stop the promotionthere. You can share the direct video linkthrough email and post it on your othersocial media platforms. Even better, grab thevideo embed code and write up a blog postabout it, giving your audience more contextaround it. 20
  22. 22. Where to Be Present: 2 YouTubeWebinars Event Invitations Email Marketing Fun Mission Interviews 21
  23. 23. 3 How to Enhance Your Presence 22
  24. 24. 3 How to Enhance Your PresenceOnce you have developed your presence on themain social media platforms, you need to build aloyal following. This is no easy task. It means youwill need to interact with the community, sharevaluable information, and recognize thecontributions of others. The standard text statusupdates might quickly get boring.To keep your following engaged and growing, trysharing more interactive content. Staydelightful, fresh ,and entertaining with:1. Images & Video2. Blog Posts3. Podcasts 23
  25. 25. How to Enhance Your Presence: 3 Images & VideoPeople like to know who they’re working with and thatthere is a human behind the computer screen. Prove toothers your business is made of real people.How to Go About It•  Shoot videos starring your team members, and upload them to YouTube.•  Upload photo albums from company events and outings to Facebook. Don’t forget to document any events you host for potential and current customers!•  Share these links with the public. Not everyone may think to visit your YouTube channel, but they may follow you on Twitter, so tweet the link!Show Off ElsewhereThere are photo and video communities other thanYouTube and Facebook with active users. Once you’venailed those two, check out Flickr, Picasa, TwitPic,Slideshare, and Vimeo. 24
  26. 26. How to Enhance Your Presence: 3 Blog Posts Quick Blogging Tips:The more optimized content your site publishes, thehigher you will rank in search results and the more you •  Use social media sharing buttons on all your blogwill have to share in social media. Blogging provides posts. This makes it easier for readers to spreadthe perfect platform for this type of frequent content your content.creation for marketing. •  Answer frequently asked questioned in your blog posts. •  Encourage comments by ending with a question. (For example: “What’s your take?” or “How have you done this?”) •  Generate leads from your blog! Include calls-to-action in each blog post you write. •  Don’t be too self-promotional. People read blogs for new learning and entertainment. Nobody wants to feel like they’re reading advertisements. •  Include a compelling visual element such as an image or relevant video in each blog post. 25
  27. 27. Frequently Asked Question Relevant Image/Video Social Media Buttons BulletsCall-to-Action 26
  28. 28. How to Enhance Your Presence: 3 PodcastsIts 2011, and chances are you find it convenient tolisten to things on the go. Podcasting plays animportant role in this new lifestyle and has become apopular method of accessing content, whether it’sthrough an iPod, a tablet, or a smart phone. Peoplecan listen to audio and video at their ownconvenience: on a run, at the gym, in the car, etc.Podcasting is a cheap (and often free) way formarketers to spread their content and engage their Broadcast Liveaudience in industry-specific conversations. If you decide to broadcast your podcast live, whether radio-How to Get Started style or TV-style, invite your audience to stop by! This will give the public the opportunity to meet you personallyThere is no fixed structure to creating podcasts: they instead of just watching online.can be audio, video, or both. Recording can be assimple as plugging a microphone into a laptop or Looking for more details about producing your ownrecording on a Flip cam. podcast? Check out HubSpot’s Marketing Update. 27
  29. 29. How to Enhance Your Presence: 3 PodcastsIncorporate Social MediaMake sure you share your podcasts insocial media. Here are some more tipsfor how you can go about doing this:•  Tweet the download link. If it is a series of episodes, create and implement a hashtag (#) for followers to comment and discuss.•  Post to your Facebook business Page. Video and audio content is a great way to differentiate your content from standard status updates.•  Archive content on your YouTube channel.•  Share links with your LinkedIn connections. 28
  30. 30. 4 Next Steps
  31. 31. 4 Next StepsNow that you have the fundamentals to get started withFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, let’s take a quicklook at some next steps:1. Maintain Your ProfilesTo avoid a dead Facebook page and an outdated Twitterstream, make it a priority to keep your social mediapresence fresh. Try to post often and share valuableinformation.2. Create a ScheduleUse a spreadsheet to plan ahead which days you willpromote events and space out the amount of times youpost about a particular offer.3. Distribute ResponsibilitiesGive more people in your company access to your socialmedia accounts, or designate these responsibilities to onesocial media manager. 30
  32. 32. 4 Next Steps4. Always Include LinksEvery time you post updates across your different social media platforms, you should be linking to a web page withmore information about your update. Preferably, this page is a landing page that will allow you to generate leads.5. Do More Cross-PromotionEncourage Facebook fans to follow you on Twitter by hosting giveaways for Twitter followers only, and promote it onyour Facebook wall. Let people know you’re on YouTube by asking employees to post links to YouTube content onTwitter. 31
  33. 33. 4 Next StepsRequest a free marketing evaluation from the Whole Brain Group Schedule Now > Turn your social media traffic into leads! Monitor, engage, and measure social media with HubSpot! HubSpot’s all-in-one inbound marketing software helps 5,000 small & medium- sized businesses generate over 500,000 leads per month.
  34. 34. Sensible for businessesblog post Write ___ new blog post(s) each week Target keywords: 1. 2.Share the link on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ 3.Pro Tip: Use your target keywords in post titles and blog content Find and “Like” 5 new pages Pro Tip: Don’t forget to tag people and pages in your posts Post about 2 interesting topics related to Update our company page status daily our business Ask people to comment, like, or share posts Re-tweet 2 interesting tweets a day Send at least 3 new tweets daily - Business related - Fun & interesting Follow 10 new people - Promotional - Circulate our blog posts per weekPro Tip: Add #hashtags so your posts appear in trending topics Update our Connect with 3-5 new company profile people per week and status Follow new Ask for 1-2 recommendations companies per weekPro Tip: Post relevant blog posts in groups in which you belong, and ask for feedback
  35. 35. Share content at least twice a day to our personal Google+ profile & company page Add 5 new people to Pro Tip: make sure your posts are set to "Public" to reach our circles each week maximum users/search Offer a Google+ Hangout Host a monthly Google+ Hangout session for a session for a related topic in our industry* topic in our industry Share * Use Google+ Events to publicize it Add+ About Each month, post product images Add 1 new board that contains and examples of our work from at least 6 new Pro Tip: our company website as pins pins each week Always use leading back to the site keywords in your pin descriptionsFollow 5 new interesting and inspiring pin boards Edit & board titleseach week from other users related to our field Subscribe to 3 new channels in our industry each week Find 3 new videos each week to share on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ Pro Tip: Keep the videos relevant to your industry, but don’t forget to sprinkle in some fun. Plan a video that showcases an area of our businesses expertise Have video capability at special events our company hosts or attends each month. Ask for brief interviews to post to YouTube designed by: