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Market research


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Market research

  1. 1. Market ResearchFor my music production task I was told I had to create a music video. In order to create thebest music video I could possibly make I had to research this study. My research consisted ofquestionnaires given out to various individuals. The questionnaires will help me understandwhat people want and like to see in a music video and help me base my own production onthe results. I will base my music video on the results of my research so it is vital i conductthis research.I decided to give twenty individuals my music video questionnaire. Within the twentyindividuals ten were males, nine were females and one individual choose to put other. Thenumber of males to females is fairly equal so I will not base my music video aimed at aparticular gender but for both.Half of the individuals who I got to fill out my music questionnaire were at an age range of 17-21.This is because I mainly handed my questionnaires out at college and believe that music videosappeal more to the younger generation. Six individuals out of twenty were at an age range of 22-26whilst two were 13-13 and two more 35+. I tried to get a range of ages of ages for some of my dataso that I had some knowledge on what everybody wants. As my findings are based on the results ofthe age range 17-21 I will base my music video aimed at this particular age range.GenderMaleFemaleOtherWhat is your age range?13-1617-2122-2627-3536+
  2. 2. What genre of music do youprefer?POPRnBIndieHeavy MetalCountryDanceotherWhilst researching I found out that the most popular genre was Indie. The second most populargenres were POP and RnB. I will base my music video on the second most popular genre of POP as Iam also interested in this particular genre making the task more enjoyable whilst also appealing tomy audience. The third most popular genre was heavy metal whilst country genre didn’t seem toappeal to my audience. My questionnaire contained an ‘other’ box which allowed individuals toname a genre that may not have been stated, this box was left empty with no other genre beingmentioned.As part of my research I asked individuals where they most watched their music videos. Ifound out that most people watched music videos on YouTube. The least favourite places towatch music videos were twitter and Facebook. This is probably because they are socialnetworking sites and so do not appeal to audiences as much as the other options might.Watching music videos on your phone was also a popular option but not as popular asYouTube.Where do you watch music videosmost?YouTubeFacebookPhoneTwitterTV
  3. 3. Whilst conducting my questionnaire I asked individuals what type of style they would preferto see in a music video. The majority of individuals would prefer to watch an abstract styledvideo with the performance style coming a close second. I have decided to base my musicvideo to fall into an abstract style whilst also including slightly narrative sequences. I believethis will prove popular with my audience. The least favourite style was the narrative style.There are three main kinds of music videos that individuals prefer to watch, happy, dark andhumorous. The most popular kind of music video to watch is a music video based on ahappy narrative which is why I have chosen to use this kind of narrative when producing mymusic video. I found the second most popular narrative to be humorous with the leastpopular kind of music video based on a dark narrative.What type of style would you prefer tosee in your music video?PerformanceNarrativeAbstractWhat kind of music video do you prefer?Happy NarrativeDark NarrativeHumourous
  4. 4. I was unsure on whether to use a hybrid genre when producing my music video so I decidedto put a question on my questionnaire that would allow me to find out the answer. Theresults show that both Dance/POP and POP/Rap were equally popular. The least popularhybrid genres were POP/Country and Rock/Dance. Some individuals said that they did notprefer hybrid genres and would just prefer to listen to one genre. I will be using the hybridgenre of POP/Rap when producing my music video.My questionnaire enabled me to find out what individuals consider to be importantconventions within a music video. The three most popular conventions were attractiveartist, dancing and costume meaning when I produce m y music video I will pay attention tothese conventions and try to make them appeal to the audience as much as possible.Storyline and Instruments were the next two most popular conventions however as I amproducing a music video with an abstract narrative I will not be using a storyline and don’tbelieve instruments would fit in well with the video. The least popular convention wasflashing lights although I believe some flashing lights should be shown in the music video Iproduce its just not considered ‘most important’.What do you consider inmportantconventions within a music video?Attractive ArtistDancingStorylineCostumeInstrumentsFlashing LightsDo you prefer a hybrid genre?Rock/DancePOP/RapDance/POPPOP/CountryNo
  5. 5. As part of my questionnaire I asked various individuals if they recognised a specific popmusic video. I print screened an image of the music video Lilly Allen-The Fear. This particularvideo has a strange narrative and wondered if individuals would find this appealing. Myresults show that this particular music video was not that recognisable which could be formany reasons such as the strange narrative. I plan to use this research to know what toavoid in my music video and what I need to do to make my music video more recognisable.I decided to use the ‘do you recognize this POP music video?’ twice but on a completelydifferent kind of POP music video. I chose to print screen Rihanna’s-We Found Love as it hasa mixed narrative of a storyline and abstract. Rihanna’s music video was more recognisableto individuals than not recognized at all. This makes me want to look at techniques that shehas used and interpret them into my own.Do you recognize this music video?YesNoDo you recognise this POP musicvideo?YesNo
  6. 6. The uses and gratification theory of Bulmer and Katz is linked to music videos through thefour main uses of diversion, personal relationships, personal identity and surveillance.Diversion is shown through music videos as an escape from reality much like my music videowill be. Audience use the music video as a diversion from their own life. They createpersonal relationships with the artist through what’s being shown and the lyrics. They willbe able to relate to the music video this creating the personal connection with audience andartist.As the producer of this media text, I (Hall) will encode messages in the music video such asplacing the attractive artist in certain outfits and depending on the genre to dress a certainway. The audience are likely to decode this by going out and buying the outfit as they seethe attractive artist looking good and aspire to be them. This would be the audience havinga preferred reading.